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Riihimaki -  Part 5

BISHOP'S MITRE -8 in.-BlueBISHOP'S MITRE- Amber - 8 in. tall.
Bishop's Mitre Vases in Blue and Amber - 8 inches tall.

BISHOP'S MITRE Vases: Each of these vases in blue and amber measure 8” in height. Marigold vases of the same size are known, as well.

JUPITER Ashtray (R) inside-Riihimaki
JUPITER Ashtray (R) inside - Riihimaki.
A Riihimaki Trademark of the 1920s found inside bottom of the Jupiter Ashtray
A Riihimaki Trademark of the 1920s found
 inside bottom of the Jupiter Ashtray.

JUPITER Ashtray: This ashtray in marigold has the distinction of an R on the inside base, indicating Riihimaki as the manufacturer. This is the only example we have seen. The ashtray is 4 ½” in diameter.

SUNK DAISY in  Blue. 2.75 in. tall x 3.5 in. diam.-Riihimaki and Eda
SUNK DAISY in  Blue.
2.75 in. tall x 3.5 in. diam.-Riihimaki and Eda.

(SUNK)EN DAISY: Quite a delightful design/pattern overall, it remains a seldom seen opportunity. The pattern is cut into the surface (called intaglio). The squared feet are distinctive, both in the rosebowl shape, as well as in the 9” and 5” bowl in this pattern, having straight sides. The pattern originates from Cambridge Glass in Ohio-1910, but not in carnival glass. (See the familiar pronged design found in other designs from Cambridge.
Reportedly, Cambridge copyrighted the squared feet). The pattern is also known as Amerika. Riihimaki Glass manufacturers catalog of 1939, illustrates this pattern. Eda Glass Co. had a hand in carnival glass items, using the same mould. Colors known: Bowls-blue, marigold, purple and green. Rosebowl-blue marigold, lavender and purple.
Marinha Grande, Portuguese Glassworks Catalog of 1901 illustrates this same design with several variations in shape, although it is not known whether production of iridized examples took place.

GRAND THISTLE-mgld. Pitcher - 10.25 in. tall, Tumbler-4.75 in. tall. Set known in Blue.
GRAND THISTLE-mgld. Pitcher - 10.25 in. tall,
Tumbler-4.75 in. tall. Set known in Blue.
GRAND THISTLE 6 in. plate in blue. (Riihimaki)
GRAND THISTLE 6 in. plate in blue. (Riihimaki)

GRAND THISTLE:  This water set is also found in blue. The small plate is rather an unusual item in this pattern.

WESTERN THISTLE Vase in Blue-5.2 in. tall.WESTERN THISTLE Vase by (Riihimaki) of Finland-Blue-four and seven-eighths in. high x two and five-eighths in. across top rim.--Made in the 1920s.WESTERN THISTLE-Riihimaki-5.2 in. tall in Mgld..
Western Thistle Vases - Two in Blue and One in Marigold.

WESTERN THISTLE Vases:  The blue vase at the far left is 4 7/8 inches tall. The middle blue vase and the marigold vase are 5.2 inches tall. Very little difference is noted in shape and design.

WESTERN THISTLE Water set in Blue
WESTERN THISTLE Water set in Blue.
Blue WESTERN THISTLE BANDED Tumbler - by Riihimaki-factory ground base- 3 and one-half in. tall. Much more rare than reg. Western Thistle tumbler.Riihimaki WESTERN THISTLE Tumbler in Mgld.
Western Thistle Tumblers in blue and marigold.  
The blue tumbler is a Banded Western Thistle tumbler
and is rarer than the unbanded tumblers.

WESTERN THISTLE Water Set and Tumblers:  These water sets are seen offered over eBay fairly often, but attention should be given to the more scarce banded tumblers.

Dean & Diane Fry - 02/2010

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Romans 12:2
In obedience to our Master, we must be willing to go against the flow of society, as we follow Jesus.
As we follow Him, our motives, values, and habits are bound to be different from those who are not Christians.
In the first century when the pagans were puzzled and convicted by the lifestyle of Christians, Peter wrote, “They think it strange that you do not run with them in the same flood of dissipation, speaking evil of you.” (I Peter 4:4).
When marching to the beat of a different drummer, of course we will be out of step with certain aspects of society!
It takes conviction, courage, and courtesy.
But with God's enabling grace we can be disturbingly different......
Effectively different, as well!

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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