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Novelties - Part 12
LITTLE JESSIE covered Hen -  $280.BIG JESSIE covered Hen - 3.25 in.-$145..
Left - LITTLE JESSIE covered Hen - Sold for $280.
Right - BIG JESSIE covered Hen - 3.25 in. - Sold for $145.

LITTLE Jessie & BIG Jessie: Curtis’ and Hamilton’s are the only known owners of these two rarities. The two pictured here sold in early 2008 when Seeck Auctions sold the late Hamilton’s collection during the Texas Club Convention. From Indiana Glass production.
Little Jessie is 2” high x 1 9/16” long.

Novelty BANANA in Aqua. Known in Mgld. as well. - $115.
Novelty BANANA in Aqua. Known in Mgld. as well. - $115.

BANANA:  This is really “reaching” for the unusual. 7” long in a satin-type finish. Marigold is another color found in this shape. Uncertainty prevails as to “when” these pieces were manufactured.

MAIZE Cruet - 7 in. tall, by Libbey GassMAIZE Cruet by Libbey Glass.Dean took this photo 10-23-93 @ San Diego Club Meeting.
Left - MAIZE Cruet - 7 in. tall, by Libbey Gass.
Right - MAIZE Cruet by Libbey Glass.
Dean took this photo 10-23-93 @ San Diego Club Meeting.

MAIZE Cruets:  Nicely executed by Libbey Glass Co., they are lightly iridized in marigold with blue tone husk, and scarcely ever available. The original stopper is shown. We have seen another of these cruets with a clear glass stopper having no corn kernel design.

Carnival APPLE by Jeannette Glass. Courtesy Donna AdlerPEAR Candy Dish-7.5 in. tall and 5 in. at widest point.
Left - Carnival APPLE by Jeannette Glass. Courtesy Donna Adler.
Right - PEAR Candy Dish - 7.5 in. tall and 5 in. at widest point.

APPLE :  Jeannette Glass Company produced this marigold covered apple jar during the 1940s, as a promotional item.
PEAR:   Another Jeannette Glass Company promotional item. Used as a jam or jelly jar.

ELEPHANT Bookends in Marigold.
Dean took this photo 10-23-93 @ San Diego Club Meeting.
Miniature ELEPHANT-Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis.
Miniature ELEPHANT - Courtesy Jerry & Carol Curtis.

ELEPHANT BOOKENDS: No measurements were taken but the base is different from that of the purple elephant. These were pale marigold and might have been a result of after-market iridizing? We have not seen any other examples such as these. They were of larger proportions than the elephant described above.

MINIATURE ELEPHANT:  This purple glass elephant is nicely iridized all over, is 2 ¾” long x 1 ½” high, and stands on a platform 1 ¾” long x ¾” wide.  The legs are far apart on the left side of the elephant and close together on the right side. There is a circular portion of the base which appears to be a pontil; as if the piece was snapped off. Jerry & Carol Curtis found the piece in Oklahoma many years ago and have not seen/heard of another.

Janet Knechtel's Rosebowl.
Janet Knechtel's Rosebowl.

ROSEBOWL:  Janet Knechtel provided this rosebowl photo in hope that someone can provide a maker and pattern name. Should anyone have information surrounding this piece, we would be grateful for your input. The light marigold coloring speaks of an after-market application.

Flashed Mary Gregory Vase or Glass-Courtesy Remmen Auctions.
Flashed Mary Gregory Vase or Glass.
Courtesy Remmen Auctions.

MARY GREGORY Flashed Vase:  Mary Gregory items have always been attractive to collectors. While this vase may be among newer production, since the “flashed appearance” and the decal indicate that, it is an interesting item. We hope you agree.

Dean & Diane Fry – 12/10
God speaks to those who are quiet before Him.
Oswald Chambers stated in My Utmost for His Highest—
“Jesus rarely comes where we expect Him: He appears where we least expect Him, and always in the most illogical situations.
The only way a worker can keep true to God is by being ready for the Lord’s surprise visits.”
On any ordinary day, the Lord may have a word of encouragement, guidance, or instruction for us, if we’re listening and ready to obey!
“I wonder what I did for God today:
How many times did I once pause and pray?
But I must find and serve Him in these ways,
For life is made of ordinary days.”—Macbeth

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