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Cambridge Glass - Revisited
Top Near Cut Ad
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The INVERTED FEATHER “Nearcut” Design #2651, shown in the 1910 reprint catalog of The Cambridge Glass Company, page 62, clearly displays the table set having a handled spooner and handled/covered sugar.

Cambridge Glass Co. sprang from a conglomerate of some nineteen glass factories in 1898, called the National Glass Co. A few years later after a new factory was built at Cambridge, Ohio, they took on the Cambridge name by which we have known them these many years. In 1906 they adopted the “Near Cut” trade-mark. Most, but not all, of their Carnival production carried this logo. For several years prior to 1906 they had used a “C” in a triangle. The company was in continuous production until 1959 when they ceased operations and their moulds were sold to the Imperial Glass Co.

So little of the Cambridge line was included in their iridized ware, that only with time, search and the resultant efforts, are we able to include some examples in carnival glass which are not on record in previous written reports. Marigold, green and purple were the standard colors, with a few blue items turning up now and then.
The late Don Moore is to be thanked for his contributions into the field of iridized Cambridge examples. An article taken from the Antique Trader Weekly, March 1983, indicates that at that time, the “Feather Design No. 2651” could be found in: Tankard water pitcher, Tumbler, Milk pitcher, Punch set, Table set, Parfait glass and Cracker jar. He did not mention other than the handled spooner and sugar. Our CAMBRIDGE - Part 2 segment contains a Butler Brothers Wholesale Catalog ad containing a table set having a spooner and covered sugar without handles. We are pleased to display the covered sugar shown in the above-mentioned Butler Bro. ad, along with the whimsey fashioned from the 4 ½” tall footed Jelly, having cupped top, as shown in the Fall 1908 ad.

NOTE: Any whimsied or altered shape gives rise to speculation as to its origins. Is it a result of inability of the glass shaper at the factory, to maintain the mold shape, and his quick thinking to alter the shape in order to save the piece…………OR……….is it an “after-market attempt” to create a “one-of-a-kind” in a money-making effort of fraudulent activity by re-heating a crystal Jelly, then spraying with marigold?? Old moulds are all over the world now, and in other than the United States, metallic sprays are not controlled in their use. We shall leave this question entirely up to our viewers.

We will say, for whatever it's worth: Never in our long years of collecting, have we purchased an altered shape (whimsey)! We have reason and have seen evidence, leading us to believe that a great many of them have been altered after leaving factory premises.

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IINVERTED FEATHER Spittoon made from the 4.5 in. footed Jelly.-Remmen Auction-1-07.
INVERTED FEATHER Sugar in Purple-(Near Cut).
Spittoon made from the 4.5 in. footed Jelly. - Remmen Auction - 1-07.
Sugar in Purple - (Near Cut).
2nd known INV.FEATHER Cracker Jar Base-Whimsied . $700. Jan. '07 Wroda Sale.
2nd known INV.FEATHER Cracker Jar Base - Whimsied .
$700. Jan. '07 Wroda Sale.

INVERTED STRAWBERRY - 9 in.- $105. 3-07 Wroda Auction..
 INVERTED STRAWBERRY - 9 in.- $105. 3-07 Wroda Auction.
INVERTED STRAWBERRY Tankard,one-half gal. in Green.
INVERTED STRAWBERRY Jelly Compote - Amethyst. $210. Jan. '07 Wroda Sale.
INVERTED STRAWBERRY Tankard,one - half gal. in Green.
Jelly Compote - Amethyst. $210.
Jan. '07 Wroda Sale.

