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Millersburg - Part 14
WILDFLOWER - 2 known in Green. $5200. Wroda-3-20-10
WILDFLOWER - 2 known in Green. Sold for $5200. Wroda - 3-20-10.
WILDFLOWERCompote in Ameth.- 6 in. tall.
WILDFLOWER Compote in Amethyst -  6 in. tall.
WILDFLOWER Compote in Green.Cupped Jelly-6 in. tall.- $7,000.-Sept.'07 Richards Auction
WILDFLOWER Compote in Green. Cupped Jelly - 6 in. tall.
Sold for.- $7,000. - Sept.2007 at Richards Auction.
Vaseline WILDFLOWER Compote- $8,000-6-11-Wroda Auction.Interior-WILDFLOWER Jelly compote
Left - Vaseline WILDFLOWER Compote - Sold for $8,000 in June of 2011 - Wroda Auction.
Right - Interior of WILDFLOWER Vaseline Jelly compote.

WILD FLOWER Compotes:  Only a few having  open, flared bowl are known in amethyst, green, marigold and a single example in Vaseline carnival. The deep cupped jelly compote is 6” tall with a bowl of 4 ½” in diameter. Eight leaves, eight blossoms and a vine combine to create a very fascinating design.

ROSALIND Vt. Compote in Green.
ROSALIND Vt. Compote in Green.

ROSALIND Vt. Compote:  Marie McGee listed this compote and the larger 9” compote under Rosalind, along with the 10” bowls and 6” sauce. This extremely rare version compote in the 5.5”- 6” size is known only in amethyst and green. We displayed/discussed the amethyst version in our MILLERSBURG - Part 7 segment. The green example is discussed in MILLERSBURG STEMS segment, but this photo displays the overall design to better degree. While the interior pattern may somewhat resemble the Fenton Peacocktail, it actually is a totally individual pattern in its own right! Both the amethyst and green compotes are widely ruffled and have smooth bowl exterior.
Four examples in amethyst have sold at auction between 2008 and 2010. Six green compotes have sold from 2007 to 2011. Only 10 examples in a given pattern having sold within a three-year period, certainly qualifies these compotes to be extreme rarities!

FLUTE Vase-one of two known in BLUE!
FLUTE Vase - one of two known in BLUE!

FLUTE Vase:  The example shown in blue sold in 2010 for $4750. According to the information found in Millersburg Glass, by Marie McGee, this Flute design causes some controversy, since most of the other glass manufacturers produced similar designs. Our Millersburg – Part 9 displays a very nice amethyst vase in Flute design. This is a very scarce Millersburg design.

One of 2 Amethyst & single known Marigold ACORN vases - Remmen Auction
One of 2 Amethyst and single known Marigold ACORN vases - Remmen Auction.

ACORN Vase: Yes, there are Acorn compotes in the Millersburg line, but these vases are not generally accepted as Millersburg products. You will find a lovely green example in Millersburg Vases - Part 2.  Suggestions that one of the U.S. Glass Conglomerates produced the few vases known, is a realistic approach to their scarcity. An example in amethyst, green and marigold suggest that marketed production did not take place.
WOODPECKER & IVY Vase-Vaseline - Only one known-Remmen Auction-2011, $15,000
WOODPECKER and IVY Vase - Vaseline - Only one known.
 Remmen Auction - sold for $15,000 in 2011.
WOODPECKER & IVY in Marigold.

WOODPECKER and IVY  Vase: Here is another enigma! Is it fair to speculate that the same “experimenter” who developed the Acorn vase, also developed this design? While this vaseline example and the one in marigold are said to be the only examples known, we must say that many years ago (1970s) we saw one in amethyst. It was, and may still be, in a very private collection. The owner is no longer very active in carnival glass circles, but has not sold the glass. – (at least,  publicly.)

Only known BLUE SEAWEED 10 in. Bowl-3-1 edge
Only known BLUE SEAWEED 10 in. Bowl - 3-1 edge.

SEAWEED Bowl:  Interesting that when Marie compiled her Millersburg Book in 1995, only mention of an “ice-cream shaped” 10” blue bowl was made. Apparently this example with the CRE was hiding somewhere at the time of book printing? A couple of blue sauces can be viewed in our Millersburg – Part 11.  Pattern collectors that we are, this is one of our favorite designs. 10” and sauce size examples are found in the other usual Millersburg colors: marigold, amethyst, and green.

Mgld. Absentee STRAWBERRY WREATH Compote. Only a couple known.
Marigold Absentee STRAWBERRY WREATH Compote. Only a couple known.

STRAWBERRY WREATH Compote - (Unfinished Leaf):  These 3 ¼” tall compotes are referred to as absentee leaf  in carnival glass circles. Exterior pattern of these 6” in diameter compotes is Wide Panel. The unfinished leaf is outlined, but lacks stippling. Amethyst, green and Vaseline examples are known. A whimsey with sides straight up is known in green and marigold. They exhibit the unfinished leaf, as well. These are all done in radium finish.

STRAWBERRY WREATH 10 in. Square Shape
STRAWBERRY WREATH 10 in. Square Shape.

STRAWBERRY WREATH Bowl:  More purple examples are known than those in green and marigold. Several Vaseline bowls are known, as well. Round, tri-cornered, and square shapes are known, with the ice cream shape termed “rare”. These are collar-based. One of the Vaseline bowls is in a “gravy boat” shape. Small sauce dishes with crimped edges, some square; some more shallow than others are known in amethyst, green and marigold.

Dean & Diane Fry, 3-12

You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till
 He makes Jerusalem a  praise in the earth — (Isaiah 62:6-7)

John (“Praying”) Hyde sailed to India in 1892 to evangelize Punjab. After struggling for several years, Hyde rededicated himself to working through prayer. He believed Isaiah 62 commands us to remind God of His promises and “give Him no rest” till He answers.
In early 1908, Hyde prayed to win at least one soul to Christ per day.  By December 31, he had recorded 400 converts.  The following year, the Lord laid two souls per day on his heart, and his prayer was again answered. The next year he prayed for four souls daily with similar results.
Once, stopping at a cottage for water, Praying Hyde asked God for ten souls. He presented the Gospel, and all nine members of the family were saved. But what of number ten? A nephew who had been playing outside ran into the room and was promptly converted.
“Praying” became Hyde’s middle name. It should be ours as well, for the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective.
(James 5:16, NIV).

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