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Millersburg Stars
Only known Green OLYMPIC Compote! - Courtesy Mavis Loescher
OLYMPIC Interior - Courtesy Mavis Loescher
Only known Green OLYMPIC Compote!
Courtesy Mavis Loescher
OLYMPIC Interior
Courtesy Mavis Loescher

OLYMPIC Compote:  Called a miniature compote, measuring 3” in height, with a bowl diameter of 3”, it is from the same basic mold as the one used for interior pattern: Leaf and Little Flowers. The octagon shaped foot lends nice balance. There are eight smooth panels on the exterior of the bowl. The “star for all seasons”, in the center of the bowl is surrounded by a square-shape wreath of beads.

This is the only known green example in carnival glass and was sold into its current collection status in 1982. The only known amethyst carnival example sold at auction in 1990. The same compote was sold at the John and Lucile Britt auction in 1994 to an Illinois collector. It changed hands again, privately, in 1998.

(You can view the amethyst Olympic compote by clicking on - O - in our pattern index found on the homepage.)

These two compotes are among the “top rarities” in all of Millersburg carnival glass!  --  FYI: There are possibly six  People's vases, and they  have received considerably more “hype” over the years than either of these two compotes. If a “cracked” People's vase will command $16,000, then either of these compotes (perfect as they are) should easily sell in the $20,000 - $25,000 range! Alluding to the plus side, these compotes are lovely to look at, with incredible design and pattern detail! In cases such as these, the  smaller  size is equal to weight and girth offered by the vases! (smile)  

Olympic compotes are simply “the Best of the Best!”

Update:Green OLYMPIC Compote

In the collection of George and Mavis Loescher for many years, this rare Olympic compote was sold to Christina Katsikis in Sept. 2014.

HOLLY SPRIG Variant-Mgld
HOLLY SPRIG Variant - Marigold

HOLLY SPRIG Variant:  carries this pretty “geometric” star, lending designation to set it apart from HOLLY WHIRL, which offers additional leaves in center. There is said to be an example with  “multi-ringed” star in this pattern, but we have not seen it during  our thirty years with carnival glass. Marie McGee notes that she once owned a green 8” bowl with that variation. A banana boat shaped whimsey  was reported in 1994 in blue. The majority of  Millersburg patterns are found only in amethyst, green and marigold. In addition to this ice cream shape, there are known ruffled and CRE bowls in the pattern.

(The very scarce HOLLY WHIRL 10” bowl in amethyst, having NEAR CUT WREATH for exterior pattern can be found on this site by clicking onto - H - in the pattern Alphabet shown on the homepage.)  A rose bowl  whimsey in Holly Whirl pattern is known in blue.
HOLLY SPRIG Tri-Corner Nappy-Amethyst
HOLLY SPRIG Tri-Corner Nappy - Amethyst

HOLLY SPRIG Nappy:  These tri-corner single-handle nappies always have the “jewelers bead” in center. Found in marigold, green and amethyst. A two-handled bonbon in this pattern can be obtained in the standard colors of Millersburg.
LITTLE STARS- 8 in. -Amethyst
LITTLE STARS -8 in. - Green
LITTLE STARS - 8 inch -Amethyst
LITTLE STARS - 8 inch - Green

LITTLE STARS:  Marie McGee refers to this pattern as a “rising star”, because for a long time, only a few shapes and sizes were seen.  7”-8” bowls are the usual items found. These can be ruffled, three and one edge, with the ice cream shape most difficult to locate, and usually commanding a higher price. 8”-9” sizes in ice cream shape are desirable and scarce.  A  9” green bowl having radium finish and a tight crimped edge is known. A very pretty lavender bowl with CRE is known. Of the three usual colors, marigold is the hardest to locate, but most have deep color with excellent iridescense.

Rare 5” ice cream shaped sauces are known……… in amethyst, three in blue and two in green. A three and one edge sauce is known. A 10” blue ice cream shaped bowl surfaced at auction in Nov. 1993. A green example in 10” is also known.
MANY STARS in Amethyst with 6 pts.Ice Cream Shape
MANY STARS in Marigold with 6 pts.Crimped Edge
MANY STARS in Amethyst with 6 points - Ice Cream Shape
MANY STARS in Marigold with 6  points - Crimped Edge
Green MANY STARS with 5 pts. Crimped Edge
Green MANY STARS with 5 points - Crimped Edge

MANY STARS:  One of the “favorite” stars, it can be found in amethyst, blue, green, and marigold without too much effort. (Please click on -- M -- in our pattern index to see a blue example in Many Stars pattern.) Two bowls are known in vaseline carnival.  9” and 10” bowls in ice cream shape, ruffled, tight candy ribbon edge and three and one edge having either a five-or-six pointed star in center make a lovely sight to behold.

A situation with fewer examples having the five-point star seems to prevail. A flat 10 ½” chop plate with the Trefoil Fine Cut exterior has been found. It is deep, dark marigold color with good, all-over iridescence. A flat 10” chop plate  having the Trefoil Fine Cut exterior pattern is known; having no prime pattern on the front side. It is also marigold with excellent iridescence!
OHIO STAR - Amethyst.
OHIO STAR - Amethyst.
OHIO STAR - Emerald Green

OHIO STAR Vases:  This is the most familiar shape in the pattern. The vases stand 10” tall with an opening diameter of 4”. They have a deep-cut, “majestic” star design! These were manufactured earlier in crystal. In any of the carnival glass colors----amethyst, green, or marigold, they rarely surface for sale. A mint condition example is nearly impossible to find. Fewer marigold, and more green examples are said to be available, but a prime emerald green example will easily bring prices exceeding $3,000. Some amethyst vases offer a rather silvery area around the top edge, and marigold examples can be rather weak in color toward the base.

An aqua opalescent vase is known, along with a “frosty white” vase in a collection in Kansas. We have seen a pair of beautiful green “swung” vases in another collection. Regardless of the fact that such “swinging”, distorts the lovely pattern, desirability is always high for the unusual rarity, so value remains high. Only four-five examples of the “swung” variety are known.
OHIO STAR Tri-Corner 6 in. dish
OHIO STAR Tall Compote
OHIO STAR Tri-Corner 6 in. dish
OHIO STAR Tall Compote

OHIO STAR Tri-Corner Dish:  These whimsey-type marigold pieces surface occasionally. A Club member brought one to meeting some years ago, which had been found in the Los Angeles area. We shall dub this one: “a star in the lower stratosphere”. (smile)

OHIO STAR Compote: These  tall marigold compotes with clear stem are seldom seen. We watched one sell at a John Woody Auction in St. Louis about 20 years ago. Just guessing: They are “about” the same height as the vases in this pattern. This is “a star to behold”.

A reported shorter marigold compote could be considered even more rare. We have never seen one of these.

Dean & Diane Fry - 9/05
Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.
------1 Samuel 16:7

The heart is what matters to God.
First impressions can mislead us.
For we do not know the heart;
We can often be mistaken,
Since we only know in part.
The true measure of a person is what's in the heart.

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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