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Helios - Part 7
HELIOS – Part 7

LONG HOBSTAR as seen in Imperial Catalog 104A.
LONG HOBSTAR as seen in Imperial Catalog 104A.
LONG HOBSTAR 10 in. Bowl. Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
LONG HOBSTAR 10 in. Bowl. Courtesy Seeck Auctions.

LONG HOBSTAR:  While this pattern may have been produced over a long period of time, with marigold examples fairly abundant, apparently they were “used” in homes and many may have been broken over the years. At any rate, the 8”-9” bowls in marigold, helios, and purple, along with the Bride’s bowl with holder produced in the same colors, do not make frequent appearances in collections of today.

OCTAGON as seen in Imperial Catalog 104A
OCTAGON as seen in Imperial Catalog 104A.
OCTAGON 10.5 in. Sq. Bowl-Helios, Courtesy Seeck Auctions.
OCTAGON 10.5 in. Square Bowl - Helios, Courtesy Seeck Auctions.

OCTAGON:  These 10”-11” bowls are scarce in helios and rare in purple. Occasionally they are found in marigold. At least some of the ice blue examples are marked IG, others are not. Reportedly, the unmarked bowls are a lighter weight glass, which perhaps indicates the mold was used at a later time by a maker who simply ground off and polished the former IG trademark?

9.5 in. Helios SCROLL EMBOSSED Plate-Courtesy Jeff McGrady
9.5 in. Helios SCROLL EMBOSSED Plate-Courtesy Jeff McGrady
Helios 9.5 in. SCROLL EMBOSSED Plate-Courtesy Jeff McGrady
Helios 9.5 in. SCROLL EMBOSSED Plate-Courtesy Jeff McGrady

SCROLL EMBOSSED Plate: While lime green may sound more “exotic”, this plate is “realistically” pronounced helios. Helios and aqua examples are more often found than scarce purple plates. Believe it or not, marigold is not easily found in this pattern and in the plate form! All the plates have a plain, non-patterned exterior.

HATTIE Rosebowl in Helios
HATTIE Rosebowl in Helios.

HATTIE Rosebowl:  A rare shape, to be sure! Shaped from the 8” round bowls, which can also be found in helios, marigold, amber and purple rosebowls are known, as well. Repro’s of the bowl shape, all marked IG were made in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. Smoke, green, pink, and white are the colors to watch for.

6 in.THREEand ONE Sauce
6 in.THREE and ONE Sauce

THREE and ONE Bowl: 4”-9” size bowls can be found in marigold, purple, helios, smoke and clambroth. Helios examples are a bit harder to find than other colors. A rare 6”-7” plate, a rosebowl and toothpick holder in this pattern can be found in marigold only.

MORNING GLORY 11.5 in. X 5 in. Base-8.5 in. top diam.
MORNING GLORY 11.5 in. X 5 in. Base - 8.5 in. top diameter.

MORNING GLORY Vase:  Six sizes and styles exist in this pattern which gets its name from the shape. The flared opening resembles the lovely flower for which this vase is named. Vases from 3” in miniature to the funeral size at 17”-19” are found in helios. However, the jack-in-the-pulpit vases have not been found in helios. The vase shown is within the 8”-12” range. The color spectrum in this range: marigold, purple, helios, smoke, cobalt blue, light blue with marigold overlay.

7 in. RIPPLE Vase with 2.5 in. base-Helios
7 in. RIPPLE Vase with 2.5 in. base - Helios.

RIPPLE Vase: 5”-7” in this pattern is considered to be a Squat size. Marigold, purple, clambroth and amber are additional colors found in this size. Standard vases are 8”-12”, Mid-size funeral in 13”-16”, and the Large funeral vases are 17”-21”. Both larger sizes offer helios examples.

TWINS 6.25 in.diam. x 2.75 in. high-Helios
TWINS 6.25 in.diam. x 2.75 in. high - Helios.

TWINS:  Large 9”-10” and small 5”-6” ruffled bowls comprise a berry set. Easily found in marigold, examples in either helios or smoke are actually very rare. Fruit bowl and base in marigold and a Bride’s bowl in metal holder in marigold are the only other known shapes in the pattern.

(IG) - LUSTRE ROSE ftd. - 8 in..jpg
(IG) - LUSTRE ROSE ftd. - 8 inch.

LUSTRE ROSE ftd. 8”-9” Bowl:  Marigold, purple, helios, amber, smoke, olive and vaseline are to be found in this pleasing pattern. Actually, quite a large collection can be gained in acquiring the vast spectrum of shapes within the Lustre Rose/Open Rose offering. Lustre Rose alone offers at least 18 shapes. Close observation displays a detailed, intricate pattern which many collectors rather “take for granted”. It has been said, “You cannot have too many Rose Shows”!..........We suggest you take some serious glances toward these patterns! (smile).They are equal rivals in every sense of the word.     
Both Lustre Rose and Open Rose patterns were reproduced in the ‘60s and ‘70s in a wide variety of shapes, including an 11” chop plate, an item not previously produced in old-vintage carnival glass. Colors to watch for: marigold, smoke, helios, purple, amber, meadow green, white, red, and pink. All items were trademarked: IG, LIG, or ALIG at time of manufacture. In  some cases, those logos have been ground off and polished.  Buyer beware!

Dean & Diane Fry……..9-10

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