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Dugan - Part 9
DUGAN – Part 9
BEADED SHELL Berry Set-Marigold. Small Bowl is 4.5 in. in diam. x 2.5 in. deep
BEADED SHELL Berry Set - Marigold.
Small Bowl is 4.5 in. in diam. x 2.5 in. deep.

BEADED SHELL:  Berry sets are not easily found, with marigold and amethyst the known colors. Introduced in non-iridized colored glass in 1903 with an original pattern name of New York, it remained in production for many years. Carnival examples were circa 1910 and continued to appear in wholesale catalogs through 1916. Beaded Shell, Lattice & Points, Fisherman’s Mugs, Rambler Rose and Vining Twigs were a part of the “Etruscan” iridescent assortment advertised in the July 1914 Butler Brothers catalog.

Master Berry Bowl , 9 in. diam.- Purple DAHLIA.
Master Berry Bowl , 9 in. diam. - Purple DAHLIA.
4.50 in. DAHLIA Bowl in Marigold.
4.50 in. DAHLIA Bowl in Marigold.

DAHLIA: Berry Sets in marigold, amethyst and white are known colors. The pattern dates from the 1912 era and was produced exclusively for the carnival market. The design was the result of retooling the molds to the Fan pattern. Dahlia is another scarce commodity. White pieces are highly desired and will bring handsome prices. They are often decorated with red and gold trim, with some having fired-on blue and gold trim. Most pieces exhibit beautiful iridescence.
L.G. Wright Glass Co. reproduced the water set in 1977.  Colors made were ice blue, white and purple carnival. There are no differences between the old pitchers and newer pitchers so collectors beware!  However, the L.G. Wright Dahlia tumblers have three dahlias, the old Dugan tumblers have four dahlias.  Very few of these sets are marked.
The more recent reproductions of the water set are by Mosser Glass Company. These Dahlia water sets were made from about the mid 1990's to present day.  Colors made are red, pink opalescent, blue opalescent, sapphire blue, amber, black amethyst, cobalt blue, Vaseline, white, purple and hunter green—some iridized—some not. One way to determine the old from new: Old tumblers have a 33 rayed star on the underside of the base, while the new ones are plain (some are marked with a very small M).

Lattice & Points vase
A really great view of outside bottom of LATTICE & POINTS Vase showing the floral design..
A really great view of outside bottom of LATTICE & POINTS Vase
 showing the floral design.

LATTICE & POINTS Vase:  8”-9”  in height and found in marigold, amethyst, white, peach opalescent, lavender, cobalt blue, pastel marigold. This is another of the scarce patterns from Dugan. Do you think this could be the basic Grapevine Lattice tumbler “swung” to new heights?

VINING TWIGS Hat-Bowl - 7 in. - Mgld
VINING TWIGS Hat-Bowl - 7 in. - Mgld.

VINING TWIGS:  Hat shapes are known in marigold, amethyst, white, peach opalescent and pastel marigold. Some offer the same base floral design as seen on the base of some vases in the Lattice & Points pattern. IF the Grapevine Lattice tumbler mold was used for Lattice & Points vases, as well as Vining Twigs hats/bowls, perhaps in re-tooling the worn mould, addition of the base flower resulted?

ELKS Nappy _2 - Note fully imprinted neck on this one- (silvery finish)-$4000-10-06 - another (1-07 Wroda Auction-$6500.)
ELKS Nappy - Note fully imprinted neck on this one -
(silvery finish) - $4000 - 10-06 - another (1-07 Wroda Auction - $6500.)

ELKS NAPPY:  One of three known spade-shaped nappies. (You may click here - E -  to view another Nappy in this shape, as well as the only known ruffled example.)

WREATHED CHERRY Spittoon made from Sugar bottom. $3100. Wroda Auction-5-08
WREATHED CHERRY Spittoon made from Sugar bottom.
 $3100. Wroda Auction-5-08.

WREATHED CHERRY “Spittoon”:  Do you find it “co-incidental” that this particular “spittoon” would appear in a “latent” auction when NO examples had ever appeared in earlier times? So! How “tricky” is it that a “first known” such as this would come to be on the heels of the MANY made over bowls into plates with slightly ruffled edges? Another trick of the trade?

PERSIAN GARDEN Chop Plate -11 in. in P.O.
PERSIAN GARDEN Chop Plate -11 in. in P.O.

PERSIAN GARDEN Chop Plates: Amethyst or lavender 11”-12” chop plates are spectacular to behold and most certainly are treasured items in a collection, but the peach opalescent examples are even more rare, though not quite so amply endowed with iridescence as their counterparts. White chop plates are few and far between, with more large ice cream shaped bowls known in white.
(Click here for a look at what is thought to be the only known lavender chop plate.)

PERSIAN GARDEN Fruit Set in Peach Opal
PERSIAN GARDEN Fruit Set in Peach Opal.
PERSIAN GARDEN Fruit Bowl and Base
11 in. diam. x 7.75 in. high.

PERSIAN GARDEN Fruit Bowl/Base:  Marigold, amethyst, white and lavender sets, most having the ruffled bowl. A few sets are known to have a round bowl. The Big Basketweave design appears on the base/pedestal. Amethyst examples are more prominent, with white running a close second. Here again, marigold sets are really quite rare!

GARDEN PATH Vt. 6 in Plate in P.O.
GARDEN PATH Vt. 6 in Plate in P.O.

GARDEN PATH 6”-7” Plate:  Along with the chop plate, these were probably marketed as cake sets, although no white chop plate has surfaced. The small plates in white are the easiest of the known colors to locate. Marigold, amethyst, and peach opalescent are additional colors. Some plates have plain exteriors but most offer the Soda Gold exterior design.

Dean & Diane Fry,  07-10

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(2 Timothy 2:14-19)

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