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Millersburg - Multi-Fruits & Flowers
The rare interior pattern: Scroll and Grape

Some years ago, Ray and Verda  Asbury of Burlington, Iowa found this outstanding rarity. This unlisted interior bowl pattern called Scroll and Grape was jointly named by the Asbury's and Bill Edwards. It was reported in the May 1987 Lincoln Land Club newsletter.

As you can see, the usual Multi-Fruits pattern is used for the exterior. However, the beautiful interior design had not been previously documented.

This example and possibly one more remain the only known examples to date.
Beginning at the center of the bowl, a configuration of four long acanthus-type leaves extend from the center, curving upward, and tend to divide the pattern into four sections. Between the leaves are bunches of grapes which hang downward. The top of the grapes snuggle up and into the curving end of rather heavy scroll work which extends under wider grape leaves, making a rather wide, heavy border around the inside of the bowl.
Storyline: ( A dream if you ever heard one). The bowl had been purchased by itself at an antique show the week before attending an auction in Decatur, Ill. While there, the Asbury's were discussing their find with others in attendance and learned that Joe Corrothers, who was also there, had a base that he was willing to sell. This enabled the Asbury's to complete the set in short order. We should all be so lucky!
Currently, one of these Scroll and Grape examples is in the Stacy and Desi Wills collection, we understand.

Scroll and Grape interior
Scroll and Grape.
Interior photo of Scroll & Grape
Interior photo of Scroll & Grape

This lovely Multi-Fruits and Flowers exterior pattern is found in limited shapes: pitchers, tumblers,  punch sets and sherbet cups. All are rare, usually having deep color and excellent iridescence. The base of the punch bowl doubles for a compote, if one cares to display it as such.
Flared top Punch bowl & cups
Tulip shape Punch bowl-base & cup
Flared top punch set/4 cups
Tulip top punch bowl/base/cup

Punch sets with flared tops are not as difficult to find as those having tulip tops. Carnival colors known are amethyst, green, and marigold (green being the most difficult to locate). A super nice amethyst 6 pc. set brought $1800. when the Adams collection was sold in Nov. of '03.

In Punch sets with a tulip top, one each is known in amethyst, blue, and marigold, and two are known in green carnival. Several blue bases minus bowls are known.
Sherbet Cup
Multi Fruits and Flowers
Green Sherbet Cup
Multi Fruits & Flowers Pitcher

 The Sherbet cups have been called a compote and sometimes a  whimsey. Very rare and desirable, the colors known are amethyst and green Carnival. Several are damaged, but it does not seem to have an undesirable effect on market values. Three green and a few more than that in amethyst are known in Carnival. Price estimates range from $200-more than $1000, depending upon  condition .

 Pitchers are extremely rare, and some are damaged. Five in amethyst have been reported/known, one in green and two in marigold carnival. One amethyst pitcher is known with painted fruit. The rare tumblers are known in amethyst, green and marigold carnival. One of these amethyst pitchers brought $8000 at the Nov. '03   Seeck auction when the Adams' collection was sold in St. Louis.

 Dean & Diane Fry~~3/04

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