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Crown Crystal - Part 15
Pg. 58-Australian Glass (1900-1950) Valuation Guide-Ken Arnold.
Pg. 58 - Australian Glass (1900-1950)
Valuation Guide by Ken Arnold.
Dark WATERLILY & DRAGONFLY Float Bowl. Courtesy of Amy
Courtesy of Amy

WATER LILY & DRAGONFLY:  This lovely 11” float bowl would enhance any collection, whether marigold or black amethyst.
According to Ken Arnold’s Book, black amethyst is known by (delustre-dark/black). The majority of Australian made carnival glass was produced between 1924-1930.

Marigold EMU 9 in. Bowl
EMU 9 inch Bowl in Marigold.
Master EMU Bowl is 9.5 in. wide x 3.5 in. high. The  EMU Nappies- 5.5 in. wide x 1.75 in. high.
Master EMU Bowl is 9.5 in. wide x 3.5 in. high.
The EMU Nappies - 5.5 in. wide x 1.75 in. high.

EMU:  The design was used on compotes and a salver, as well as the bowls shown here. The small Emu bowl has slight pattern variations to the larger bowl. The five-inch bowls have no reverse pattern.  Application was made for this pattern on November 4, 1924, and was registered as No. 40360.
Emu is a flightless native bird. It is featured on the Australian Coat of Arms. The marigold bowl is sometimes found on aqua-based glass.

Roselin Pink 5 in. Nappy. Courtesy Margaret DickinsoCitron Nappy-5 in.diam.Courtesy Margaret Dickinson.
Roselin Pink and Citron 5 inch Nappies.
 Courtesy Margaret Dickinson

2-5inch NAPPIES:  In browsing through the Ken Arnold Book, we believe these nappies must be the ones shown on page 30, called Crimped Nappy No. 231.

Black Ameth. Mid-Size LILY Vase-4.5 in baseLILY Funeral Vase-10.5 in. high-Roselin Pink-not irid..Mgld. LILY Funeral Vase-9.5 in. high-4.75 in. base
Left:      LILY Mid-Size Vase - Black Amethyst - 4.5 in base
Middle: LILY Funeral Vase - Roselin Pink -10.5 in. high - not iridized.
Right:   LILY Funeral Vase - Marigold - 9.5 in. high - 4.75 in. base.

LILY Vase:  These 10”-12” vases are shown in the 1929 Crown Crystal Glass Co. Catalogue and listed as No. 295.
PG. 89-Carnival Glass of Australia-The 5 line design is  common on Crown Crystal Glass
PG. 89 - Carnival Glass of Australia.
The 5 line design is  common on Crown Crystal Glass.
Black Ameth. PLAIN COMPORT-5 lines go around the exterior of bowl.$2100.11-10 Seeck Auction
Black Amethyst PLAIN COMPORT - 5 lines go around the exterior of bowl.
Sold for $2100.11-10 Seeck Auction

PLAIN Comport:  Plain interior with the 5 line exterior design. This line design is frequently found on Australian made glass.

5 in. SHRIKE in Marigold.No reverse pattern
5 inch SHRIKE in Marigold - No reverse pattern.

SHRIKE - 5” Bowl:  Design is the same as found on the 9” size Shrike bowl.  There is no exterior pattern.

Bl. Ameth.9 in. SWAN-R 4697 not visible under watermarks.
Black Amethyst 9 inch SWAN - R 4697 not visible under watermarks.

SWAN – 9” Bowl:  This design was registered more than a year after the Kookaburra design in January 1924. The Black Swan is a feature of the Western Australian Flag, and has been in use since the late 1860s.  Four sprigs of Christmas Bells are seen encircling the swan design. Sometimes the bowl edge is rounded; others are ruffled.  9” bowls can be found having the Fern and Wattle exterior design. Variations of the Fern and Wattle:  Use of either 5 or 6 frond and leaf in the pattern.

Dean & Diane Fry – 6/12

Therefore, putting away lying, “Let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor,”
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And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.
(Ephesians 4:25-32)
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