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Northwood - Part 7
$6,766.-Lime Green Stippled STRAWBERRY PCE Bowl
$6,766.00 - Lime Green Stippled STRAWBERRY PCE Bowl

STRAWBERRY Bowl: Stippled, pie crust edge and Lime Green in color, conjures up all manner of bidding frenzy! When marigold, amethyst, green, cobalt blue, and horehound are the previously known examples with the stated characteristics, the more than $6,000 price result for the first known in a different color produces wild enthusiasm!
STRAWBERRY 9 in. Plate, stippled in Ice Blue. Courtesy Tim
STRAWBERRY 9 in. Plate, stippled in Ice Blue. Courtesy Tim
STRAWBERRY Plate - 3-5 known. Courtesy Tim.
STRAWBERRY Plate - 3-5 known.
Courtesy Tim

STRAWBERRY Plate:  Stippled, and 9” in size, this Ice Blue example is another show stopper. Only three - five are known in ice blue, with marigold, amethyst, green, and cobalt blue being the color gamut recognized in these rare plates. Tim was quite pleased to find this pictured example.
WILD STRAWBERRY Handgrip Plate - 6-7 in.
WILD STRAWBERRY Handgrip Plate - 6-7 inches.

WILD STRAWBERRY Hand-Grip Plate: Much more difficult to find than Strawberry plates, the colors are limited to marigold, amethyst and green. Iridescence is usually very good with great pattern detail. Most have the Basketweave exterior and display the Northwood trademark. Marigold is more difficult to locate than green, with amethyst being the most often found color.
N. NEARCUT Goblet-6 in. high
N. NEARCUT Goblet-Amethyst
N. NEARCUT Goblet - 6 in. tall
N. NEARCUT Goblet - Amethyst

NEARCUT Goblet:  Marigold and amethyst are the only known carnival glass colors in this exceptionally beautiful goblet. They do not reveal themselves very often and yet do not create tremendous interest.
Marketed first, during the 1904 -1906 timeframe, this Northwood semi-cut crystal pattern was extensively produced in that form, yet the extremely rare marigold (only) pitcher and tumbler and an equally rare  compote in marigold, amethyst and green,  are the only additional shapes found in carnival glass!
Some amethyst tumblers are known, so the possibility of a matching pitcher exists. Keep your eyes open!

SPRINGTIME 5 in. Berry Bowl-Amethyst.
SPRINGTIME 5 in. Berry Bowl - Amethyst 
Seldom Seen Complete SINGING BIRDS Berry Set
Seldom Seen Complete SINGING BIRDS Berry Set

SPRINGTIME Berry Bowl: Berry sets in marigold, amethyst and green are extremely difficult to locate. Table sets and water sets are not plentiful either! The pattern dating from 1910 -1911 was used for iridescent production exclusively. Surely limited in production runs, any complete set should be highly prized.

SINGING BIRDS Berry Set:  Regional distribution of patterns has long been discussed. Singing Birds pieces in green are abundantly found in the northeastern section of the U.S. Marigold and amethyst colored berry sets and water sets are found in other parts of the Country. A small berry bowl is known in cobalt blue. Olive green, horehound and smoke tumblers are noted, but have no matching pitchers. Probably the most noted piece in the range of shapes is the Singing Birds mug, since they are available in a wide array of colors.
Lack of  an interior design creates some hesitation in the minds of collectors when considering purchase of berry set pieces.

POINSETTIA and LATTICE in Cobalt Blue-9 in.-three ball feet.
9 inch diameter - three ball feet. 
Northwood - Ice Blue - POINSETTIA

POINSETTIA LATTICE:  This design has a certain elegance and is available only in the 8”-9” three footed bowl shape. Cobalt blue is the most often found color and ice blue is quite rare. Marigold, amethyst, green, white, horehound and aqua opalescent (fewer than six examples known) are additional colors. Many collections sold at auction lack an example in this pattern, which indicates its scarcity among other Northwood patterns.
THREE FRUITS White- one known in Cobalt
THREE FRUITS MEDALLION in White - one known in Cobalt

THREE FRUITS MEDALLION:  This dome footed bowl shape measuring 8”-9” diameter are occasionally found to have a superimposed design over the basic Basketweave exterior. Vestiges of the Vintage Grape pattern from a former Jefferson mould purchased by Northwood in 1908 lends interest here. Fairly plentiful in marigold, amethyst, green and even white, some more scarce examples include horehound and honey amber. Ice green is least often found, but should not be considered especially rare. A lovely cobalt blue bowl turned up in December 2006.

THREE FRUITS MEDALLION Bowl: This third-known bowl shape with Three Fruits in its pattern name offers the exterior pattern called Meander, purchased from Jefferson in 1908. These bowls have three spatula feet shaped like spades. Center of the design is a sprig of three leaves, whereas the other Three Fruits patterns have cherries in the center. Stippled and plain versions can be found. The plain examples are known in marigold, amethyst, and green, with lavender, cobalt blue and white considered scarce. Aqua Opal turns up quite frequently, as well.
Stippled examples turn up in marigold, amethyst, and an occasional cobalt blue and white. Ice green and aqua opalescent are scarce, with ice blue seen least often.

Dean & Diane Fry - 10-07

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