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Terry Crider Twigs Update

NEW Tiny Twigs

Although this vase is signed on the bottom, how easily that signature could be ground off , eventually appearing in an auction somewhere down in time, with some unsuspecting  purchaser being taken advantage of is a major concern!
We present these pictures for your scrutiny, in hopes of enlightening you to the possibilities that exist for the unwary.
The base glass of all the OLD amethyst examples, which are found with tri-ruffle tops, and a few with tight crimp is so dark that light cannot be seen through the glass, so this is one more point to remember in making the necessary comparisons.
It would seem that  this mold is in the hands of Terry Crider now. None of the pastel examples described in the accompanying article are signed by him, although they ARE iridized. With that, we are left to assume the pastel vases were made by someone else?
We need to be ever-vigilant to the changes in use of molds over the years in order that values and prices are adjusted downwards to suit the newer examples.   The amethyst example with signature appeared for sale over E-bay on March 19, 2004

Much lighter glass color than OLD examplesTerry Crider signature.

From Allan & Karen  Rath, Outlook, SK, Canada
May 7, 2004

Terry Crider Twigs via Al Rath.Terry Crider Twigs
Hello Dean & Diane,

I was reading and browsing your wonderful site and came across your “Warning Article” on the Terry Crider Tiny Twigs “Knockoff”. This very vase is now in my own personal collection, bought for $112.USD. I knew it was a copy and a very well done one at that! It looks as though it is an original Dugan piece..but most likely was an un-iridized example, and then re-done by Mr. Crider. I have never seen any others for sale like it. I cannot afford an original of this pattern and least not yet, so you can tell everyone that this example is no longer on the market, nor will ever be as long as I am around!

I took some photos you can add to your web-site if you'd like. I have been trying to contact Mr. Crider to verify that this is actually his work, as I feel his form of art has its place in American Art Glass history. Maybe you can help me out here, and supply me with a way to contact Mr. Crider.

I fully agree with you that new collectors, and even long-time collectors must stick together, learn together, and work together in nullifying fakes, scams and the scum that prey on unsuspecting, trusting people~~in any form!

Your web-site is fabulous, and I am in awe at the wonderful sights and perfect examples you have in your collection, and the photos of the superior glass supplied by others! WOW! Great job~~as education is oh, so very important!

Many THANKS to the Raths!  Please click here if you would like to review the
Terry Crider Tiny Twigs Vase Alert

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