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Carnival Glass is AWESOME!
 Rainbows, God's Promise to us all!
So you have discovered the pretty rainbow glass and you have fallen in love.  You, my friend, have been bitten by the carnival glass bug.  So what do you do now?  Well, if you are looking for a cure, I can't help you there.  I was bitten myself about 30 years ago and I am still in love.  The wonders of carnival glass have never ceased for me, it is awesome stuff.   I love this description of carnival glass written in the early 1960's by one of the first pioneers of Carnival Glass Collecting and author of MANY Carnival Glass books,  Marion Hartung.:
"Changing Colors - interplay of one hue against another, whether found in Nature, or in man made objects, have always held a great fascination for the human eye.  They give a feeling of action as few other inanimate objects do.  Artists since the beginning of recorded time have attempted to depict this aspect of the world around them.  And, for a brief period in American history, the changing colors of Carnival Glass were familiar to almost everyone."
And nearly 100 years later it has not lost it's appeal.  It continues to fascinate a great many of us.
And, YES!, this wondrous glass was really given away at carnivals.  Interest in carnival glass steadily decreased in the 1920s.  Eventually sales were so bad that it had to be sold in bulk to the many traveling carnivals to use as prizes.  Many a young man tossed a ball or threw a ring in an effort to win a piece of this pretty glass for his favorite girl, thus leading to the name Carnival Glass.
Carnival Glass can be a bit confusing at first.  I have received many requests through my Ruby Lane Sites for a beginner's guide to collecting carnival.  Hopefully this site will help answer some of the questions you may have.   
This site is filled with many carnival glass resources, but also it is written with a great deal of love for carnival glass and its collectors.  So remember, you are not alone.  
As Diane Fry says:
" There is one attribute generally known among Carnival Glass Collectors: They are among the MOST helpful individuals you will find available in ANY medium!  If you have questions about the authenticity of a piece, all you need do is ask, and I feel you will be given a direct and correct answer!"
Please don't hesitate to ask any carnival glass question you may have.  Help is just an e-mail, web site, club member or phone call away!
We wish for you MANY, MANY happy years of carnival glass collecting.  It has truly blessed and enriched our lives.
Sincerely and God Bless,
Diane Fry and Donna Adler

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