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N. GRAPE & CABLE - A New Perspective
Northwood GRAPE & CABLE – A New Perspective

(_1) N.  Interior GR.& CABLE (1 of 3) known to have BLACKBERRY Interior.(Blue)
(1) Northwood Grape and Cable in Blue.
 1 of 3 known to have BLACKBERRY Interior.
(_2) N.Lg. size GRAPE & CABLE-Blackberry interior-Blue-$425.11-12 Seeck Auction
(2) Northwood Lg. size GRAPE and CABLE - Blackberry interior.
Blue - Sold for $425.November 2012 at Seeck Auction.
(_3) N.  Exterior GR.& CABLE-Blue.
(3) Northwood  Exterior Grape and Cable - Blue.
(_4) Roland Kuhn's GR. & CABLE Amethyst bowl-crack in bottom
(4) Roland Kuhn's Grape and Cable - Amethyst bowl - crack in bottom.

Northwood BLACKBERRY Interior:  Three of these bowls have been documented. We saw the first example in amethyst when the late Roland Kuhn and Don Kime came to San Diego in the late 1980s to present a fabulous program on their extensive collection of the Wishbone pattern for Club Members. Roland cleverly saved the Blackberry bowl till the end of the program and it received the deserved response of total amazement. That bowl has an interior crack toward the bottom. (Dean decided at that moment he would like to own an example!)
The very weekend in Sept. 1998 while we were moving to Indiana, Roland’s glass was being sold at auction. We could not attend and do not know who bought the prize bowl.
During the early 2000 years, while attending an auction in Dayton, OH area, we watched Larry Yung, Sr. purchase an amethyst Blackberry Grape/Cable bowl, which has little iridescence on the exterior. We wrote of this bowl in our Fenton – Part 5 segment.  There are two photos shown.
A recent conversation with Don Kime, reveals that Frank M. Fenton had taken Roland’s bowl back to the factory for some research.
Conclusion: Fenton did NOT produce the bowl!.  
When this third bowl was announced for the Seeck auction in Nov. 2012, we made the trip to St. Louis. Although there is a minor interior crack down from the top edge of this blue example, the iridescence is good. Dean decided to “go for it”!
Perhaps combined with a lack of documentation and knowledge of glass production techniques, versus sales approach of that era, many writers have shied away from approaching this extremely rare specimen. We have heard some controversy over whether the pattern stems from Fenton or Northwood design. Certainly there is no listing of the bowl in the 1910 Butler Brothers Catalog displaying the two sizes in Northwood Fruit bowls. However, further research dictates no Fenton Fruit bowl in this large size!
It’s time to open the scroll of possibilities and those of you who know us well, realize we never shy away from exposing the obvious and realistic! Having experienced first hand, the latter part of the era when salesmen were given factory “samples” in personal pursuit of potential buyers in a specified area; we believe that “some” of the Northwood Blackberry interior Grape/Cable bowls were displayed in likely areas of promotion. For instance, we know that the majority of red Plaid bowls have been found in western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.
The interior plunger (as noted), did not offer the N trademark. One of the first questions from store owners may have been: “How much less would this bowl be-minus the Blackberry interior?”………..thus, no orders were taken. Dean estimates at least a week of work was required to create the Blackberry plunger mould. Result: Bowls offering this interior would cost more than those having a plain interior! As with other things; you win some and lose some; indicating lack of interest in the increased cost!
Back to the drawing board!..........A new plunger was made with the trademark present and minus the Blackberry design. This eliminated any confusion as to manufacturer. After all, not until Fall 1910 did ads for half dozen and more of the shapes within Grape and Cable pattern appear in the Butler Brothers Catalogs! Some production of carnival glass had begun in 1909.


UPDATE--Sept. 18, 2015

Sandra Santee purchased this amethyst Grape and Cable fruit bowl from E-bay about 8-9 years ago. The known number of these rare bowls originally stated on our Carnival101 site was recorded 17 years ago when the late Roland Kuhn collection of glass was sold at auction. It is quite possible that whomever purchased his example may have later sold the bowl over E-bay. Since each of us has a "personal" approach to description, what may have been stated as a "crack" when sold at auction, could also be described as Sandra states: "more like a bad finish with fine lines like hair; a few of the teeth are bad and one has a slice off the inside. Also looks to me as if someone might have scratched two lines parallel to each other at the center in the bottom."

(_7) Mgld. Fenton GRAPE & CABLE - Blue Northwood GRAPE & CABLE.
(7) Marigold Fenton Grape and Cable - Blue Northwood Grape and Cable.

(_5) 11 in. Ameth. N. GRAPE & CABLE-24 points
(5) 11 inch Amethyst Northwood Grape and Cable - 24 points.
(_6) N.  Ameth. GRAPE & CABLE-24 points-10.5 in. d. x 5.5 in. tall
(6) Northwood  Amethyst Grape and Cable - 24 points - 10.5 in. d. x 5.5 in. tall.

