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Updates - Forks & Detroit Elk
Green FORKS Cracker Jar.
Green FORKS Cracker Jar

Sept. 18, 2004 found us in St. Louis for an interesting Reichel Auction. Several pieces  were offered which do not appear often, if indeed, ever for public sale. Interested buyers came from as far away as Northern California to take advantage.
Among the unusual,  was a lovely green Forks Cracker Jar sans lid, as expected! We were able to purchase the piece for our pleasure and your viewing experience here on the 101 and BEYOND.

It is not clear to us whether this is the same Jar which sold last Nov. 2003, when the Adams' Glass was sold by Seeck Auctions? Should it not be, then this is number 2-3 known in iridized green.

Mickey Reichel noted that a lady had called him, saying she owns a marigold example sans lid, which had not previously been reported.

Cambridge carnival glass presents a quandary  for many collectors, in that so little has been forthcoming in the form of  knowledge and education over years past. Writers of Cambridge seem to have little interest in and no apparent ability to encompass the realm of other than crystal examples.

So few pieces were iridized that no book on the subject has been called for. Other than a few articles written by the late Don Moore, projection of the value to include some Cambridge pieces in our collections of Carnival Glass have been sadly lacking over the past 30 years. Since so little of it becomes available, unless a long term collection provides accessibility, we would be wise to give this wonderful Cambridge its due consideration whenever it does present itself.

It offers expertise in design and clarity of cut, which is the birthright of AMERICAN GLASS. Other than possibly, Waterford crystal, no foreign manufacturer has ever come close for the detail and quality if offers.

DETROIT 1910 ELK Bowl-Update
Marigold 1910 DETROIT ELK bowl
Marigold 1910 DETROIT ELK bowl

Closeup of 1910 DETROIT ELK Bowl.
Closeup of 1910 DETROIT ELK Bowl.

Sept. 29, 2004 we made a trek to Rushville, OH where reports indicated a marigold Elk bowl was to be sold at a local auction house on Sept. 30.
When John Resnik published his book on Advertising and Commemorative glass in 1989, he reported 1 or 2 known in marigold. One sold for $9500 in 2000.
Following our lengthy conversation with the daughter (now in her late 60s) of the former collector of the  glass currently being sold in Rushville, we feel certain that the bowl we show here, is yet another in marigold. The lady explained the circumstances of her late Father's collecting habits, stating that he had never been a member of any collectors organization, indicates that no previous knowledge of this bowl would have been known.

The man accomplished his collecting during the `50s and early `60s. His three children have offered parts of the collection in at  least three previous auctions conducted at this same auction house in recent years. This current sale is the finale'.
As you view the pictures, you can readily see that the “strike” is a poor one, showing no fur on the Elk. In addition to that, we found a broken bubble on one point, with a ¼” chip on the point next to that.

It was not something we would care to purchase. It usually requires some years of collecting to arrive at the conclusion that scarcity/rarity of any piece contrasted to damage will reduce desirability and value by anywhere from 25% to 75%; in some cases, even more than that. Whether any piece is scarce/rare is not as important as having a piece which is beautiful and complete!

Allowing for this fact, selling such a piece with questionable quality, places the owner at the discretion of an obscure buyer. We prefer to collect pieces which are readily acceptable to any buyer. It's strictly  a matter of choice. Bear in mind that when first attracted to this colorful Glass, scarcity and rarity had not entered your  vocabulary. It's a great idea never to lose sight of that fact.

Unfortunately, a lack of appreciation for beautiful $100-$500 bowls and small pieces, has somewhat narrowed the field of carnival glass collectors to “an alarming few who concentrate on the rare and most expensive”! It is difficult to encourage new collectors to become involved in what was once a “hobby” for discretionary income pleasures, but has evolved into an “investment venture”, touting only the most expensive and RARE specimens!
We desperately require the  return to a simpler and more friendly approach to “collecting”! Mickey Reichel alluded to that during the Sept.18 sale, stating that a LOT of great glass was being passed over!

At least 40 years of concerted effort by hundreds of dedicated collectors with the proper motives for promotion of group participation as a means of enjoyment and satisfaction by collectors through Club affiliation are being aborted needlessly. Association with “other and new collectors” is a major contributing  factor for a healthy future in Carnival Glass.

Why not locate a local group and “give it a try”? Attendance at meetings will further interest and offer helpful knowledge.

Messages of friendly collecting habits have been aborted in favor of a greedy approach by too many. There never was a “generational gap” until  recent  years and with effort by all of us, the pace and interest of former times can be reclaimed. That requires your help!
First known IC shape marigold bowl
First known IC Shape Marigold Bowl

10/02/04---Mickey Reichel has notified us that this IC shaped marigold 1910 DETROIT ELK just recently sold privately in excess of $10,000. This is the first bowl in that shape to be reported. D/D Fry-10/02/04

Note: More information on each of these pieces can be found in  articles :



Dean & Diane Fry~~ 10/04

“The race of life  is  run  by  faith  and  won  by  grace,
when The One True God is in The lead.”

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