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Coming to Terms - CARNIVAL GLASS Edges

Fenton 10 in. sq. Emerald Green STIPPLED RAYS Bowl with tight crimp edge

STIPPLED RAYS: This 10” green , FOUR SIDES PINCHED bowl has a Tight Candy Ribbon Edge, or Tight Crimped Edge. Call it whatever is most descriptive for you.

STIPPLED RAYS: The TCR edge or Crimp on this round marigold bowl completely encircles the piece. This type edge can be found on pieces made by Fenton and Dugan (for the most part). The glass handler applies a crimping tool to create this edge.
Dugan FLORAL & GRAPE Whimsey-JIP shape  in marigold

FLORAL and GRAPE:  whimsey with (JIP) edge (jack-in-the-pulpit), meaning one side of the edge turns up and one side turns down. These hat shapes are found only in marigold. This is shaped from a tumbler.

Fenton LITTLE FLOWERS Tri-Corner Shape-5.25 in. in amethyst

LITTLE FLOWERS: TRI-CORNER shape is a flare not often found in carnival glass. It would take a great deal of time to develop a collection with only this shape. Shapes such as this occur when the glass is too hot to maintain one of the “standard” shapes, or perhaps as a result of a special order for such shaping from a customer.

Fenton LITTLE FLOWERS  9 in. Bowl in marigold

LITTLE FLOWERS: This is a typical SIX RUFFLE found on examples from any of the glass manufacturers. Bowls are available in eight ruffle as well. The large bowls in this berry set are 10”. When a marigold chop plate is found at about 10 ¼” size, prices can soar to about $3000 if the color is substantial and there is no damage. The plates, of course, were only a result of inability to maintain the bowl shape. Small, 6” plates are rare, as well.

Fenton PEACOCK and GRAPE 8 3-4ths  in. bowl in Vaseline Opal

PEACOCK and GRAPE: EIGHT RUFFLE examples are known in Fenton, Northwood and Dugan patterns, but seldom found on Millersburg examples. Most of their bowls are the 6 ruffle variety. Crown Crystal examples of Australian manufacture are known to have ten ruffles in some patterns.

PEACOCK and GRAPE: This ICE CREAM or round shape displays the pattern quite well. Another term for this is MOULD shape, or as the piece came from the mould. Flat plates in this pattern are available and quite collectible.

Fenton LEAF TIERS Bowl -in marigold. 8.5 in. diameter

LEAF TIERS: in this SIDES STRAIGHT UP style is at times referred to as NUTBOWL shape, depending upon the pattern involved. It simply indicates a lack of ruffling or other shaping when the piece is removed from the mould. Basically, this is a 9-9 ½” berry bowl, with 5-6” sizes to accompany.

Fenton RIBBON TIE in 9.25 in.marigold (plate). No flat edge plates have been found. They all have the three and one edge.

RIBBON TIE:  As bowls, the examples in this pattern can be ruffled, or in the case of this “so-called” plate—the edge is called all three of the following 3/1, 3 and 1, or 3 in 1. It all depends upon who you are discussing the matter with! Since there are no known FLAT edge plates in this pattern, you can decide which term best suits your identification requirements. (smile)

Dugan Electric amethyst Chickens Bowl-otherwise known as a 3 and 1 edge FARMYARD

FARMYARD: This particular pattern can be found with this THREE AND ONE edge, six ruffle, 8 ruffle, square, and perhaps one example is known in a more-or-less round shape. (The three and one term indicates three crimps of one type and one of a different type.)

Fenton HONEYCOMB & CLOVER in scarce Amethyst.

HONEYCOMB and CLOVER: pattern on this TWO SIDES UP or BANANA BOAT shape bonbon in amethyst is shown in a scarce color-(the first we have seen). These are usually found in marigold, with a few green reported. The pattern is all impressed on the exterior of the piece.

Fenton ILLUSION Bonbon in Marigold - 5.5 in. across.

ILLUSION: pattern is found only on this bonbon known in marigold and blue. Notice the shaping, referred to as FOUR SIDES UP.

Fenton WATERLILY & CATTAILS Spittoon.$2900. at the Seeck Auction for HOACGA Conv. 2005.

WATERLILY and CATTAIL: pattern is one of the oldest from Fenton, predating the 1907 instigation of carnival glass production. This rare spittoon shape has a perfect example of the FLARE edge treatment. Spittoon shapes are noted for this edge.

Northwood Lime Green HEARTS & FLOWERS PCE 9 in. Bowl.

HEARTS and FLOWERS: with the notable Northwood PIE CRUST EDGE (PCE) is reserved for that manufacturer alone. This pattern is found frequently in eight ruffle bowls, as well as flat plates. Pie Crust is a lovely edge. However, it does distort the pattern to large degree.

This Millersburg amethyst UNLETTERED COURTHOUSE Bowl was in the collection of Mary and Jack Adams for many years.

UNLETTERED COURTHOUSE: Loosely applied, this represents the typical “indefinite” THREE AND ONE edge. As compared to the same edge applied to the Farmyard bowl, you will note that the “third” element of the crimp has been inverted. These are known only in amethyst bowl shape. The “crimping tool” has been reversed to create this result seen here, versus the one seen on the Farmyard bowl.

8.25 in. Millersburg amethyst BIG FISH

BIG FISH: We show you another rare Millersburg pattern (though not as rare as the Unlettered Courthouse bowl. Loosely interpreted, this edge represents an even more “carefree” THREE AND ONE edge application. There are known marigold, green and vaseline Big Fish. They can be ruffled or ice cream shape as well.

Dean & Diane Fry – 7/05

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