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Fenton Glass - Part 9

 Interior MIRRORED LOTUS Rose Bowl.
7.5 in. MIRRORED LOTUS Bowl in Smoky Blue

MIRRORED LOTUS: Any of the examples in this pattern are quite scarce. In addition to the blue ruffled 7 ½” bowl and the marigold rosebowl displayed in this segment, you may click here to view a rosebowl in white. There is one known flat plate in light celeste blue. A white plate has been reported. An ice green 7” ruffled bowl is known.
Tom Monoski presented a seminar for the 2006 Keystone Convention held in Harrisburg, PA. Among his rarities was a low ice cream shape in this pattern. The color was most unusual for Fenton: a soft lemony yellow with very nice iridescence. It was not possible to take a photo under the circumstances, and we regret that.
This marigold rosebowl shown is rare, and sold for $450 at the 2005 Seeck Auction for HOACGA in Kansas City. Please note the prime example of a straw mark within the marie. This is where shears clipped the molten glass when enough had gone into the mould to produce the piece of glass. Not always quite so noticeable as this, a straw or (shear) mark should never be considered as damage!
Mirrored Lotus carries an exterior pattern called Horse Chestnut. If you go to the segment called (Fenton - Companions of the Horse Chestnut), you will be apprised of other patterns which display this design.

WATERLILY with Collar Base.Courtesy Gary Lickver
WATERLILY with Collar Base.
 Courtesy Gary Lickver
WATERLILY Interior, ORANGE TREE Exterior. Courtesy Gary Lickver.
Courtesy Gary Lickver.

WATER LILY/Orange Tree: As of early April 2006, this 9-10” bowl is unique. Lloyd Ward had it for sale, and Gary Lickver purchased it while we were all attending the Woodsland Convention in St. Louis. Dean took the photos in Gary's room.
The pattern is quite distinct, marigold is brilliant, and this is the first example offering the combination of these two patterns on a collar base.  The next question: Are there other colors, such as a blue, amethyst or a green? Should any of our viewers have information leading to such examples, we would be delighted to hear from you.  
Scroll footed bowls in 5-6” size (such as seen on the celeste blue Horsehead bowl), are known in Amber, Amber slag, Aqua, Blue, Green, Lime Green opal, Marigold, Red, Reverse Amberina, Reverse Amberina Opal, and Vaseline.
Scroll footed 9-10” bowls are scarce in Amethyst, Blue, Green, Marigold, Teal and Vaseline. At least one  slag red bowl is known in Water Lily Pattern.
9 in. LITTLE FISHES-Courtesy Ardonna Bucher
 Courtesy Ardonna Bucher
LITTLE FISHES Closeup-Courtesy Ardonna Bucher.
Courtesy Ardonna Bucher.

LITTLE FISHES:  Ardonna Bucher was kind enough to provide the nice photos of her 9” size bowl in glowing marigold. This large bowl is the master to a berry set, which includes a 5-6” three footed bowl. By clicking here you will be taken to view the only known “perfect” white IC shape in this pattern. It was once in the Don Moore collection. It is extremely frosty and colorful. We understand there is another IC shaped white Little Fishes which is cracked. Large size bowls are also known in Blue. The only known Ice Green IC shaped bowl sold for $7500 in 1995.
Sauces are found in Amethyst, Aqua, Blue and Marigold.
The ice green master bowl was on display as Tom Monoski presented his seminar in Harrisburg. He also displayed and discussed the only known collar-based radium marigold chop plate in Little Fishes pattern. It was quite flat and easily as large as 12” in diameter, perhaps a bit more. Dean did not have the opportunity to take a photo of this spectacular plate, but Tom mentioned that he had been offered $30,000 for it, although it was not for sale. It was worth the trip, just to see and examine this unusual piece of carnival glass.

 Green HORSEHEAD JIP shape.

HORSE MEDALLION:  AKA:  Horsehead (Medallion). Earlier collectors referred to the pattern as Pharoah's Horses, since the pattern seems based upon a famous painting by that name by John Frederick Herring. This was a great seller for Fenton. It was produced from 1912-1920 in great variety of shape and color.
Footed bowls can be ruffled, round with a slight flare on the top edge, or ice cream shape in 7-8”. Colors: Amber, Amethyst, Blue, Celeste blue, Green, Marigold, Red, Vaseline.
Footed Jack-in-the-pulpit shape bowls are somewhat unusual in Fenton patterns. Colors: Amber, Amethyst, Blue Green, Marigold, Vaseline.
Nut bowl, round: Colors: Amber, Blue, Marigold, Red slag, Red, Smoke, Vaseline.
7-8” plates are collar based: Colors: Amethyst, Blue, Smoky Blue, Green (fewer than 6), Marigold.
A red Horse Medallion rosebowl can be viewed here.  A blue plate can be seen by clicking here.

 Ice Green POND LILY

POND LILY:  This pattern found only on the bonbon shape is not frequently found. This example in Ice Green is in the card tray shape (two sides up). Conventional bonbon shape has two sides pulled up to create more of a square shape. A ring of Pond Lilies circles the center and  Fenton's familiar Scale Band design encircles the edge.
Amethyst, Blue, Green, Ice Green, Marigold, Peach Opal, White and an unusual blue milk glass which is iridized.

LITTLE DAISIES:  is a rare Fenton pattern, with very few marigold or blue examples surfacing in any five year period. The ice cream shape is more difficult to find than ruffled bowls. The exterior is plain, with a collar base.
A marigold ice cream shape can be seen by clicking here.

RIBBON TIE - 8.75 in. diam.3 and 1 edge in Ameth.
 RIBBON TIE - 8.75 in. diam.3 and 1 edge in Amethyst.
RIBBON TIE - 8.75 in. in Marigold.
RIBBON TIE - 8.75 in. in Marigold.

RIBBON TIE:  Sometimes called Comet, it's pattern of whirling rays do resemble ribbons floating in a breeze. Six ruffle bowls and those having 3-1 edge treatment of 8-9” size are known in Amethyst, Blue, Smoky Blue, Green and Marigold.
9-10” low ruffled bowls are referred to as “plates” by some. However, they do not have the configuration of a true plate.
Amethyst, Black Amethyst, Blue and Marigold are the colors found in this type bowl.

Dean & Diane Fry -  8/09

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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