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A Tribute to the Rineharts
Grace Rinehart-photo taken Feb. 16, 2011
Grace Rinehart - photo taken Feb. 16, 2011.

Grace and Byron Rinehart were collecting carnival glass before most other collectors had been attracted to this fascinating iridized addiction so many enjoy today. Distance between Fenton Glass in Williamstown, WV, and Charleston, WV, where the Rinehart’s live, something less than 100 miles exist. Parkersburg and South Parkersburg lie in between, with at least three known antique dealers who accessed collectibles for purchase on a regular basis. There is little wonder in the vast numbers of Fenton patterns within this collection!

Grace relied proudly on her extensive tally of signatures recorded in her guest book by all those who came for a visit and to view their extensive collection. Grace and Byron were extremely gracious and welcoming in every way, so interested viewers came by in large numbers over many years!

Some one-of-a-kinds and extremely desirable examples, originating from the Fenton Factory found their way into this collection.
We know that a fabulous sum of money was offered many years ago for purchase of the only known dark red Holly plate. A gentleman over East who collected only that pattern wanted desperately to own it.
The only known white Butterfly and Berry pitcher had been privately purchased from an individual many, many years ago. A Convention Display Award was granted to that piece in 1977!

Few collectors are blessed with a Diamond and Rib jardinière. It is difficult enough to locate a nice funeral vase in that pattern!

Northwood marketed the Cherry and Cable pattern in 1909. Butler Bros. Catalog ads display Berry sets and Water sets in Marigold only. This longtime collection offered complete sets of both!
Mosser and Westmoreland reproduced the pattern in numerous shapes and a wide variety of glass, such as crystal, milk glass, carnival glass, opalescent, custard, and chocolate glass.

This white 9” Little Fishes ice cream shaped bowl has an interior crack across the middle portion which is visible in the photo.  The only other known example in white (same shape) was purchased in 1992 when part of the late Don Moore collection was sold at auction. It is listed in the Mordini Price Guide as having sold for $1,000. You may view that bowl by clicking into:

Rare Little Fishes ice cream shaped bowl in white

Possibly the most grossly overlooked rarity in the entire collection was the Stippled Rays mould-shaped compote in blue! That pattern dates to 1909. However, our intense research indicates this compote apparently was never placed into production. Perhaps the exterior mould became damaged during trials? The scalloped retaining ring did not receive future use either. There simply are no Fenton Stippled Rays compotes having stippling on both interior and exterior! Should you contend this conclusion, we would like to hear from you.
Bowl diameter: 4 5/8”, Bowl depth: 3/4”, Overall height: 4 ¼”, Base Diameter: 3 1/8”.

None of the Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog ads display the pattern as described-(pictured).  Hartung, nor the Fenton books by Heacock extend any information on this example. The shape of the stem indicates Fenton as the maker. We are left to wonder whether any other “samples” exist?

Have any of you asked yourselves just how some seventeen spittoon shapes found their way into this collection? Byron passed away in 1992. Anyone who knew him well, will recall his outward pleasure in owning unusual/exclusive examples. He displayed great joy in that!

The Nov. 11-12, 2011 auction was well attended, with ample phone and mail bids. While Grace was not able to attend, her sister Ruth and husband Bobby Kuhl were on hand to greet and welcome those in attendance. Overall, this was one of the most interesting auctions we have attended in our 50+ years of interest in this wonderful medium.

We wish Grace all the best and although she says the house feels empty without the glass,  she will take pleasure in knowing that their beloved collection will be cared for by loving recipients.

Dean & Diane Fry 11/11

Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Compote.
Fenton STIPPLED RAYS Compote.
White Fenton LITTLE FISHES-$150, BUTTERFLY & BERRY Pitcher, $9,000-11-11-11 Wroda Auction.
White Fenton LITTLE FISHES-$150.
BUTTERFLY & BERRY Pitcher, $9,000.
Sold 11-11-11 - Wroda Auction.
Red CUT OVALS-Fenton-$1,000, Red HOLLY Hat, $525.-Wroda-11-11-11.
Red CUT OVALS - Fenton - $1,000.
 Red HOLLY Hat - $525.
Sold 11-11-11 - Wroda Auction.
Fenton Red HOLLY 9 in. Plate-$4500. Red LITTLE FLOWERS, $900.-11-12-11-Wroda Auction.
Fenton Red HOLLY 9 inch Plate - $4500.
Sold 11-12-11 - Wroda Auction.
Fenton FLUTE-Red-$595.-Mgld. DIAMOND RIB Jardiniere-$2900
Fenton FLUTE - Red - $595.
Marigold DIAMOND RIB Jardiniere - $2900.
Sold 11-11-11 - Wroda Auction.
Mgld. N. CHERRY & CABLE Berry Set-$100, Water Set-$450.-Wroda Auction, 11-12-11.
Marigold Northwood CHERRY & CABLE Berry Set - $100.
Marigold Northwood CHERRY & CABLE Water Set - $450.
Sold 11-12-11 - Wroda Auction.

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Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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