INVERTED STRAWBERRY is highly favored and popular among carnival glass collectors.
Known shapes found in carnival glass: Water set, Milk pitcher, Giant compote, Table set, Spittoon, Candlestick, Powder jar, Berry set, Tall compote, Celery (one known in blue), Jelly compote and Stemmed sugar and creamer.
Tumblers in this Inverted Strawberry pattern have been heavily reproduced in many colors in Carnival by Hansen, Bennett, Westmoreland, Crider and Guernsey. They are all signed, however, by these various makers and should cause no real problem for collectors (unless some marks have been ground off - beware!)
About 30 blue pitchers were iridized in 1972 by Guernsey and an additional 100 in purple in 1977. These pitchers are smaller and shaped much differently than the old tankard which makes them easy to detect.
(Click on ~~ I ~~ in the pattern index on our homepage for a peek at the purple tankard.)
So few of the Cambridge carnival glass items come to sell at public auctions. We think you will find price results of these two shapes very interesting.
INVERTED THISTLE Butter Dish in Marigold.
 in Green
 in Marigold.
INVERTED THISTLE Compote-7.25 in. tall zx 9.25 in. wide across top.- Remmen Auction-1-07.
INVERTED THISTLE Tumbler in Purple. Courtesy Remmen Auctions.
7.25 in. tall x 9.25 in. wide across top.
 Remmen Auction - 1- 07.
in Purple.
Courtesy Remmen Auctions.

INVERTED THISTLE, like most Cambridge patterns, is a (cut in), or intaglio design. It was made in a wide range of crystal shapes but not many were carried over into carnival glass. Examples in this pattern seem harder to find than either Inverted Strawberry or Inverted Feather.
Mosser Glass Inc. reproduced the tumbler and the covered butter in ice blue in 1977. These are the only known reproductions and since no vintage Cambridge was produced in pastel colors, these should be easily noticed.
Known shapes found in carnival glass: Water pitcher, Tumbler, Milk pitcher, Table set, Compote, Chop plate-11” in purple, Bowls in various sizes/shapes in purple and green. These are rare but not so desirable as other shapes. Tri-corner whimsey on three feet made from the celery or nut bowl and a round celery or nut bowl example on three feet in green. (You can view these by going to our Alphabet pattern index. Click on ~~ I ~~ ).
Compote: A couple from Canada contacted us about a green Thistle compote, sending photos you will see by going to Inverted Thistle in our pattern index on the homepage. Whether or not this is the same compote sold by Remmen Auctions is not known at this time.
Tumbler: Only a couple of dozen purple tumblers in this pattern are known.

DOUBLESTAR Whimsey from Tumbler.
DOUBLESTAR Whimsey from Tumbler

DOUBLESTAR Tumbler Whimsey:  Remmen Auctions sold this one-of-a-kind during the June 2007 ACGA Convention in Harrisonburg, VA. The glass in that auction was from a Virginia collection.

The late Don Moore wrote promotional articles about carnival glass for many years, inclusive of most of the Club newsletters, as well as for national publications. He owned this whimsey at one time and included it in an extensive documentation of Cambridge Glass in the 1980s timeframe. (We refer to that article in our
Cambridge - Part 3 segment, should you care to check into it.)
Only known Marigold FORKS Jar. Remmen Auction - 6-07.
Only known Marigold FORKS Jar. Remmen Auction - June 2007.
Marigold FORKS jar #2 was reported purchased
in New Jersey by Lance Hilkene on 6/15/13.

FORKS:  Said to be the only known marigold cracker jar in this pattern. There are a few known in green. No lids have surfaced in either color.

Cambridge NEARCUT Creamer - 4.25 in. tall x 2.50 in. diam..
Cambridge NEARCUT Creamer -
4.25 in. tall x 2.50 in. diam.

NEARCUT Creamer with Advertising:  An example in marigold, having no advertising is displayed in our Cambridge Part 5 segment. The large open space above the base design is certainly a perfect place for Advertising!

Dean & Diane Fry - 05/08

Somehow, in God's way of making things work out, the troubles we have can advance His kingdom and purposes
(Romans 8:28; Philippians 1:12).

We must glorify God, no matter what the circumstances. This is our task. If we do, our struggle can direct others to the Savior as we make our way toward our ultimate goal of rest and reward in heaven.
The trials in our lives do not impair us but improve us.
But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:
For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,  having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!
(2 Timothy 3)

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