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Northwood - Jefferson Molds

Linn's Mums

Linn Lewis was an avid carnival glass collector living in the Pacific Northwest during the `80's-early `90's when we came to know him while living in California. Before being stricken with a crippling disease some years ago; one which eventually took his life; he would attend some of the Northern CA Conventions, scouted around for glass, as we all do, and following his “find” of this unusual piece, called us one evening to discuss its qualities-off-handedly naming it for himself since no other existed at that time….(you know the saying: “It's yours-you can call it whatever you like.”) Sometime later, another example was reported.

Anyone attending the Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Convention auction on Feb. 11, 2000, heard Tom Burns relate the above story (in part) as the bowl came up for sale, saying he had not known the facts when calling the piece “Dancing Daisies” at the time he was readying the brochure for the printer.

Since Dean & I were the successful bidders for this very rare and beautiful bowl, we believe that in honor of Linn's role in locating it, and his devotion to carnival glass, the name should  remain.  


Close examination of this 9” bowl, reveals to any of us who avidly collect the Advertising pieces that the floral design in this eight ruffle bowl displays the same basic MUM….Obviously the crafter of both molds enjoyed the beauty of that flower. We consider the piece to be an appropriate companion for our collection of some 22 Advertising plates, whether they  be  Northwood or Fenton in origin. There are only subtle differences in the Mum patterns used by both manufacturers. They come into play when leaf and stem design are compared; some having two instead of one leaf in a given position. One stem may be shorter than another. Perhaps a stem is slightly more curved in one design or another. We find there are at least two different Mums configurations to be found on the 6” Advertising molds attributed to Fenton; when using the Wide Panel exterior of the pieces as a guideline, versus Basketweave  backs found on the Northwood items.

This bowl portrays the Ruffles and Rings exterior. The Northwood Rosette and Wishbone patterned bowls carry the same exterior design. Northwood purchased that mold from Jefferson Glass in the 1908 time frame.

If past history surrounding previous examples of rarities; one or two in nature, is any measure, time will bring more of these to the surface………unless the two known examples can be termed “salesmen's samples”; not followed by orders for significant quantity. The only other Northwood pattern in that category which comes to mind is the marigold   Lotus Land   bonbon in card tray shape. Since it appeared during the `80's, no other has been reported.

 Anytime a significant amount is realized for an unusual piece of glass-such as the $2000 paid for this piece, those with collections of long-standing, tend to take a more serious look at what they may have picked up for pennies on the dollar, not having a name for the piece at the time…….purchasing it for sheer enjoyment without regard for its ultimate value. Time will tell about any possible additional examples……

Jefferson Glass Company was located in Follansbee, WV.  During the late 1800's and early in the 1900's they were major producers of decorative glassware. Opalescent and colored pattern glass collectors will be familiar with their Swag  With  Brackets and Tokyo designs. As their production shifted away from the decorative glassware, some of their molds were sold. Sometime in late 1907, into 1908, Harry Northwood purchased several molds from them. Trends were changing, and these new designs found their way into production of carnival glass. Fact to support this is included  in a letter written by Harry Northwood in 1909, which refers specifically to certain molds purchased from Jefferson, confirming that the  four exterior Northwood Carnival patterns displayed in this segment came from those molds.
Ruffles & Rings exterior

RUFFLES & RINGS - This exterior pattern is used on Linn's Mums bowls, Rosette bowls  and Wishbone bowls and plates having three small curled feet.

A note about the shape of the ROSETTE bowl: The pattern overall, is not a plentiful one. Many times the amethyst examples leave a great deal to be desired so far as iridescent quality is concerned.  Most  are  eight  ruffle. Green examples are hard to locate.  Finding this lovely marigold piece after our nearly 25 years of active search for nice carnival glass was somewhat of a surprise, both color AND shape-wise! This one failed to receive the usual ruffled treatment. The crimping tool is a pedal operated mechanism which can be adjusted to create the six or eight ruffles, tight-crimped or  CRE,  or  3 and 1 ruffle, whichever the order calls for. This marigold bowl only received the “creases” and  a  slight flare along the side. Were the few marigold examples known, all done the same way, or dare we believe that the “operation” was interrupted, allowing the glass to cool too much for further edge treatment on this particular piece?  You see, when removed from the mold, the bowl was round.

1910 Butler Bros. Ad
1910 Butler Bros. Ad

FINECUT & ROSES - is found on rosebowls  in  a host of colors: Marigold, Amethyst, Green, Cobalt Blue, White, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lavender, Aqua, Horehound, and Aqua Opalescent. Candy dishes are found in all the same colors,  excepting  Horehound and Lavender.

This 1910 Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog Reprint displays the “Pompeiian” Assortment of iridescent glass, including both shapes known in the Finecut & Roses pattern. As the description states: This assortment was offered  only  in  “ Wine Ruby”, a trade name often used in connection with Northwood's Amethyst Carnival.

Meander exterior
Meander exterior

MEANDER -  is found on spatula footed bowls in Three Fruits Medallion, Grape & Cable and  Sunflower.
Vintage Grape exterior
Vintage Grape exterior

VINTAGE - Exterior of raised, circular domed foot bowls. This foot is about  1/2" in height and about 3 1/4” in diam. It can be found on Star of David & Bows, Octet, and Three Fruits bowls. On occasion, you will find the Northwood  Basketweave  pattern superimposed over the Vintage design!  You could call it “two for the money”.

Verre D' Or
The accompanying photo showing the STAR of DAVID and BOWS  pattern, as we know it,  was  used in the Northwood Verre D' Or  line dating to the early 1900's. This blue heart shaped nappy measures 6 ¼” side to side and 7 ½” from handle to tip. The N within the circle is on the bottom center. These pieces were known as “glass of gold”. In Verre D' Or  terms the pattern is called Ribbons and Overlapping Squares. The design is very well suited for use on this nappy. W
Verre D' Or

Little mention is made of the scarce Northwood OCTET bowls in carnival circles. Said to be a “simplistic” pattern: (whatever that is intended to connote:), it is available with effort in the standard colors of amethyst, marigold, and green. Not simple by any means, would be to turn up one of the reported  ice  green or  white examples! This usually ruffled bowl carries the Vintage Exterior. Since some pastel examples are reported, production must have extended into 1912. Most bear the Northwood trademark. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Perhaps another serious look should be taken in the direction of this pattern (just in case you should be one of the lucky ones to make such a “sighting”.) What do you think?......... (Photo  is  courtesy of David Doty.)
eing  the  dual use of this plunger pattern.

Dean & Diane Fry ….9/03

“The beauty of friendship is
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~~~Harvey L. Rich, M.D.
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