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Grape and Cable - Part 10
GRAPE & CABLE- Part 10

G&C Cup & Saucer in Ice Green-VERY Rare!Courtesy J&C Curtis
G&C Cup & Saucer in Ice Green - VERY Rare!
Courtesy J&C Curtis
GRAPE & CABLE Small Size Punch Set in IG. Wroda Auctions.
G&C Small Size Punch Set in Ice Green - Wroda Auctions.

Grape & Cable CUPS:  If it’s “rare” you search for, you have arrived! Small size punch set in ice green is indeed rare, and only one or two master punch sets are known. One of these brought $42,000 in a 2011 sale! The first known public sale of a master set was when the late Vining sale took place in the ‘80s. While on the ice green subject: we might conclude that of known pastel colors, *ice green might well qualify as the scarcest of the bunch!

Grape & Cable CUP/SAUCER data: Reports of some cups and saucers having three leaves in the cluster, while others state there are four leaves in the cluster, are quite accurate! The result of our placing a mail bid for a Banquet size punch set many years ago, resulted in the arrival of a “mixed breed” (of sorts)! Some of the dozen cups were as we just described, along with being about three varying shades of amethyst (including lavender). The variation in color is the result of using the “pot” of glass down to the last drop, when the color mix had deteriorated.

GRAPE & CABLE Master Punch Bowl & Base -BLUE-Courtesy Wroda Auctions..
GRAPE & CABLE Master Punch Bowl & Base -BLUE
Courtesy Wroda Auctions.
Smoke G & C punch base.
Smoke G & C punch base.

Grape & Cable PUNCH SET:  in blue is indeed a rare item!

A word about SMOKE Punch Sets in this pattern: From time to time, the subject arises concerning smoke bowls/bases. We have never seen/handled a bowl in that color! However!.......... While living in San Diego, we made many trips across Arizona, to attend carnival glass functions in the Midwest and Eastern sections of the Country. We stopped from time to time to investigate antique shops, etc. We did handle and thoroughly examine a lovely SMOKE Grape and Cable mid-size punch base on one occasion, deciding not to purchase it for fear we could never locate a matching bowl. The OTHER side of this “smokie” tale is the fact that as a base glass color, it likely was not an intended color, thereby making it highly unusual to find a piece. Now, before you explode in disbelief, allow us to continue: Pots of colored glass were literally thrown together! Piles of various ingredients were assembled on concrete floors surrounding the furnaces. When the fires were at the proper temperature, shovels full of those various ingredients were thrown into the furnaces to create clear, blue, green, purple, etc. As the run of glass was formed and the content dwindled, the levels of color ingredient were altered. This is the reason some “smoke” glass has a slight blue appearance, or gray tones resulting in whatever combination of ingredients were left at the end of the run. In other words, smoke-base glass was never intended. “Lavender” is another of latent color, resulting from diminished pot content for maintaining the usual purple base glass.
We collectors refer to SMOKE as a color produced by Imperial, but in truth, the smoke is an overspray onto clear glass base. “IF” Northwood had intended to produce a smoke base glass, there would be much larger amounts found in today’s market!

10 in. GRAPE & CABLE IC Shaped Bowl - White
10 in. GRAPE & CABLE IC Shaped Bowl - White.
10.25 in. IG GRAPE & CABLE IC Bowl..
10.25 in. IG GRAPE & CABLE IC Bowl.

Grape & Cable ICE CREAM BOWLS: These collar-based 10”-11” round bowls have Basketweave exterior. The edge turns up evenly all around-1”-2”. Most often found in marigold, amethyst and white, but more difficult to locate in green or lavender. Cobalt blue examples are rare, with ice blue and ice green bowls considered very rare!

A.O. GRAPE & CABLE Cracker Jar- Courtesy Seeck Auctions $67,500. 10-10.
A.O. GRAPE & CABLE Cracker Jar.
Courtesy Seeck Auctions
Sold for $67,500. Oct. 2010.

GRAPE & CABLE Fernery-Green.
GRAPE & CABLE Fernery - Green.
GRAPE & CABLE 11 in. Bowl in Elec. BLUE.
GRAPE & CABLE 11 in. Bowl in Electric BLUE.

Grape & Cable FERNERY:  A very scarce item in any color, these are straight-sided, or vertical containers sit on three scrolled feet. They have a smooth, flat top edge and originally came from the factory with a metal liner. They are known in marigold, amethyst, green, white, ice blue, ice green, and pearlized custard.

Grape & Cable 10”-11” SALAD BOWL:  These are rare and shaped from the master ice cream bowl. They can have pie crust edge or be ruffled. Reported in marigold, green and cobalt blue.

BANDED & STIPPLED Marigold Dresser Tray.
BANDED & STIPPLED Marigold Dresser Tray.

Grape & Cable DRESSER TRAY:  Measures 11”-12” in length and can be oval, flat, and have a scalloped edge. This banded & stippled  version is most often seen in marigold and amethyst. Green examples are scarce! Ice blue is rarely seen. At least one white tray is know. The second version is usually stippled, with a smooth edge and has a roughly ½” wide raised band encircling the edge. Reported in marigold.

GRAPE & CABLE Double Handgrip plate-7 in.
GRAPE & CABLE Double Handgrip plate - 7 inch.
G&C Flared hat from tumbler-Amethyst.
G&C Flared hat from tumbler - Amethyst.

Grape & Cable HANDGRIP PLATE:  These can be single or double hand-grip in 7”-8” size. Known in marigold, amethyst and green.

Grape & Cable TUMBLER Whimsey:   Such distortions and “melt-downs”  are not listed in carnival glass chronicals, nor by those writers who prefer to offer legitimate factory-produced information. There were factory produced standard size (4” tall), and tankard size - (4 ½” tall) tumblers, with some being stippled. This “poor thing” has been so “de-moralized” that its size could never be determined! ONLY the “distortionist” would know what had gone before! The original tumbler shape was aborted and “in our opinion, should have been placed in the trash ……….. LONG AGO!”  The original beauty and intent are long-GONE!

Dean & Diane Fry, 5/12
You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?  
It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.
You are the light of the world.  A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand,
 and it gives light to all who are in the house.
Let your light so shine before men,
 that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
(Matthew 5:13-16)
Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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