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Novelties - Part 7

Kellogg's Cereal Creamer.
Advertising Creamer-Springfield, MA - 2.75 in. tall.
Kellogg's Cereal Creamer
Advertising Creamer-
Springfield, MA - 2.75 in. tall.

KELLOGG'S   CREAMER:  The following information arrived in March 2006 from Jerry and Carol Curtis. We do not know who made this creamer but looking into the bottom of it, reading circularly, it states “Correct Cereal Creamer” and “Kellogg's” is centered in the base.
“When we found this piece, Carol called Kellogg's Cereals Museum and talked with a lady who said these little creamers were a give-a-way premium placed in large boxes of Kellogg's Cereals (in the small individual serving boxes) when ordered by restaurants, hotels, etc. This was given to insure the proper amount of milk/cream was used for the amount of cereal in the small box. It has a measuring line just below the lip and pouring spout for the “correct” amount of liquid. The interesting thing about that call: The lady told Carol that the creamers came in colors of crystal, pink and blue. Carol asked, “and Carnival Glass”? The lady said the only information she had stated they were made in the colors she mentioned. Carol told her we had one in Marigold Carnival, but the lady had no information about that. On our trip, we picked up one in crystal and have been on the look-out for the other two colors…………..just another mystery yet to be solved about how the iridization took place? It appears this piece too may be an after-market application since the Museum Curator knew nothing about this iridized version.”

ADVERTISING CREAMER: Overall shape would indicate McKee as manufacturer. We know they sold product to after-market buyers who then applied the marigold coloring. The advertising could have been applied by the same venue. Household basements and garage enterprises,  etc. were adept at this sort of business.

Souvenir Portage, Wis. Toothpick 2.5 in. tall
Souvenir Portage, Wis.
Toothpick 2.5 in. tall

ADVERTISING TOOTHPICKS:  Both of these toothpicks have all the earmarks of the McKee creamer in this segment. Such items were used to promote business interests, given as “premiums” with a purchase, etc. , not to mention the booths set up at State Fairs for selling as mementos.

SUN PUNCH Soda Pop Bottle
SUN PUNCH Soda Pop Bottle
3 3/8 in. tall.

SUN_PUNCH Bottle: Said to have been made by Hemingray Glass in the early 1930s. Marigold is light on the few examples we have seen. Shown in Hartung Book 3. It measures 8” tall and holds 8 oz. Early soda pop bottles were created to enhance the contents.  The bottle is stippled and has raised dots scattered over the surface. Perhaps these contained an orange tasting drink? On a good day, one of these will bring $75-$100 even without the contents!

PERFUME ATOMIZER:  Until the mid 1940s, such containers were included in the purchase of a bottle of perfume or cologne. Marigold was the usual color, some coming from European manufacturers, others from such as DeVilbiss of Toledo, Ohio. Thomas DeVilbiss patented the spray mechanism in 1922. Prices can range from a few dollars to more than $200. when any of these appear at auction nowadays.

IRIS Pattern -Picture Frame 
OR Untrimmed Wall Tile.
Purple-Two Known.
- Purple
IRIS Pattern -Picture Frame
OR Untrimmed Wall Tile.
Purple-Two Known.

PICTURE FRAME: This unusual piece is a most unlikely picture frame! It is heavy glass, nearly 8” square, with no fittings for “hanging”, nor appropriate stand. Although a photo could be placed behind the center opening, the frame would need to be propped against a backdrop for support.
This untrimmed example and one which has been trimmed, with the center cut out, are the only two known. The trimmed example sold for $600 during a HOACGA auction in 1995. This item was reproduced as a club souvenir, as well. It should be appropriately marked as such.

PENNY MATCH HOLDER: Left over from the days ( up to 1940) when matches were used to light heating and cooking stoves, among other objects. They are iridized purple and considered prize items by their collectors. We display one in a previous segment taken from a black and white photo. This one displays to much better advantage in its excellent iridescence. The octagonal base stands 3 ½” tall, with a top measuring 1 ½”. There are two mold lines, difficult to find.

Be Wise Owl Bank - 7 inches tall.
SNAIL Whimsey Paperweight-Vase - White-$85
Be Wise Owl Bank -
7 inches tall.
SNAIL Whimsey Paperweight-
Vase - White-$85

BE WISE OWL BANK:  These turn up fairly often and appear to have been flashed with marigold. Most of these date back to the Depression years and on into the 1950s, when children and the older “frugal” population saved coins with regularity.

SNAIL PAPERWEIGHT: We have another flashed marigold item here. Have no idea when nor who may have produced this piece, but we have certainly not seen any other miniature just like this one. 2 ½” long x 1 ¾” tall at its highest point. A slightly ground area on the base allows the snail to sit evenly.

AZTEC bottle.
INCA bottle
AZTEC bottle
INCA bottle

AZTEC Bottle: The opening on this bottle appears to require a cork for closing. A wild guess is that they were manufactured in South America or Mexico as sample container for Tequila?

INCA Bottle:  Just as the Aztec bottle, this one requires a cork. Possibly produced for the same purpose ,as well?

Dean & Diane Fry   10/08

Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses.
For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought,
but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.
Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is,
because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,
to those who are the called according to His purpose.

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