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Punch Sets - Part 6
PUNCH SETS -  Part 6

Feb. 1911 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad
Feb. 1911 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad.

Since Grape & Cable was the staple of Northwood's punch sets, providing three sizes to select from; to say nothing of the variations offering stippled backgrounds, we must assume that the synonymous stature of the design provided many years of successful marketing from its inception in 1910. More than 70 shapes in this spectacular design were created.
Those who have studied carnival glass for very long, ascertain that stippling came about from wear of the moulds. Cleaning bits of glass from the surface with a wire brush created pitting over time. After awhile, a new mould needed to be made. In that process, many times “some” previous arrangement of the pattern was altered. Intentional or not, perhaps in order to date the presence of a new mould, the alteration presents a variation.
Re: Grape & Cable Master Punch Sets:  Many years ago, we placed a mail bid for a purple set. When it arrived, the twelve accompanying cups were of 3 different designs - all Grape & Cable - but having a variation in placement of leaves and grape clusters. We believe that was the reason our mail bid won the set. Those attending the auction did not understand the variations observed!

8 pc. Small Size GRAPE & CABLE Punch Set-IG, $7500. 4-09.
8 pc. Small Size GRAPE & CABLE Punch Set - IG, $7500. 4-2009.
Small Size GRAPE & CABLE - $4700., 4-09.j
Small Size GRAPE & CABLE - White, $4700., 4-2009.

GRAPE & CABLE, small size:  Bowl measures approx. 11”-12 ½” in diameter. Most often found in marigold or amethyst. Green sets are not often found. White is quite rare, with ice blue and ice green much more so. A single known aqua opal set in this size is really quite a prize.
GRAPE & CABLE, small size, stippled:  Reported in marigold and cobalt blue, but very rarely seen.

8 pc. GRAPE & CABLE Mid-Size-IG, $6500, 4-09.
8 pc. GRAPE & CABLE Mid-Size - IG, $6500, 4-2009.
GRAPE & CABLE Mid-Size Punch Set, White, $2700., 4-09.
GRAPE & CABLE Mid-Size Punch Set, White, $2700., 4-2009.

GRAPE & CABLE, mid-size:  Bowl is roughly 13”-14 ½” in diameter. Seen most often in amethyst, very scarce in marigold; rare in cobalt blue or green. Extremely rare in teal, white, ice blue and ice green.
GRAPE & CABLE, mid-size, stippled:  Known in marigold, amethyst, and cobalt blue. Rare in any color. Reported in green.

IG  Gr/Cable master set

GRAPE & CABLE, banquet (master) size: Measures 16 ½”-18” in diameter. Seen most often in amethyst. Harder to find in marigold. Quite rare in green, cobalt blue and white. Extremely rare in ice green. Only one set is known in ice blue!
GRAPE & CABLE punch cups:  Both stippled and non-stippled found in all the colors known in the three sizes of punch bowls.

N. FLUTE Punch Set in Purple. 11.5 in. Diam. Bowl x 9.25 in. high. Such a set has sold for $2700.
N. FLUTE Punch Set in Purple.
11.5 in. Diam. Bowl x 9.25 in. high.
Such a set has sold for $2700.

FLUTE punch set:  This same exterior design was used on the Imperial Heavy Grape pieces, so the configuration is identical, only lacking the Heavy Grape interior. Some cups are found to have the Imperial Cross trademark. Rare in any color, the marigold examples are found more frequently. Helios and green sets are very seldom seen, therefore, underrated and undervalued. Purple sets are somewhat breathtaking, with comparatively few complete sets known.

474 Punch Set as seen In Imperial Catalog _104A.
474 Punch Set as seen In Imperial Catalog -104A.
474 Punch Set  in Marigold.
474 Punch Set  in Marigold.
474 Punch Set in Emerald Green. One of only 2-3 sets in this color known.$16,000
474 Punch Set in Emerald Green. One of only 2-3 sets in this color known.$16,000.
Purple 474 Punch Set at its finest!-$4250 2005 ICGA Seeck Auction.
Purple 474 Punch Set at its finest! - $4250 2005 ICGA Seeck Auction.

474 punch sets: Most available in marigold, other colors will present a challenge. Purple sets are very rare and highly desirable. Emerald green sets are very rare and extremely sought after. Some rare sets in aqua are known. A few bases in olive are also on record. Olive cups are also known to exist.

MANY FRUITS Punch Set  - White.
MANY FRUITS Punch Set  - White.

MANY FRUITS punch set:  The annual Pittsburgh Glass Exhibition of 1911 impressed attending glass industry trade journalists with the Dugan display. Comment from one writer: Surmounting a solid glass pyramid, in one of their rooms are two samples of punch bowls that radiate the colors of the rainbow in peaches, grapes, and other fruits. The high foot of the punch bowl is reversible. That reference indicates that the base can be inverted for use as a compote. Such dual use could indicate the shortage of these sets in today's world, when compared to some other punch sets. Dugan's white carnival line was introduced in Dec. 1911. Wholesale catalog ads seem to confirm that their cobalt blue carnival made its first appearance in early 1912. If production of this Many Fruits design had just begun at the time of the Feb. 1912 fire, perhaps those molds were destroyed ; thereby explaining the scarcity of these sets.
Punch bowl & base are known in marigold, amethyst, oxblood, cobalt blue and white, with amethyst being the more prevalent color.

Dean & Diane Fry, 02-2010

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