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Millersburg - Part 7

OHIO STAR Tall Jelly Compote, 10 in. high. Courtesy Dolores Wagner.
OHIO STAR Tall Jelly Compote, 10 in. high.
Courtesy Dolores Wagner.

OHIO STAR Compote: Few of the shapes made in crystal are found in carnival glass. The tall compote found in marigold has the clear stem. There is also a shorter, smaller compote known in marigold, along with whimsey-like small relish trays in marigold. Vases are the dominant shape and can be found in amethyst, green or marigold………rarely offered for sale. At least a couple of pairs of swung green vases are known, along with a frosty white and an aqua opalescent example.

FLOWERING VINE Compote , Marigold
FLOWERING VINE Compote, Marigold.

FLOWERING VINE Compote:  Measures 9” tall, with 6 ¾” bowl diameter. One example is known in green and a couple in amethyst, (One selling for $9500. in 1994.) Marie McGee mentions no marigold compote, so presumably this marigold example has surfaced since she wrote Millersburg’s Carnival Glass book in 1995.

FLUTE or WIDE PANEL Compote-9 in. tall-Amethyst-Basic Rosalind mould..
FLUTE or WIDE PANEL Compote - 9 in. tall.
Amethyst - Basic Rosalind mould.

FLUTE-WIDE PANEL-UNPATTERNED Compote: By any other name, it should be noted that this is the basic tall Rosalind compote shape/mold. The base and stem are identical and there are nine flutes which extend from the bowl, down the stem and onto the foot. This stands 9” tall.

Tall ROSALIND Compote-Clear Stem.ROSALIND Compote - tall size-Amethyst
Left: - Tall ROSALIND Compote - Clear Stem.
Right: - ROSALIND Compote - tall size - Amethyst.

ROSALIND Compote (tall):  9” in height; we show the example having clear stem. The only other marigold tall compote known in this pattern has a marigold stem/foot. (You may click here to have a look at that compote.) There is an amethyst example in this pattern having a round bowl (referred to as a jelly compote.) There is also a blue compote in this pattern. So, we conclude that Flowering Vine, the Flute and these tall Rosalind compotes all have the basic 9 panel bowl, the same stem and foot. The only alterations are displayed in the plunger mold design.
PRIMROSE - 9 in. Satin Finish.
PRIMROSE - 9 in. Satin Finish.

PRIMROSE:  pattern is found often in 10” collar-base bowls of either amethyst, green or marigold, usually having good color and iridescence. The Fine Cut Heart exterior compliments the pattern quite nicely. A banana boat shaped vaseline example having a tightly crimped edge is known. Three blue bowls have been confirmed and another reported. These each have different edge treatments: six ruffled, three and one, and ice cream shape.

10.5 in. Green ROSALIND Bowl.
10.5 in. Green ROSALIND Bowl.
ROSALIND 10 .5 in. Bowl in Amethyst.
ROSALIND 10 .5 in. Bowl in Amethyst.
ROSALIND Bowl - 10.5 in. in Marigold.
ROSALIND Bowl - 10.5 in. in Marigold.

ROSALIND Bowls: 10”-10 ½” six-ruffled bowls or those with a CRE are the usual bowls seen in this pattern. The larger ice cream bowl is quite rare, and those measuring 8 ¼”-9” are rarely seen. This is the size which was flattened for the rare 9” plates. (Please note that many times what is referred to as “plate” in Millersburg patterns, cannot truly be defined as such, since they lack a flat edge around the entire piece. The four marigold and four amethyst Peacock and Urn chop plates can be called “plates”…….NO problem there!)

ROSALIND 5 -6 in. Sauce- Amethyst - $625. 3-07 Wroda Auction.
ROSALIND 5 -6 in. Sauce - Amethyst
Sold for $625. 3-07 Wroda Auction.

ROSALIND Sauce: 6” sauce dishes are rare. Two amethyst and four green examples in the six-ruffled shape are known. Ice cream shape is found in green and marigold.

Small ROSALIND Compote-Amethyst. Scarce - $550. 3-07 Wroda Auction.
Small ROSALIND Compote - Amethyst.
Scarce - sold for $550. 3-07 Wroda Auction.
ROSALIND Compote (small): This rare 6” version is known in amethyst and green carnival.

ROSALIND Variant Compote-5.5 in. tall, in Amethyst.$525. Seeck Auciton-3-07
ROSALIND Variant Compote-5.5 in. tall, in Amethyst.
sold for $525. Seeck Auctions - 3-07.

ROSALIND Variant Compote (small): This is the version which is so often mistaken for Peacocktail by Fenton. It’s height is 5 ½”. This Rosalind Vt. pattern offers the separation between the “peacocktails”, which somewhat resembles a dual row of tiny “feathers”. These are known in amethyst and green. We have not seen a marigold example, although it may exist.

Dean and Diane Fry - 11 - 2010

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Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. ~~~~ ( Ephesians 5)

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