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Imperial - Part 18
IMPERIAL – Part 18

Mid-Winter 1927 Butler Bros. Ad
Mid-Winter 1927 Butler Bros. Ad.

1927 Butler Brothers Wholesale Ad for Vintage Serving Tray: First appearance of these servers was in a 1927 Butler ad………late on the scene of carnival glass introductions.

VINTAGE Server in Marigold
VINTAGE Server in Marigold
IMPERIAL'S VINTAGE Center-handled Server in Smoke color
IMPERIAL'S VINTAGE Center - handled Server in Smoke color.

VINTAGE center-handled serving tray: shown here in marigold and smoke colors. The only other confirmed color is clambroth. Imperial factory catalogs illustrate this exterior design as part of their Grape line, designating the pattern to be #473. These servers vary in diameter from 9” to 12”. The edge of the server may be flat or slightly turned up at the edge. The flat version was marketed as a sandwich tray, while the other was advertised as a fruit plate. The quality of iridescence on these trays is excellent, and since they must have been good sellers during the twenties, you should not have much trouble locating one today.

Old Imperial factory catalogs list Waffle Block as #698. Carnival glass versions have been found in close to 20 different shapes to date. Since the molds were revived in the 1930s to produce non-iridized crystal and colored glassware, we know that the name Monticello was applied to non-iridized crystal.

WAFFLE BLOCK Cup and Saucer..
WAFFLE BLOCK Cup and Saucer.
WAFFLE BLOCK Creamer in Clambroth with Iron Cross on Bottom
WAFFLE BLOCK Creamer in Clambroth with Iron Cross on Bottom.
WAFFLE BLOCK Cup/Saucer:  At the time Carl O. Burns compiled his book on Imperial Glass in 1996, he noted that 15 shapes had been documented in carnival glass. At the same point in time, more than 40 additional shapes were known to have been created in non-iridized crystal. In the years since, we display evidence of the marigold cup and saucer, which was apparently unknown in 1996.

WAFFLE BLOCK Creamer: A sugar and creamer are known, with colors in clambroth and marigold.

WAFFLE BLOCK Table Set. Butter Dish-4.5 in. high. Courtesy Remmen Auctions
WAFFLE BLOCK Table Set. - Courtesy Remmen Auctions
8.5 in. Clambroth WAFFLE BLOCK Bowl
8.5 in. Clambroth WAFFLE BLOCK Bowl.

WAFFLE BLOCK Table Set - marigold: A lone butter dish has sold in an obscure carnival glass auction in TN, said to have come from an estate of long standing. Now we have a complete table set from a more recent Remmen Auction to suggest that “perhaps” someone iridized some of the shapes produced from the “revived molds”?

WAFFLE BLOCK Round Bowl:  8 ½” bowl in clambroth. Also available in marigold.

7.5 in. Square WAFFLE BLOCK Bowl. marigold.
7.5 in. Square WAFFLE BLOCK Bowl. marigold.
WAFFLE BLOCK Bowl -10.5 in. diagonally x 3 in. deep
WAFFLE BLOCK Bowl -10.5 in. diagonally x 3 in. deep.
10 in. WAFFLE BLOCK Chop Plate
10 in. WAFFLE BLOCK Chop Plate.

WAFFLE BLOCK  Square Bowl:  7 ½” clambroth,  and certainly appearing to be of Imperial origin.

WAFFLE BLOCK  Square Bowl:  10 1/2” marigold offers another size in this famous pattern.

WAFFLE BLOCK Chop Plate:  This appears to be the flattened 8 ½” square bowl.

OCTAGON Wine in BLUE! - Mgld. Cordial
OCTAGON Wine in BLUE! - Marigold Cordial.

OCTAGON Cordial or Wine:  Imperial’s #505 pattern is documented in at least 23 carnival glass shapes! The one-ounce cordial is extremely rare. To date, it is known only in marigold and aqua. Rarely is a cobalt blue example found in any of Imperial’s carnival glass patterns, but the one shown does not answer the (ice blue) reference given to some shapes. Octagon is known to have been considerably reproduced during the 1960s and 1970s. A wide variety of shapes were made in marigold, smoke, helios, white, purple and red. All were signed with the IG trademark.

Unlisted OCTAGON Nappy, Clambroth
Unlisted OCTAGON Nappy, Clambroth.

OCTAGON Nappy: This single-handled nappy has been found only in marigold. It is so rare than this one found in a Wroda Auction is the first to be advertised in several years’ of many auctions! A rare-so-what? Odds are that it would not command the price of a “peacock”! (smile)

Dean & Diane Fry, 1/11

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