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Fostoria, Jenkins, Libbey, McKee, U.S. Glass & Unknown makers.

There are some examples in this segment which are very likely one-of-a-kind. Rather than repeat details of pattern, etc., we refer you to previously written accounts for verification.  Many of the examples seen here came from collections of long-standing, and have not come into public view prior to their being sold at auction. The U.S. Glass patterns discussed, can be seen in Book 5 - U.S. Glass From A to Z, by Wm. Heacock & Fred Bickenheuser.

U.S. Glass BIG BUTTERFLY Pitcher-Courtesy Steve Maag
U.S. Glass BIG BUTTERFLY Pitcher - Courtesy Steve Maag.

BIG BUTTERFLY Pitcher:  The 1915 U.S. Glass Catalog displays this pitcher. We do not know who nor when the iridization was applied. There is at least one marigold tumbler and four green ones in this pattern. If you click into -- B -- in our pattern alphabet on the homepage of, you may read the details surrounding those tumblers. The photo of this pitcher was provided by Steve Maag.

4.75 in. sq. white U.S. Glass-COSMOS & CANE bowl.$130. 11-12 Seeck Auction.
4.75 in. sq. white U.S. Glass - COSMOS & CANE bowl.
Sold for $130. 11-12 Seeck Auction.

COSMOS & CANE Square Bowl: If the glass is too hot when removed from the furnace, the shape tends to falter. The handler quickly re-shapes the piece, as such, in order to maintain a “usable” article.  In this case, the original intent was for a small, round berry bowl. This is a “true” whimsey. U.S. Glass created some lovely shapes within this design. The iridization on white Cosmos & Cane examples is superb!

Cosmos and Cane ruffled bowl

Left-Cosmos & Cane HEADDRESS, Curved Star HEADDRESS-Righ
Left - Cosmos & Cane HEADDRESS, Curved Star HEADDRESS - Right.

COSMOS & CANE Ruffled Bowl: There are bowls in 7 ½”-10”, some having Headdress patterned interior. White, marigold, honey amber, lavender and purple examples were produced.  You will find two segments pertaining to this pattern listed on our homepage, Cosmos and Cane and Comos and Cane VS Daisy and Button. The wide scope of shapes available in this detailed and elegant pattern are inspiring.

HEADDRESS designs:  It is thought that the design originated with U.S. Glass and later was somewhat revised for application to the Brockwitz Glass Co. Curved Star pattern.

DOUBLE HELIX-Tiffin-U.S. Glass
DOUBLE HELIX - Tiffin - U.S. Glass.

DOUBLE HELIX Candlesticks: As with some other moulds which have “changed hands” over time, this candlestick design was produced by Tiffin Glass, then by U.S. Glass.

U.S. Glass-FEATHER SWIRL Butterdish & 6 in. MANHATTAN Plate-Mgld
U.S. Glass - FEATHER SWIRL Butterdish and 6 in. MANHATTAN Plate - Marigold.

FEATHER SWIRL Butterdish: Information surrounding tableware service pieces can be found by clicking into U.S. Glass – Part 8 . The pale coloration on this piece, rather earmarks it for a previous and brief mineral bath?? The pattern is verified in the book: U.S. Glass From A to Z.

MANHATTAN Plate: Basic information surrounding this pattern can be found in U.S. Glass - Part 4. It has all the earmarks of after-market iridizing.

MAIZE Shakers by Libbey-(hint) of marigold
MAIZE Shakers by Libbey - (hint) of marigold.

MAIZE Salt/Pepper Shakers:  A lovely vase can be seen in our segment: SOME BERRY CORNY CONTAINERS. A Maize mustard jar may be viewed when clicking on -- M --  in the pattern alphabet.  This pattern was produced by Libbey Glass Company.

Fostoria CHAIN & STAR Butter Dish.Courtesy Seeck Auctions
Fostoria CHAIN & STAR Butter Dish.
Courtesy Seeck Auctions

CHAIN and STAR Butter Dish:  You will find history of this pattern and shapes written up in some previous Fostoria segments. Please click into  -- C -- in our pattern list.

SUPERB DRAPE A.O.Courtesy Seeck Auctions-$7250.
SUPERB DRAPE  - Aqua Opal.
Courtesy Seeck Auctions sold for - $7250.

SUPERB DRAPE:  A couple of A.O. examples are known in this vase, along with a green and a vaseline. It is actually more along the lines of art glass than customary carnival glass. Maker is unknown.


ROSES and GREEK KEY:  A marigold, and another plate in smoky amber tones have sold in the $20,000 range over the years. This lovely example in Smoke color was found in PA in 2011. Accurately labeled art glass, but attractive to collectors of iridized glass, these are considered “treasures”. Maker is unknown.

DOZEN ROSES:  This example is cracked, but possibly is the only one known in green. Wroda Auctions sold it in June 2013 during an ACGA Convention. Selling price was $145. Maker is unknown.

Reported April 2012--KOKOMO Bowl, 8.25 in. diam. Courtesy Rhondelle Liberao.t
Reported April 2012 - -KOKOMO Bowl, 8.25 in. diameter.
Courtesy Rhondelle Liberato

KOKOMO Bowl:  For many years, this pattern was thought to have derived from Jenkins Glass Co. However, while visiting with the late Kay Riley, who, along with others who had searched through the Jenkins shards; found no remnants to conclude that. She believed the rosebowls were produced by U.S. Glass. So far as we know the bowl displayed here is the first to be reported.  If you will click into the pattern list, -- K -- you may read an article on the subject of Kokomo, along with other notations on the rose bowl in Jenkins Glass – Part 3.

TREE of LIFE-CRACKLED Car Vase-Courtesy Mitchell Stewart
Courtesy Mitchell Stewart

TREE of LIFE - CRACKLED Car Vase:  When Mitchell Stewart contacted us in Aug. 2013 for some help in identifying this car vase, we searched the 456 pgs. of The Complete Book of McKee Glass by Sandra McPhee Stout, finding no evidence of this vase. There are seven other car vases displayed in various patterns, but the best comparison matching that found in Mitchell’s vase is the Tree of Life examples found in - McKee Glass -Part 2.

TREE of LIFE-CRACKLED-Smoky-blue Powder Jar by McKee - PURITAN Plate, Mgld.
TREE of LIFE-CRACKLED - Smoky - blue Powder Jar by McKee - PURITAN Plate, Mgld.

TREE of LIFE-CRACKLED Powder Jar:  Please see – McKee Glass - Part 2: The Grecian Urn, or covered candy jar shown is the same color combination as this powder jar.

PURITAN  Plate:  This 6” plate signed “Pres-Cut” was discussed in previous articles by the late John Britt more than 20 years ago. We display the black/white picture of the plate which accompanied John’s article in a Club Newsletter. We have a distinct “feeling” that Bob and Geneva Leonard may have purchased the plate from an auction of the Britt collection in years past. The pale iridescence indicates some after-market attempt. There is no trace of a production - run of marigold plates in this pattern. Please click into McKee Glass – Part 1  for further information on John’s article.

Dean & Diane Fry, Sept. 2013

“Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.
In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.
I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself;
That where I am, there you may be also. And where I go you know, and the way you know.”
Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where  You are going, and how can we know the way?”
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
(John 14:1-6)
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