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Remakes to Defraud!

Fenton 9 ¼” Amethyst WILD BLACKBERRY PLATE: Written by Bob Grissom in the HOACGA Newsletter dated Dec. 1999.

Item Number 100 on the Nov. 13, 1999 Carnival Glass Auction by the Reichel Auction Co. is an “ULTRA RARE – FENTON 9 ¼” AMETHYST BLACKBERRY PLATE – 1 of A KIND”. The “Wild Blackberry” pattern has only been known in a bowl before.
This plate came from a Mr. Murdock of Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland. Mr. Murdock had inherited the plate along with a Northwood Ribbed Strawberry bowl from his Dad. He did not know anything about either piece. A friend of his told him about Mickey Reichel’s Auction. He then corresponded with Mickey via the internet about auctioning the two pieces for him. Mr. Murdock shipped the two pieces and only insured them for $50.00. The plate was auctioned on Saturday, Nov. 13. The final bid was $8,400.00. Mr. Murdock is a fisherman, but after selling the plate he may start setting his hooks for more “Wild Blackberry” plates. Congratulations to the new owner of this very rare plate…………Joyce Seale of Texas-now deceased.

Note: This plate was followed by a marigold example in the 2006 Reichel Auction done for the www.cga. Carnival glass Convention held in St. Louis, MO. Each of these “plates” displayed vestiges of the former ruffled bowl they were made from.

Green  WILD  BLACKBERRY (bowl transformed
Green  WILD  BLACKBERRY (bowl transformed).
G. W. Blackberry Fraud-Reheated edge destroyed colo
G. W. Blackberry Fraud - Reheated edge destroyed color.
9.25 in. WILD BLACKBERRY -  (flattened bowl)
9.25 in. WILD BLACKBERRY -  (flattened bowl).

Whether it is termed gullibility or simply willingness to “believe”; through time and the repeated presence of these “made over” bowls into plates, collectors should be wary of the fraudulent aspects associated with their availability. Where the potential for profit exists, there always are those who will test the extent to which it can be stretched!

ent from England with the question-(Is this a real plate or a melted down bowl
Sent from England with the question - (Is this a real plate or a melted down bowl?

Answer--A melted-down CAPTIVE ROSE bowl!Blue.
Answer - A melted-down CAPTIVE ROSE bowl in Blue.

Former CAPTIVE ROSE Bowl: The person in England who requested help in deciding whether this piece was re-heated and transformed is wise to think along those lines! This transformation has all the characteristic signs of a re-worked bowl.

PEACOCK and URN 10 in. IC shape bowl - resprayed with new marigold.-$625-Wroda sale-11-06
PEACOCK and URN 10 in. IC shape bowl - resprayed with new marigold.
Sold for $625 at Wroda sale - November 2006.

Re-sprayed PEACOCK and URN Bowl:  The attempts to re-work this piece created such a loss of iridescence, it was “thought” that a new coat of marigold would “cover the losses”!

A flattened DIAMOND LACE Bowl
A flattened DIAMOND LACE Bowl.
Former DIAMOND LACE bowl seen in Oct. 2006
Former DIAMOND LACE bowl seen in Oct. 2006.

Former 9” DIAMOND LACE Berry Bowl:  This poor thing “lost its edge” on reality when the heat to flatten the piece destroyed the former color! Entirely too many losses to gain popularity for a buyer!

Ground marie on NEW PEACOCKS bowl.NOTE-Huge N in center..
Ground marie on NEW PEACOCKS bowl - .NOTE - Huge N in center.

NEW: Green Peacocks Bowl:  The profiling technique of today creates optimum opportunity to copy former moulds; but not precisely! The lack of finite lines within the tail feathers, fence, etc. allude to the lack of precision provided by a mould-maker.
To the right of the large N in the base, there appears to be a pontil mark, which permits the spray to flow onto the base. Another noticeable lack of authenticity is the change in “marie” shape.

9 in. Ruffled Bowl - PEACOCKS-Aqua Opal
9 in. Ruffled Bowl - PEACOCKS in Aqua Opal.
A.O. PEACOCKS marie. This is the factory-made marie
A.O. PEACOCKS marie. This is the factory-made marie.

Vintage PEACOCKS Bowl:  Detail seen in the overall design relates to the authentic Northwood variety. The familiar “marie” which is attached to a snap for spraying lends the required authenticity to the overall design. Spray painting does not extend to the familiar collar base.

A word of caution to the wise should be sufficient! Eagerness to own something “different” or “one of a kind” many times results in huge disappointment when not thoroughly researched.

Dean & Diane Fry, 7/13

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