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Crown Crystal - Part 5
Crown Crystal - Part 5

NOTE: Word received from Margaret Dickinson of Australia in late March 2006 indicates the re-use of Crown Crystal mold (small Kingfisher). An ice Blue example and a dark bowl, or nappy in the 5” size are suspected “frauds”, not produced by Crown Crystal of Sydney. The ice blue bowl sold over eBay in the $350 range. The dark bowl/nappy sold for $102.50.

KINGFISHER: There are four different designs on two 9” and two 5” bowls called Kingfisher. All four have the same number. Rd 4184. This small bowl has a stippling effect surrounding the bird, which is absent on the large bowl . There is no reverse or exterior pattern on any of the four bowls with this pattern name.
The small marigold and dark bowls shown here were created to compliment the larger 9” bowl shown with them. A set of six 5” was sold with the larger bowl as a fruit set, or each bowl could be purchased separately. The small bowl was also known as a nappy.

The bird in the larger bowl is surrounded by a garland of either wattle or gum leaves. Apart from the 12 ruffled edges seen here, bowls are also found having 18 ruffles. A bowl having plain round edge, or in the ice cream shape is also known.

KINGFISHER: This small bowl compliments a 9” Kingfisher bowl which displays (Wattle Blossoms) among the leaves. Notice the stippling which surrounds the bird in this small size bowl, along with the wattle blossoms, lacking in the previously discussed bowls.

FISH SCALES: This bowl should not be confused with the “Scales” pattern seen on bowls/plates of American manufacture (see Hartung Book V. p. 51) for drawing. Fish Scales is certainly of Australian production. The shape and size (5”) is the same as small bowls found in fruit and salad sets. There is no external pattern.


SHRIKE: No registration number is displayed on either the 9”-10” bowl or the 5” size. The Piping Shrike or White Backed Magpie perched on a gum tree branch was proclaimed in 1904 to feature the South Australian Flag; then later on, the Coat of Arms. Two sprigs of golden wattle surround the bird. American books often referred to this pattern as “Thunder Bird”. Fern and Wattle design in two variations is the exterior design found on most of the larger Shrike bowls. The bowls without such exterior pattern are hard to find.

The small bowl matches the large bowl but has no exterior pattern.


KOOKABURRA: The small bowl “compliments” the larger bowl, but is not precisely the same design, lacking the Flannel Flower included in the larger design. It displays the Registration #4184, as do the Kingfisher designs. “Kookaburra” is Aboriginal interpretation for Giant Kingfisher. Some early settlers are said to have called the bird Laughing Jackass.

Dean & Diane Fry - 3/07
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