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Westmoreland - Part 9

One might assume that since Westmoreland was in business from 1890 -1984, the supply of their carnival glass items would be somewhat plentiful. That is certainly not the case. The availability is quite limited as compared to patterns produced by the “big five” companies. Orange Peel punch sets are among the most difficult to obtain.
By clicking on - - L - -, - - O - -, and - - S - - in our pattern alphabet, you may view other colors/shapes within the patterns described in this segment.
SCALES Plate in Purple - 6.5 in. diam.Smooth exterior of 6.25 in. Teal SCALES plate.
Left - SCALES Plate in Purple - 6.5 in. diameter
Right - Smooth exterior of 6.25 in. Teal SCALES plate.
SCALES Tri-Corner 9 in. Bowl in P.O.SCALES in P.O. 9 in. Banana Shape
Left - SCALES Tri-Corner 9 in. Bowl in P.O.
Right - SCALES in P.O. 9 in. Banana Shape.

SCALES Plate - 6”-7”:  Amethyst, aqua, marigold and teal are the colors known.
Banana bowl - 2 sides up - Peach opal
Tri-corner bowl - Peach opal
8”-9” bowls - Blue opal, mgld. over milk, peach opal
8”-9” plates - Mgld. over milk, peach opal
6” bowls - Amethyst

LOUISA Sauce-Marigold-5 and three-eighths in.Courtesy Marcy Ward.
LOUISA Sauce - Marigold - 5 3/8 inch.
Courtesy Marcy Ward.
LOUISA Exterior is smooth.Courtesy Marcy Ward.
LOUISA Exterior is smooth.
Courtesy Marcy Ward.
LOUISA Bowl - Teal -8.75 in.x3.25 in. deep.LOUISA Bowl Flared open --Peach Opal.
Left - LOUISA Bowl - Teal - 8.75 in.x3.25 in. deep.
Right - LOUISA Bowl Flared open - Peach Opal.
LOUISA Nutbowl in Amethyst - 4.25 in. high x 6.5 in. wide
LOUISA Nutbowl in Amethyst - 4.25 in. high x 6.5 in. wide.

LOUISA:  Marigold oval footed sauces are quite scarce, but do not usually bring much money, for some reason. Notice that on the authentic “old” Westmoreland examples, the design is found on the interior and curled feet are prominent.
8”-9” Bowls, footed - Aqua, marigold, peach opal, teal
8”-9” Nut bowl, footed - Amethyst, lime green, teal
9” Plate, footed - Amber, amethyst, marigold, teal
Rose-bowls - Amber, Amethyst, Aqua, blue, green, horehound, lavender, lime green, marigold over milk, marigold, teal, vaseline
Sauces, oval, footed - Amethyst, marigold, teal

**** UPDATE ****
This olive green example of the Louisa bowl was provided by noted author, Mike Carwile,
in December 2013. He stated that one other example has been reported in green.  
This is the only ruffled, olive green example known.

FLORAGOLD by Jeannette (1950s) Has Louisa pattern on exterior and the legs have been changed.
Floragold by Jeannette

FLORAGOLD: Made in the 1950s, these display the Louisa-type design on the exterior, having a smooth interior. Note the stubbed feet on this type sauce. The former curled feet used in the earlier oblong - type Louisa sauces are no longer used.

ORANGE PEEL Punch Set - Marigold - c.1909, Courtesy Casy Rich
ORANGE PEEL Punch Set - Marigold - c.1909
Courtesy Casy Rich

ORANGE PEEL Punch Set: Amethyst, marigold, teal and green are known colors. A stemmed sherbet is extremely rare in this pattern, but is known in amethyst, green, marigold and peach opal.
You may click on  - - O - - in our pattern alphabet to view a green punch set.

Interior WILD ROSE 8.5 in. Bowl - Courtesy Deborah Robinson.
Interior WILD ROSE 8.5 in. Bowl -
Courtesy Deborah Robinson.
8.5 in. WILD ROSE - Courtesy Deborah Robinson.
8.5 in. WILD ROSE -
Courtesy Deborah Robinson.

WILD ROSE:  Most collectors are quite familiar with the syrup jug in the same pattern as found on this only known bowl . It was found in Oct. 2008 included in a local auction in a southern WV town. The owner placed it on ebay with no significant bids. At the time of her second listing, she said if it did not sell for her very reasonable reserve for such a rarity, she would sell it locally.
Why is it when something as rare as this in nature is offered, reluctance to bid takes place? HERE, after these many passing years is the reason John Resnik developed that old phrase of his used in many such instances: “A RARE-SO-WHAT!” Unless the pattern/shape is familiar; hesitation is the mode!................Result: There went a TRUE RARITY!............much more rare than a People's Vase.
Serious examination of this 8 ½” bowl leads to the conclusion that it is the basic mould used to “shape the 6 ½” syrup jugs”. If you will take a look at that jug in our Westmoreland - Part 7 segment, surely you will agree that some very clever shaping took place to make way for the metal top. It sports an applied handle! All-in-all, the also-unappreciated syrup jugs represent a great deal of enterprising thought! No trademark is present on this bowl.
We have closely followed carnival glass auction brochures from all the leading auctioneers for more than 30 years, never having seen this bowl listed for sale, and during our many trips back and forth across the U.S. over the 29 years we lived in San Diego, stopping at every opportunity along the way, to search shops/malls; have never seen another example!

Dean & Diane Fry - 05/09

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