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Australian Vases

Color inserts are an additive when the ICGA Club newsletter, called The Carnival Pump  arrives to members on a quarterly basis. These inserts have various subject matter of educational content.
This discourse surrounding Australian vases actually began with  such a color insert included in the Sept. 1999 edition when Richard Cinclair placed the photo of three such vases, and the accompanying information into a lengthy display including other Crown Crystal pieces to create an informative article.
The subject was revisited on 2/17/04, when Richard placed the three photos of what appear to be the same sort of vase into query mode over the internet CGA Club mailing list. We responded with recollection of the earlier article, asking Richard's sanction to use his material for our site purposes.
Always agreeable to sharing information, Richard then forwarded a response he had received from Ray Rogers in Australia stating that he owns a Lily Vase/Gum Tips Vase being 9 ¾” tall, with a base diameter of 4 ¾”, with 16 ribs and the 30 point star in the base, with an accompanying photo to support his statement. Ray added  that there were several moulds, which can provide 8, 12 or 16 ribs, having a number of base diameters.
Our photos of diagrams taken from the Carnival Glass of Australia  book which is no longer in print, displays a Lily Vase and a Gum Tips Vase as shown in the 1929 Crown Crystal Glass Co. catalog.
All this information places the scenario on the same page, except to say that first impression upon viewing the latest three photos from Richard, leaves an impression that the iridescence could possibly be of more “current vintage”? The reaction of Brian Pittman, who presented the photos on the woodsland daily mailing list, along with our instant reaction, was along that vein of thought.
We merely place this on the platter of “possibilities for your consideration”. You can draw your own conclusion. We, as collectors seem to face more and more of such decisions as the days  progress.

as shown in 1999 article

THREE AUSTRALIAN VASES ~~ known to be of 1929 vintage. Richard's documentation relates: Australian vases are unusual in that they were swung, unlike anywhere else in the world other than the United States. On the left is a Gum Tips, unusually short at about eight inches. In the center is a Gum Tips variant with 10 rather than 8 flutes. Note the more pronounced ribs and smaller base size. On the right is the Lily vase, with a height of nine inches and a 4 5/8” base. Marigold is scarce in any of these vases.

Gum Tips-Lily vase- 10 and a half in. tallLily vase-Gum Tips-16 panels.Starred base

Lily VaseGum Tips Vase
Left - No. 295 - 12 inch Lily Vase, as shown in the 1929 Crown Crystal Glass Co. catalog.
Right - No 181 - 10 inch Vase. Although only two vases are  shown here, many similar styles of
Australian Vases may exist, but research has been unable to prove this  conclusively.

Dean and Diane Fry
Richard Cinclair - 02/19/2004

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