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Imperial Glass - Part 4
IMPERIAL Glass – Part 4
DIAMOND & SUNBURST Wine Set in Purple.Wines are 3.5 in. high.
DIAMOND & SUNBURST Wine Set-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. ad
DIAMOND & SUNBURST Wine Set in Purple.Wines are 3.5 in. high.
DIAMOND & SUNBURST Wine Set-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. ad.

DIAMOND and SUNBURST:  Here is an elusive wine set! Whether marigold  or  purple, a complete set will require some effort.  In fact, purple sets are actually quite rare! A somewhat larger goblet shape is known in marigold, but that is a rare find, as well. U.S. Glass made a pattern with this same name, but the design is different. The central diamond figure is enclosed by interlocking bands of tiny diamonds and the fan-like sunburst designs are quite a bit larger. The iridized Diamond and Sunburst pattern is definitely an Imperial creation. Octagon wine sets are much the same shape, but similarities end there. Marigold Octagon sets are easily obtained.

BUTLER BROS. wholesale catalog ad:  The Spring 1911 issue portrays “violet and sunset” iridescent sets.

OCTAGON Milk Pitcher-8 in. tall
OCTAGON Milk Pitcher as seen in Imperial Catalog #104A
OCTAGON Milk Pitcher- 8 in. tall
OCTAGON Milk Pitcher as seen in Imperial Catalog #104A

OCTAGON Milk Pitcher or Mid-Size (if you prefer): Stands 8”-8 1/2” tall. Easily found in marigold, the purple is another  of scarcity!

Stemmed OCTAGON Wine
OCTAGON as  seen in Imperial Catalog 104A
Stemmed OCTAGON Wine
OCTAGON as  seen in Imperial Catalog 104A

OCTAGON Stemmed Wine: Wines are found marigold, purple, helios, clambroth, aqua, and white.

OCTAGON Stems shown in Imperial Catalog #104A: Water Goblets are not too difficult to find in marigold, but rare examples in a light blue with marigold overlay, as well as some rare amber examples are not easily obtained. Cordials are found in marigold and aqua. Both are rare.

OCTAGON Sherbet - 3.5 in. tall.
FLUTE & CANE Milk Pitcher - 5.75 in. high.
OCTAGON Sherbet - 3.5 in. tall.
FLUTE & CANE Milk Pitcher - 5.75 in. high.

OCTAGON Stemmed Sherbet: found in marigold only, to date; is very rarely seen.

FLUTE and CANE - (CANE): Certain carnival references list Flute and Cane and Cane as though they were two separate patterns. However, Imperial factory catalogs indicate that they are one in the same. The designation #666 is given this pattern! Marigold is the only color known in all shapes within this pattern. We will have others to display in future segments about Imperial Glass. This 5 ¾” pitcher is (scarce).

HERRINGBONE and BEADED OVAL Compote-Courtesy Ardonna Bucher.
HERRINGBONE and BEADED OVAL Exterior.Courtesy Ardonna Bucher.
HERRINGBONE and BEADED OVAL Compote - Courtesy Ardonna Bucher.
HERRINGBONE and BEADED OVAL Exterior - Courtesy Ardonna Bucher.

HERRINGBONE and BEADED OVAL Compote: Few examples of this compote are known. We are fortunate to be able to display this one from the collection of Ardonna Bucher. Here is her account verbatim:

What a beauty this delicate compote is! Light weight, with rich dark marigold and a radium finish inside and out! The round base is 2 7/8” with three mold lines. The base and stem are clear glass. The stem is made of six panels with rounded ends at the bottom of the bowl. The bowl is made of six plain oval panels with beads all around it. In between  are six panels with a herringbone design. The design is raised on the outside only. The inside is plain. The compote has six ruffles and is 6” at its widest point. It stands 5 1/8” tall.
The first time I had ever seen or heard of this compote was at a Texas Convention around 1994. The late Bob Gallo was the banquet speaker. The subject matter was rarities. This little compote was among them. Bob just happened to have two and one was for sale. I have a soft spot for compotes, so it didn’t take long to decide. It makes a nice addition to my other compotes. That’s been nearly twelve years ago and since then, I‘ve only seen a couple of additional Herringbone and Beaded Oval Compotes.

HOBSTAR FLOWER Compote - Purple.

HOBSTAR FLOWER:  Some written sources proclaim this compote to be Northwood. However, with consideration of the existence of helios and emerald greens, the radium iridescence present on those colors, along with marigold and the unmistakable purple compotes, there should be no confusion about the origin. The lovely exterior design on these 5”- 5 ½” ruffled compotes, combined with dazzling iridescence create a very desirable item. Helios and emerald are extremely rare colors!  If a smoke example should surface, there would be no further conjecture about the producer. This is an exterior pattern only.

LITTLE BARREL in Smoke-4 in. tall
LITTLE BARREL in Smoke - 4 in. tall

LITTLE BARREL - Smoke:  Speculation has it that these unique little bottles were created for specialty customers and not for the general market. Certain logic dictates they were used by brewers of liquor to promote sales. A small cork will fit the opening for convenience. Some have been found having paper labels with a business name applied. One such label provided the name of a tavern. Perhaps this indicates use as a premium for purchase of some alcoholic beverage.
Not easily found in any of the known marigold, smoke or helios examples, marigold seems to turn up most often, followed by smoke examples which command the higher price. Some helios barrels are borderline emerald, so be on the lookout for one of those! All the barrels we have ever seen have nicks and chips along the edge of the ground opening. That probably occurred in the grinding process. Not to worry! Rarity and iridescence makes up for such flaking.

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