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US Glass - Part 1

Following the July 2004 ICGA Convention held in St. Louis, a report was issued that two gentlemen from Argentina unveiled a complete set of Rising Sun examples as new as if made yesterday and still in their boxes. This, however, does not address the issue which remains a fact. The Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalogs clearly display the array of shapes which were manufactured in the United States through 1912.  Whether or not the iridized examples have all come from Argentina, may never be a foregone conclusion.

What is distinctly evident is the fact that at some point in history, as befalls many moulds, the ones for that Rising Sun design were sold or borrowed from (we presume) United States Glass Company. Anyone interested enough to read the embattled history of these nineteen correlated companies (in the EARLY MAKERS segment of this carnival glass 101 site) comprising that large enterprise, will quickly learn that their stuggles were many over their long life from the late 1800s to the devastating fire of 1963. We must assume that various periods of  tenuous survival ensued from time to time. During these tedious business deliberations, moulds no longer in use were very likely offered for sale in closed circles. In one such “tight moment”, we must assume that the Argentine manufacturer was waiting in the wings!

In order for credit to be accurately placed, it appears we must rightfully offer justice to both United States and Argentina. Whether or not the Argentine producer continues to create examples from the old molds is not known at this writing. It does seem that a large number of these pieces appear for sale over Ebay on a more-or-less frequent basis.
Rising Sun
blue RISING SUN Pitcher-8 and one half in. tall
Pedestal Pitcher
  Water Pitcher

RISING SUN Pedestal pitcher:  The pitcher is 9 ¼”tall x 4 5/8”wide. The tumbler is 3 ½” tall x 1 ¾” base, x 2” top (juice) in diameter. The pattern name certainly is appropriate, isn't it? Pedestal pitchers have a certain grace and flair, making them “stand-outs” overall! This pedestal type is referred to as a Juice Pitcher. The juice tumbler is found only in marigold.

RISING SUN Water pitcher: This style of pitcher has a flat bottom .The pitchers in this pattern are considered rare, especially in blue. The tumbler intended for this pitcher (standard), is 4 1/8” tall, x 2 ¼” base, and a 2 7/8” top. Tumblers in this pattern are scarce in either size and in either marigold or blue.
A rare tray is also known in this pattern, found in blue.
U.S. Glass ad from 1909 Domestic Catalog
1909 US Glass Catalog Ads showing the “Sunshine” table set.

Three ads taken from the U.S. Glass Domestic Catalog of 1909, indicate three different table sets to have been made in the pattern we now call RISING SUN:  a Hotel Four Piece Set, a Packers Set having four pieces,  and a Sunshine Four Piece Set. Each of  the sets varied in size and shape. These two pieces we display are from the Sunshine Set.

Rising Sun sugar bowl-US Glass
RISING SUN Butter Dish
Covered Sugar
Covered Butter Dish

RISING SUN Covered sugar:  Found in marigold, as is the creamer and butterdish. Whether or not there are any other shapes to be found in carnival glass, is not known. The Butler Bros. Reprint Catalog of 1994 includes other shapes known to have been manufactured in crystal. We believe this may confirm the fact that the carnival examples were manufactured in the United States.

RISING SUN Covered butter dish: is 7 ¾”.

RISING SUN Compote- 6 3-4ths. in. tall

RISING SUN Compote: became available on Ebay Vintage Carnival Glass category in late Sep.- early Oct. 2004.
The pattern we call RISING SUN as it appears in April 1912 Butler Bros. Catalog ad
The pattern we call RISING SUN as it appears in April 1912 Butler Bros. Catalog ad

BUTLER BROS.:  Since the ad showing RISING SUN examples does not clarify carnival glass offerings, we do not know whether all shapes shown were also iridized.  This pattern appeared in the Butler Bros. Catalogs thru 1912.

STATES Oval Dish-8 and one-half in. long
STATES Oval Dish - 8 1/2 inches long

STATES is a pattern found in iridized table set pieces
States Butter Dish

STATES:  This pattern is also called Cane and Star Medallion and dates to 1906. Measurements of the butter dish-5” high x 7 ½” diam. There is an oval flat dish in this pattern, as well. As we understand it, U.S. Glass Co., created a series of patterns named for each of the United States. Sounds like a very smart marketing attempt. With a company name such as theirs, interesting results should have been in their favor. This endeavor, according to the late John Britt, came late in their business life, and very few of the pieces were iridized.
1909 U.S.Glass Domestic Catalog ad
1909 U.S.Glass Domestic Catalog ad

U.S. GLASS ad from their 1909 Domestic Catalog: indicates the strong possibility that a four piece table set in marigold could be found in the STATES pattern?

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