FENTON and NORTHWOOD FRUIT Bowls: The marigold bowl on the left in #7 is the Fenton Grape/Cable having advertising inside. Our Blackberry interior bowl sits on the right. Bowl #7 (marigold) is the same size as #8 and #9. Bowls #8 and #9 having Persian Medallion interior are the SAME size (5 ¼” high x 9 ½” wide). There is one group of 32 grapes, one group of 26 grapes and one group of 27 grapes.
The Blackberry bowl is (6 ¼” high x 11 ¼” wide). There are two groups of 32 grapes and one group of 30 grapes.

(_8) Fenton GRAPE & CABLE in  Blue-24 pts.-9.75 in. w. x 5.5 in tall.
(8) Fenton Grape and Cable in Blue - 24 pts. - 9.75 in. w. x 5.5 in tall.
(_9) Fenton GRAPE & CABLE with Persian Medallion interior crack--ice green. Few known.$425. 11-12 Seeck Auction.-22 pts
(9) Fenton Grape and Cable with Persian Medallion interior -  cracked - ice green.
Few known - Sold for $425. November 2012 - Seeck Auction - 22 pts.

FENTON (Persian Medallion) FRUIT Bowls: It’s interesting that both sizes in the Northwood Grape and Cable bowls, as well as the one by Fenton all have 24 points (excepting the ice green example with Persian Medallion interior—shown above.) Apparently some grinding and polishing has taken place! There are only 22 points. Close examination reveals those altered areas. #5 bowl with Persian Medallion interior displays 24 points! It’s simply amazing how observant one must be when scrutinizing prior to purchase!!  Satan is omni-present! (smile).

(_12) N. White 12 in. GRAPE & CABLE Chop Plate
(12) Northwood White 12 inch Grape and Cable Chop Plate.

Northwood CHOP PLATE - White:  Two footed plates, said to have been flattened from the shallow fruit bowl are known. Both are in white. Grace and Byron Rinehart purchased one from a man in Wheeling, WV in the ‘80s. After a  period of time, it was decided that the piece had been re-worked; or, at best was “newer”.  They returned it to the seller. We (the Fry’s) visited that seller (after) all of his most desirable pieces had been purchased by a well-known dealer. That white “plate” sold later in an auction. ……..No! These are not factory produced “plates”!  Clue: They are not found in ANY Butler Bros. Catalog ads!
Generations of collectors have accepted these “deviates” without understanding and rationalizing the glass production processes, but instead, have listened to the misleading expressions of those who will go to great lengths in order to “make a buck”! Carnival Glass collecting is at a point in time when much of the past requires “open honesty”, if collecting this “Iridescent Essence” is to garner continued interest from the younger generations of possible collectors. Education and the flow of information is at its highest level since this vintage glass was produced. Collectors of today deserve to be honestly informed of “all which has gone before”, (good and bad points),  in order to make correct  judgement  in their choices of pattern and shape.
The 12” white chop plate shown here with Basketweave exterior sold at auction in 2012. It is the only one reported, and not written into the annals of  “carnival glass history”… (you catch our meaning?)   A good guess: it was flattened from a white ice cream bowl.

(_11) N.  GRAPE & CABLE White Fernery.
(11) Northwood Grape and Cable White Fernery.

Northwood FERNERY – White:  Resting on 3 scrolled feet, these are round, having straight, vertical sides, and smooth edge. They originally came with a metal liner. This is one of the rarest of all shapes in Northwood Grape and Cable! It has taken a long while to capture a photo of one in white!  

(_10) N. GRAPE & CABLE Centerpiece Bowl- 9.75 in. wide.-24 pts.Courtesy Reichel Auctions
(10) Northwood Grape and Cable Centerpiece Bowl.
 9.75 inches wide. - 24 pts. - Courtesy Reichel Auctions

Northwood CENTERPIECE Bowl:   These bowls rest on three scrolled feet. Since these were fashioned from the mould used for the shallow fruit bowl, the “flame” edge points may be cupped inwards like a rosebowl, or pointing straight up in an even line. There are 24 flame points. Most often seen in amethyst or  marigold. Green, white, ice green and cobalt blue examples are quite scarce. Ice blue examples are rarely found.

Dean & Diane Fry – 1/2/13

LORD, make me to know my end, and what is the measure of my days, that I may know how frail I am.
Indeed, You have made my days as handbreadths, and my age is as nothing before You;
certainly every man at his best state is but vapor. Surely every man walks about like a shadow;
Surely they busy themselves in vain; he heaps up riches, and does not know who will gather them.
And now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in You. Deliver me from all my transgressions;
do not make me the reproach of the foolish. I was mute, I did not open my mouth,
because it was You who did it.
Remove Your plague from me; I am consumed by the blow of Your hand.
When with rebukes You correct man for iniquity, You make his beauty melt away like a moth;
surely every man is vapor.
Hear my prayer, O LORD, and give ear to my cry; do not be silent at my tears; for I am a stranger with You,
a sojourner, as all my fathers were.
Remove Your gaze from me, that I may regain strength, before I go away and am no more.
(Psalm 39:4-13)
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