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Candlesticks - Part 2
(Fenton in origin)
This diagram shows the differences in the two Candlesticks.
Diagram showing the difference between
Fenton and Northwood Candlesticks.

“Technocrats” would declare most candlesticks to be stretch glass in the strict sense of the word. However, carnival glass collectors enjoy placing some of these lovely specimens among their more “true to form” carnival glass. In fact, we know of several collectors who specialize in this shape and can set up a display of several dozen pairs with pomp and pride!
As we begin this segment with several examples of the famed FLORENTINE design from Fenton, we begin with showing a comparison study of subtle mold differences between the 1921 model produced by Fenton and the Northwood 1924 design.
Fenton Glass - The Second Twenty-Five Years, displays various designs in stretch-type candlesticks extending over several pages, with most dates of manufacture during the 1920s.

FLORENTINE by Fenton - in popular Celeste Blue.FLORENTINE  by Fenton-in Vaseline-c.1921-10 in.Amethyst FLORENTINE-8 in.8.5 in. Red FLORENTINE with gilt trim.
Fenton FORENTINE Candlesticks in Celese Blue, Vaseline, Amethyst and red.

FLORENTINE in Grecian Gold. One new, one old.  Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis.The Fenton Logo on the base of Amber Candlesticks - Courtesy Jerry and Cleo Kudlac
FLORENTINE in Grecian Gold - One new, one old. - Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis

Reproduced FLORENTINE Candlesticks in Amber color.Courtesy Jerry Kudlac.
Reproduced FLORENTINE Candlesticks in Amber color.
Courtesy Jerry Kudlac.

FLORENTINE:  8 ½” and 10” sizes were produced in this flowing design. By clicking on ~ F ~ in our pattern index on the homepage, you may view a pair of 10” in red. We have seen a pair this same size having gilt trim on the base.
The single red candlestick shown here is 8 ½” in height and bears not only the gilt on the base, but notice the gilt ring around the candle opening. This same 8 ½” size is known in red, without such trim.
Amethyst, Celeste (some 10 in. having gilt trim), ice green, marigold, vaseline, violet, and white are additional colors found in the Fenton versions.
Russett and Sapphire are indicative of Northwood.
Whether or not all colors are to be found in both sizes is not assured. Grecian Gold is a term used to describe a color from the 1920's which today could be termed amber.
You will notice that amber is used to describe the reproduced pair  provided here by the Kudlac's.

#232 Fenton Candleholder Dates to 1925 : This 8 1/2" candle holder has 9 vertical ribs which encircle the candlecup and extend down to the base.
Known colors are Celeste Blue, Grecian Gold, Marigold, Florentine Green, Persian Peal (white)Velva Rose, Topaze, Vaseline and Royal Blue.

Fenton Candlesticks #249-six and on-half in. tall, circa 1921 in ruby stretch-style appears on pg. 63-Fenton Glass-First Twenty Five Years.Fenton White #249 6 in. candlestick - c. 1921-Courtesy Dave Drabing.
Left - Fenton Candlesticks #249 - 6 1/2 inches tall, circa 1921 in ruby stretch-style appears on pg. 63 - Fenton Glass-First Twenty Five Years
Right - Fenton White #249 6 in. candlestick - c. 1921- Courtesy Dave Drabing.

Ice Green #249s-Courtesy David Drabing.
Ice Green #249s - Courtesy David Drabing

TWO - FORTY - NINEs:  Celeste, green, Grecian Gold (which is probably closer to amber color), ice green, marigold, red, red with gilt trim, white, wisteria are known colors for this pattern.
Fenton's #549 in Celeste Blue-8.25 in. tall Fenton's #549- in vaseline.
Fenton's #549 in celeste Blue and Vaseline.

FIVE - FORTY - NINEs:  Examples shown here are the 8 1/4” tall x 3 ¾ “ base, but there is another 10” size in this design with a larger base. Marigold, wisteria, ice green, vaseline and celeste are known colors in this candlestick design.

Dean & Diane Fry - 8-07

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Hebrews 12:1-11

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First, life requires perseverance.
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In order to run the race before us, we must place our trust in God
And trust Him for the long run.

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