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What is This?
?????? What is This??????
Identifying Carnival Glass

So you have a piece of beautiful rainbow glass...........You have turned it over and around and upside down and admired the beautiful color change in the glass.  Soon the questions start.  Is it old?????  Is it the real thing or a reproduction????  Who made this????  Does this pattern have a name???  Is there more to this pattern????  Is it a valuable piece of glass???
Identifying carnival glass can be tough.  There are thousands of patterns and dozens of makers over the last 90 plus years.  And the glass making industry has always been HIGHLY competitive.  Many of the makers copied each other and made very similar designs and patterns.  So where do you start????  There are many great books on the market that can help you.  We have listed some of the best  at the following link:

Reference Books

There is also a great website with pattern names and values at the following link:


If you are still having trouble I would be happy to help you identify your carnival glass.  Please help me so I can better help you.

1.  I need a good, clear picture of the front AND back of the glass item.

2.  White or lighter carnival glass pieces need to be photographed on a dark surface so the pattern shows clearly.

3.  Pictures should be no larger than 500 X 500 pixels.  My email server gets a bit upset when my email account is jammed with large picture files.

4.  Please photograph or describe any manufacturer marks on the glass or any paper labels.

5.  I need to know the BASE GLASS COLOR in order to determine the value.  Hold the carnival glass item up to any strong light source (sunlight works the best).  The carnival colors will "disappear" and the base glass color is revealed.

Please email the above information to:

I will get back to you as soon as I can, I get hundreds of emails a day.  Some pieces required extensive research.  I have a great carnival glass reference library and 30 years of carnival glass collecting experience but some of the tougher ones take time.  Please too, keep in mind, that I get many, many requests to identify carnival glass, which I happily do BUT, it takes up a great deal of my time.  Please donate a dollar or two via the paypal button below.  It helps to keep this service available and helps to keep this site up and running.

Thank you for your support!

Click on the button above to make a donation.

Indiana Glass CD Books
Indiana Glass CD Book - over 12 MB's of information.
Many of the questions I receive are about the Indiana Glass carnival glass from the 1970's.  The CD book on the left gives the history of the Indiana Glass Company from 1885 until they closed in 2002. It contains all the info on the 1970's Harvest Carnival Glass in blue, gold and lime green. Info includes pictures and values. It includes pictures and values for all the Heirloom and Tiara carnival glass. It has old and current Indiana Glass factory photos. It also has scanned copies of original Indiana sales catalogs including the highly collectible Diamond Point Patterns in Crystal, Horizon Blue, Ruby Band and much more.  If you would lke one of these please email me or click on the picture for more details.

We also have the Indiana Pattern Identification Giude.  Includes over 200 Indiana Glass Patterns, EAPG, Depression Glass, Classic Glass, Contemporary Glass and Tiara patterns.  Covers carnival glass, all the Harvest milk glass items, all the Diamond Point catalog info and much.much more.  50 mbs of info.  If you would lke one of these please email me or click on the picture for more details.

Indiana Glass CD Book
Indiana Pattern Identification Giude
Indiana Pattern Identification Giude

Praise the Lord

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