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Dugan Part 14
DUGAN – Part 14
FOUR FLOWERS 8.25 in. round, flared Bowl in Purple
FOUR FLOWERS 8.25 in. round, flared Bowl in Purple.
FOUR FLOWERS 8.75 in. diam. crimped bowl with SODA GOLD Exterior.-Marigold.
FOUR FLOWERS 8.75 in. diam. crimped bowl
with SODA GOLD Exterior in Marigold.
FOUR FLOWERS Small Bowl.-RARE Green..
FOUR FLOWERS Small Bowl in RARE Green.

FOUR FLOWERS:  Marigold, amethyst, and peach opalescent are colors known for the 10” chop plate, small plate-6 ½”. The 10” ice cream bowl, the 5-6” bowl and a banana bowl are known in amethyst, green and peach opal. A rose bowl in this pattern is found in marigold and amethyst. A triangular bowl is known in peach opalescent. (This may be the first known small green bowl? It measures 6 ½” with a 2 ¾” diam. Base.)     
These 8”-9” bowls are found in marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent, cobalt blue, amber, green, vaseline and teal. At the time Carl Burns wrote his book on Dugan products in 1999, only a couple of amber, two green, one cobalt and one vaseline were known and considered quite rare.

White SIX PETALS 7 in. Bowl.
White SIX PETALS 7 inch Bowl.

SIX PETALS:  Oxblood ruffled and crimped bowls are found in this pattern, indicating it to have been in 1910 production. That is the year the color was introduced. Marigold, amethyst, white and peach opalescent are other colors found in this shape. Triangular bowls of the same  7” – 8” size are known in amethyst and peach opalescent. This shape is more difficult to locate.

TRIPLETS interior (plain)-Courtesy Jeff Schleede.
TRIPLETS interior (plain) - Courtesy Jeff Schleede.
Mgld. TRIPLETS-Courtesy Jeff Schleede.
Marigold TRIPLETS - Courtesy Jeff Schleede.
TRIPLETS (stretch effect)-Courtesy Jeff Schleede
TRIPLETS (stretch effect) - Courtesy Jeff Schleede

TRIPLETS:  Along with Daisy Dear and Single Flower, this is another of the bowl patterns having an un-patterned interior. These 7”, usually ruffled small bowls are most frequently found in marigold and peach opalescent. Amethyst examples are not quite so prevalent. Iridescence often tends to be weak and light in color. When Jeff Schleede sent us photos of this bowl in May 2011, we remarked that the only other piece we had ever seen having this type iridescence is on an Imperial Grape chop plate we own. Somewhat resembling “stretch” glass, the actual result tends to be a separation of the iridescence. This Triplets example offers a slightly “red” cast to the marigold, as well. The general scarcity of the pattern, and the lack of color variety indicates production of the 1910 era.
Triplets has three groupings of flowers in the ruffled exterior and Daisy Dear offers four groupings. Each pattern portrays a different flower design within the marie. (Click here on –T-- in the pattern alphabet to view another example in Triplets design.)

Tri-corner P.O. CHERRY (footed).Courtesy Jeff Schleede
Tri-corner P.O. CHERRY (footed).Courtesy Jeff Schleede

Dugan CHERRY:  This footed version of the pattern is found having both a plain and a patterned interior. It appeared first in a 1910 Butler Brothers Wholesale catalog having no interior pattern. Occasionally, these are found having a hand-painted design inside. Not until 1917 did the catalogs offer the interior patterned version. Both types probably spanned both the Dugan and Diamond years of production.
The bowls are 8”-9 ½”. Edges and shapings vary greatly. There are smooth, broadly ruffled types, some with tightly crimped edges, some have 8 or 10 square, flat ruffles; a tightly crimped, near vertical candy ribbon edge, and a three and one edge crimp. There are also both round and triangular shapes known.  Marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent, white, cobalt blue, oxblood, vaseline w/marigold overlay. (You will find other examples by clicking here on -- C -- in our pattern alphabet.)

WREATHED CHERRY in Peach Opal.Courtesy Theresa Norris
WREATHED CHERRY in Peach Opal - Courtesy Theresa Norris.
WREATHED CHERRY Banana Boat-Courtesy Theresa Norris.
WREATHED CHERRY Banana Boat - Courtesy Theresa Norris.

WREATHED CHERRY:  We are pleased to show you a very scarce bowl in peach opalescent. (The berry set is the only shape within this pattern known in peach opalescent.) Although the berry set pieces are oval shape, often times the large bowl is referred to as a “banana boat”. Amethyst, oxblood and white are seen more often then marigold. Both small and large bowls have been documented in cobalt blue, but they are quite scarce.
An amethyst toothpick holder and a water set in marigold, amethyst, white, and oxblood are found in this pattern, along with a table set in those same colors. The complete line appeared in a 1912 Charles Broadway Rouss catalog, listed as “Cherryland” dining assortment. Wreathed Cherry is one of very few patterns found on rare occasions to display the Dugan D-in-a-diamond trademark, primarily on the butter dish.  (*NOTE: A Wreathed Cherry banana boat-peach opal sold in a Seeck Auction in July 2011 for $550.)

GARDEN PATH Variant 9 in. Mgld. Bow
GARDEN PATH Variant 9 in. Marigold. Bowl.
GARDEN PATH Variant in P.O. 5 in. diam..
GARDEN PATH Variant in P.O. - 5 in. diameter.

GARDEN PATH Variant:  Why Garden Path and Garden Path Variant? The Variant  offers six small, oval-wing-like designs, and six five-frond designs along the outer border. Garden Path examples lack this. None of the known shapes are easily found, but ruffled, deep, round, or ice cream shaped bowls in 8” to 10” in diameter, along with 5”-7” bowls are available.  The 11” chop plates, smaller 6”-7” plates offer the Soda Gold exterior pattern. Ruffled 8”-9” bowls are found in marigold, amethyst, peach opalescent, white, and possibly green? Additionally, small bowls have been found in aqua w/ marigold overlay. (Please click here on – G -- in our alphabet  list to see other examples in the pattern.)

VICTORIAN in RARE Peach Opalescent! 11.25 in. diam. x 4 in. deep.
VICTORIAN in RARE Peach Opalescent!
11.25 in. diam. x 4 in. deep.

VICTORIAN:  These peach opalescent bowls are extremely rare! Amethyst is the only other known color in these 10”-12” ruffled bowls and they cannot be termed “plentiful”. There is at least one known 10 ½” amethyst ice cream shape bowl. It is a bold design and one which pleases most collectors.

Dean & Diane Fry, 8-11

Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles! Laud Him, all you peoples!
For His merciful kindness is great toward us,
And the truth of the lord endures forever.
PRAISE the LORD! (Psalm 117)
The apostle Paul quotes Psalm 117 in his affirmation of Jesus being the Savior for both Jew and Gentile:
Revelation 7:9 reveals that Gentiles will be included in God’s future plans:
“After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number,
of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb,
clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands.
Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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