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Fenton - Part 36
FENTON  - Part 36

Fall 1909 Butler Bros. Catalog
Fall 1909 Butler Bros. Catalog
9.5 in. Fenton BEADED STARS Plate
9.5 inch Fenton BEADED STARS Plate.

BEADED STARS Plate:  Frank M. Fenton’s handwriting is indication enough that the examples of opalescent glass are of Fenton production!
This marigold plate (from the 8” cake plate ) is a rare specimen in iridescent glass. Carried over from the earlier period, it is quite difficult to locate a piece in iridized glass. This is the first such plate we have observed in our many years of collecting! (You may view a couple of other shapes in this pattern by clicking into --- B--- in our pattern alphabet.)

MIRRORED LOTUS Rosebowl - Marigold.

MIRRORED LOTUS Rosebowl: This is a “treasure” for pattern collectors! The design is ONLY found on the rose bowl shape in rare marigold and white examples, along with a couple of celeste blue 7” plates, a blue ice cream shape bowl in celeste blue, which sold in 1999 for $3,000, an ice green ruffled bowl which sold for $2400. in 1997. From 2005-2012, only 7 examples in the rosebowl shape have sold at auction!
The Horse Chestnut exterior pattern can be perused in our segment called: COMPANIONS OF THE “HORSE CHESTNUT” PATTERN! You may also view an example of the white version of this rosebowl in that same segment!
A STUDY IN STIPPLING segment will help you understand the chisel #2 (star) design used on both the interior and exterior of this rosebowl.

GARLAND Rose Bowl in Blue-4 and one-eighth in. high..jpg
GARLAND Rose Bowl in Blue - 4 1/8 inches high.

GARLAND Rosebowl:  Given #529 as the pattern number for this circa 1911 Fenton production, we must “wonder” that such a work of art would be so scarce today? Blue and marigold examples are infrequently discovered and amethyst and green rosebowls are quite rare! Just 10 examples in this pattern have sold at auction from 1998 – 2004!  While considering its desirable traits, you might enjoy checking into A STUDY IN STIPPLING  to determine whether you think it was chisel #9 which created the emphasis displayed here?

LOTUS & THISTLE 7.25-(questionable plate!
LOTUS & THISTLE - 7.25 - (questionable plate!)

LOTUS & THISTLE (plate?): One blue 7” ruffled bowl is known in this pattern. The marigold examples of this same pattern are also quite scarce, although they do not bring much money when they do appear. Reportedly, there is a marigold plate which appears to be flat as all Fenton plates are, but the one pictured here displays all the “earmarks of some horsing around”!  The side view is anything but flat, and since “modern-day iridized marigold paint” was developed by a Fenton Factory worker in recent years, we might assume that following the “attempted” change of shape, the necessary “cover-up” was made.
Since the factory closed, we imagine that many more “garage operations” are working daily along the highways leading out of Parkersburg, than those we knew of 40-50 years ago.

Ameth. MIKADO Compote
Amethyst Mikado compote.

MIKADO Compote:  Fenton’s #919, exterior “Fenton Cherries” pattern dates to 1912 as a cake stand. 1922 brought the Mikado mould into play for use as a tall, large compote. Amethyst, black amethyst, lavender, green, blue, and marigold are known colors. White has been “reported”.

Blue 6 in. PINE CONE IC shaped bowl.
Blue 6 inch PINE CONE IC shaped bowl.
PINECONE Plate-Marigold, 7.75 in. diam
PINECONE Plate - Marigold - 7.75 inch diameter.

PINE CONE:  This blue ice cream shape bowl and the marigold 12-sided plate are extremely nice examples of this pattern! The 6 ¼” plate was Fenton’s #1064 and dates to 1911. For further information and photos of a couple of green examples, please click into FENTON - PART 1.

PEACOCK TAIL Compote- Ameth
PEACOCK TAIL Compote - Amethyst.

PEACOCK TAIL Compote:  Amethyst, blue, green, and marigold are known colors. However, none are “plentiful”! Many an auction comes and goes with no specimen such as this. Bowls, a few 9” plates, rare tri-corners, ice cream shaped sauces and six-ruffle 6”-7” bowls-some having Horlacher advertising on the marie are found in this pattern dating to 1910.

Celeste LEAF CHAIN Bowl.$ a 2012 Seeck Auction
Celeste LEAF CHAIN Bowl - Sold for $3100 in a 2012 Seeck Auction.

LEAF CHAIN:  Only a couple of the 8”-9” ice cream shaped bowls in this pattern are known in celeste blue. The pattern dates to 1921 and offers the Bearded Berry exterior pattern. To view other pattern examples, please refer to --- L --- in the pattern alphabet found on our homepage.

Red & Green STRAWBERRY Bonbons
Red and Green Strawberry bonbons.

STRAWBERRY Bonbon:  Circa 1917, these 5” two-handled bonbons are found in a wide array of colors/variations which indicates their popularity.
Blue and marigold examples have been found to have a tiny strawberry on the exterior of the marie.
Colors: Amber, amethyst, amberina/reverse amberina, blue green, ice green opal, lavender, lime green, lime green opal, marigold, peach opal, vaseline and vaseline opal.

CONCORD Bowl interior and exterior in Mgld.-9 in. diam.
CONCORD Bowl interior and exterior in Marigold - 9 inch diameter.

CONCORD Bowl:  Fenton’s #1036, is circa 1911. The bowl shape in ice cream shape, 3/1 edge, and ruffled are found more often than flat plates. Basic colors are amethyst, blue, green and marigold. Essentially, the criss-cross webbing is added to the famous Vintage pattern, although there are fewer examples in the Concord design. You will find other examples in this pattern by clicking into --- C --- in our pattern alphabet.
Dean & Diane Fry, - Aug. ‘13

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