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Dragon and Lotus - Part 3

In addition to information in this segment, viewers can gain more perspective surrounding this ever popular Fenton pattern by perusing Dragon & Lotus - Part 1 and Dragon & Lotus - Part 2, along with the Chart showing the extensive colors found within this pattern, provided by Ardonna Bucher. They are all listed on our site homepage. Ardonna's Chart provides in-depth study of the 31 known colors; unique among carnival glass patterns. The late Frank M. Fenton described the intense interest of his Father, concerning oriental designs. This certainly must have been one of his favorites, reflected in the quantity produced, along with many varied colors in two types of bowls and plate forms.

DRAGON & LOTUS High-Ruffle Spatula Footed-8 in. Lime Green Opal.
DRAGON & LOTUS High-Ruffle Spatula Footed-8 in. Lime Green Opal.

LIME GREEN OPAL Spat. Ftd. Bowl: Only three examples sold at auction between 2003 and 2009.

5-Toed DRAGON &  LOTUS-Am. Spat. Ft.-Courtesy Marilyn Downing.
5-Toed DRAGON &  LOTUS-Am. Spat. Footed.
Courtesy Marilyn Downing.
5-toed Dragon having detached tail. Courtesy Marilyn Downing.
5-toed Dragon having detached tail.
Courtesy Marilyn Downing.
Amethyst 5-toed Dragon.
Courtesy Marilyn Downing.

AMETHYST 5-toed DRAGON/LOTUS:  This is a curiosity never expounded upon. We cannot confirm that the two known spatula footed bowls in amethyst are the only ones known; nor can we confirm that this 5-toed design appears only on amethyst bowls. It is very doubtful that most owners of this pattern/shape ever look closely enough at their example(s) to discover that only one of the Dragons has 5 toes. Perhaps if all owners take a close look, we can learn more?

We owned one and sold ours to Ardonna. We had not heard of another until Marilyn Downing read our story on site, and contacted us with the pictures you see in this segment.

DRAGON & LOTUS ftd. Plate-Amethyst-8.75 in. diam.
DRAGON & LOTUS ftd. Plate - Amethyst - 8.75 in. diameter.
DRAGON & LOTUS 2.25 in. high.
DRAGON & LOTUS 2.25 inches high.

AMETHYST Spat. Ftd. Plate: One sold at auction in 2009 for $4600. There is no reverse pattern on Dragon/Lotus, making an easy task of “re-heating that under-side for flattening and since the first bowl makeover to plate form was a marigold spat. ftd. example, it would be “revealing” to examine this amethyst example for tell-tale scorch marks, etc. Of course, we should all understand that practice makes more perfect.  Skeptical?
You might say so. It certainly pays to become familiar with “all the tricks of the trade!” The person (s) performing this dastardly act know perfectly well which of the patterns are “scarce-rare” in plate form. (Please observe any former ruffles which cannot be thoroughly removed in the flattening process.) A rather “wavey” effect is the result!.......... Factory produced FENTON DID NOT MAKE RUFFLED PLATES!

Low Ruffle DRAGON & LOTUS Collar Base.Courtesy Marilyn Downing.
Low Ruffle DRAGON & LOTUS Collar Base.
Courtesy Marilyn Downing.
Definitely Yellow opal!
Definitely Yellow opal!
Slag effect is obvious!
Slag effect is obvious!
Yellow Opal Slag DRAGON & LOTUS Base.
Yellow Opal Slag DRAGON & LOTUS Base.
Yellow Opal Slag-Possibly 3 known
Yellow Opal Slag-Possibly 3 known

YELLOW OPAL SLAG Collar Base Bowl:  Perhaps they are one-in-the-same, but Ardonna owns one of these and Dave Doty reports that one sold in 1998 for $2800.
 Marilyn Downing found this one in a shop. Although it has a couple of minor chips, she placed it on eBay for a week of bidding - April 11, 2010. In the first couple of days, bids took the bowl to $405. where it remained until closing day, April 18, when by mid-day, another bid took it to $450. Bidding ended at 11 PM, but only reached $455. Could the downturn in the overall economy, or perhaps the fact that the annual HOACGA Convention convened this week have a bearing on a lack of bidders willing to meet the reserve?

Dean & Diane Fry - 4/10

Therefore, brethren, we are debtors-----not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh.
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For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.
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then heirs-heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.
(Romans 8:12-17)

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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