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Indiana Glass Book

Indiana Glass Book

12 MB's of info in easy to use e-book form.

It gives the history of the Indiana Glass Company from 1885 until they closed in 2002.  It contains all the info on the 1970's Harvest Carnival Glass in blue, gold and lime green.  Info includes pictures and values.  It includes pictures and values for all the Heirloom and Tiara carnival glass.  It has old and current Indiana Glass factory photos.  It also contains 36 pages of original Indiana sales catalogs.  A complete list of the Table of Contents is below.  There is a MASSIVE amount of information on this CD.  A few of the scanned pages are below:

This contains all the all the Harvest carnival items made in blue, green and gold as well as ALL the other carnival glass made by Indiana Glass in the 70's and 80's.  Just click on each small picture for more info on each piece.  Of course, the pages are much larger than the one above.  This is also a price guide and gives the current value for each piece.  

Beautiful pictures of all the Indiana Carnival glass, well organized, clear, easy to understand and use.

Above is the entry for the Blue Harvest Covered Wedding Bowls.  This includes many facts about each piece you may not know.  Did you know there were two blue covered wedding bowls made?  This is packed with info on each Indiana Carnival Glass item.  Again, the actual pages are much larger than the one above.

This CD Book contains all the fascinating history of the Harvest molds.  Your beautiful glass has a beautiful past!

LOTS of interesting info on the Heirloom Pattern!

Complete Table Of Contents of CD Book
Indiana Glass 1885 to 1922
More Indiana Goofus Glass
Indiana Glass 1923 to 1950
Indiana Glass 1951 to 1970
Indiana Glass 1980 to 2002
The History of the Harvest Molds
Harvest Blue Carnival
Harvest Carnival Coolers
Harvest Carnival Goblets
Harvest Carnival Sugar, Creamer, Tray Set
Harvest Carnival Pitcher
Harvest Carnival Oval Center Bowl
Harvest Carnival Candy Jar (Small Canister)
Harvest Carnival Medium Canister
Harvest Carnival Large Canister
Harvest Blue Carnival Wedding Bowl and Cover
Harvest Blue Carnival Covered Butter
Harvest Carnival Candleholders
Harvest Carnival Filigree Edge Candy Box
Harvest Carnival Princess Punch Sets
Other Blue Carnival
Blue Carnival Egg Hors D'Oeurve Tray
Blue Carnival Princess Candy Box
Carnival Hen on a Nest
Carnival Garland Bowl
5 Inch Carnival Wedding Bowl
Carnival Hostess and Crimped Hostess Plates
Blue Carnival Tidbit Set
Monticello Carnival Basket
Canterbury Carnival Basket
Blue Carnival Nursery Rhyme Plates
Carnival Glass Bicentennial Plates
Harvest Gold Carnival
Harvest Gold Carnival Juices Glasses
Harvest Gold Carnival Wedding Bowl
Other Gold Carnvial
Gold Carnival Vintage Relish Tray
Gold Carnival Three Piece Console
Carnival Glass Egg Relish Tray
Vintage Three Piece Salad Set
GoldtoneThree Piece Chip and Dip Set
Gold Carnival Ten Inch Hostess Plate
Harvest Green Carnival
Harvest Lime Green Carnival Console Set
Harvest Lime Green Snack Set
Other Green Carnival
Lime Green Carnival Tall Footed Compote
Green Carnival Basket with Wicker Handle
Heirloom Red Carnival
Red or Sunset Carnival 3 piece Console Set
Red or Sunset Carnival 3 piece Sauce Set
Red or Sunset Carnival Cake Stand
Red and Purple Heirloom Carnival Candle Holders
Red or Sunset Carnival Heirloom 32 ounce Pitcher
Red or Sunset Carnival Heirloom Tumblers
Red or Sunset Carnival 10 inch Crimped Bowl
Red or Sunset Carnival 14 inch Plate or Platter
Red & Purple Heirloom Carnival 11 piece Punch Set
Heirloom Carnival 8 1/2 inch Center Bowl
Heirloom Carnival 54 ounce Pitcher
Heirloom Carnival Stemmed Goblets
Red or Sunset Heirloom 2 piece Dessert Set
Heirloom Red or Sunset Carnival Sugar & Creamer
Heirloom Carnival Covered Butter Dish
Heirloom Carnival Baskets
Heirloom Carnival 11 inches Vases
Heirloom Red or Sunset Carnival Rose Bowl
Heirloom Amethyst Carnival

Indiana Glass Pictures
Indiana Glass Factory 1916
Early Indiana Glass Factory Picture - No date
Indiana Glass - Dunkirk, IN - No date
Aerial Factory View
Indiana Glass Factory - Sept 12, 2003
Indiana Glass Factory - Sept. 12, 2003
Indiana Glass - Offices are in the brick building
Indiana Glass Sept. 12, 2003
Scenes from Indiana Glass
Scenes from Indiana Glass
Scenes from Indiana Glass - Glass Blower

Indiana Sales Catalog Index
Page 1 - Crystal Diamond Point
Page 2 - Crystal and Ruby Diamond Point
Page 3 - Ruby Band Diamond Point
Page 4 - Crystal Diamond Point
Page 5 - Crystal Diamond Point
Page 6 - Crystal Diamond Point
Page 7 - Crystal and Ruby Band Diamond Point
Page 8 - Ruby Band Diamond Point
Page 9 - Ruby Band Diamond Point
Page 10 - Horizon Blue Diamond Point
Page 11 - Amber Diamond Point
Page 12 - Amber Diamond Point & Golden Elegance
Page 13 - Revere and Shell Salad Sets
Page 14 - Ginger Jars and Hanging Planters
Page 15 - Horizon Blue and Satin Mist Blue
Page 16 - Tiki Bowls & Pagoda Candle Lamps
Page 17 - Candle Lamps and Votives
Page 18 - Iridescent Amethyst and Sunset Carnival
Page 19 - Iridescent Sunset Carnival Glass
Page 20 - Gold Carnival Glass
Page 21 - Blue Carnival Glass
Page 22 - Lime Carnival Glass & Gold and Platinum
Page 23 - Mt. Vernon
Page 24 - Mt. Vernon Stemware and Gourmet Sets
Page 25 - Olive
Page 26 - Olive
Page 27 - Golden Amber
Page 28 - Milk Glass
Page 29 - Milk Glass and Crystal
Page 30 - Crystal
Page 31 - Crystal
Page 32 - Vintage and Goldtone
Page 33 - Crystal Fountain Ware and Hand Made
Page 34 - Colored or Red Decorated
Page 35 - Punch Sets
Page 36 - Punch Sets and Miniatures

36 pages of Sales Catalog Info

This CD is jam packed with just about anything you ever wanted to know about the Indiana Glass Company in easy to use, e-book form.  In regular book form this would be well over 200 pages.  It is the most EXTENSIVE work ever done on the Indiana Glass Company.
You can flip thru the pages like a book.  It is better than a book because it comes with it's own search engine to find the info you are looking for.

The information is MASSIVE, the cost is minimal.  These are 10.00 each plus 3.50 to ship and insure.  Total cost is 13.50.  Please email me if you would like one of these.

Or you can pay via the paypal button below.  Paypal will send me your shipping address and a notice that you have paid.  Your Indiana CD Book will be shipped to you within 24 hours after receiving payment.