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Tiny Twigs ALERT
Tiny Twigs Vase and Easily Faked Pastels

Some twelve years ago, while attending the HOACGA Convention in Lenexa, KS, another West Virginian we knew, had a few examples of questionable character in his room. We were invited into that room with the door closed behind us, and presented with an iridized Peach Opal Min. Twigs vase with a price attached. I replied to his "offer" this way: "I'm an old West Virginia gal myself, familiar with the attempt to make a buck however you can, so I'm not an "easy mark" for your trickery. You and I both know that these vases were never made in this color "in the old carnival glass". With that, I left the room. "Mr. K." left the Hotel before the day was out, and we have never seen that man in carnival glass circles again. HOWEVER: It was observed that he had managed to sell at least one of those frauds to a well-known west coast collector to the tune of $800! ~~~~` Beware~~~~~~The activity yet lurks!

There is MUCH to be said for learning WHAT to buy, from WELL DOCUMENTED PRINTED SOURCES, ahead of any purchase! The newer versions of Tiny Twigs vases have straight-up top treatment and can be seen on David Doty 's Carnival Glass Website. We have said it before. We will say it again. After more than 60 years of several thousand of "us" scouring the "trail" 'fore and aft~~we should seriously ask ourselves just how many pieces of "authentic OLD" carnival glass could possibly remain "out there" ?????~~worthy of the outrageous prices being paid for some of the "latest finds!"

Be reasonable in your assessment, and above all: be honest with yourself!

The very real and imminent danger from willing acceptance of these "late comers" is that the exhorbitant prices being paid for such current handiwork will ultimately destroy the value of the true old pieces. The next generation of collectors will be driven away by these unrealistic prices for items which really are not even valid.

 Scrutiny and skepticism are worth applying to any of the pastel "intruders" into our midst today! Reproductions of dark base glass are easily identified as having a different looking overspray than that found on the authentic old pieces, but when it comes to the pastels, the base colors are easier to accomplish. They will quite possibly have zillions of tiny bubbles visible within the glass, when held to the light, just as the abundance of ice green Peacocks plates (made in the '60's do). The light application of pastel iridescence most certainly remains available in the Orient, perhaps Mexico and India, so from offshore sources, the chain of supply will only grow, unless we collect our rationale and "common sense" in short order.

Apparently, it's easy enough for the contact to be made with any obscure auction source in the US or Britain, whereby a huge "reserve" is placed against these fakes to ensure that they are "given notice!" Five attempts to contact US from internet sources were made in a single day, just recently!
The IG Peacocks plate debacle of the '60's was overlooked and undiscussed in any "open manner".
Never-the-less, it is the basis for the dozens of them, versus the scarcity of the bowls, which is not even the same shade as those plates! Matter of fact, we have had the opportunity to compare an OLD IG PLATE with one of these newer types and you've guessed it: the old plate is a shade darker in color than any of the newer ones. You will note: the newer version plates have never risen in price over the years. Since an old and a new are never in the same place at the same time, comparison is difficult. Wes Strain, an oldtimer (now deceased) knew the source in the St. Louis area, where those plates were made and distributed. Wes had seen the shards at their source!

We sat in a room full of "oldtimers" at one auction not three years ago, watching an ice blue plate sell to unsuspecting buyers for $15,000! Interesting fact: there was not a single bid placed for the piece by ANY of the oldtimers in that room! We had visited in a home on the day before that auction, and discussed that plate with the collector (who has since passed away), but who had refused purchase of that same plate when offered to him by a local travel agent who had returned from a foreign tour with it in his possession. That oldtimer knew it for what it was and wanted no part of it! The practice of this type larceny is much more profitable today, and from all appearances, is becoming more widespread. We do not intend to stand aside and wait for the outcome without at least bringing it to your attention. Ignoring corruption does not make it go away. Enron officials proved that.

Worth mentioning: About two years ago, we drove to Columbus, OH for a Burns sale. Several "long-termers" were discussing a small ice green Drapery vase (having perfect toes), along with a zillion or so teensy bubbles within the glass. A gentleman from upstate Ohio commented that he knew "where they were coming from". Close scrutiny of the bidding process for that piece revealed that there were NO bids forthcoming from anyone in the audience!

You can take from that whatever you will! We noticed that one was listed over Ebay today-2/2/04. Presumably, some unsuspecting bidder will be taken in by it. Is it old, or one of the "suspect" vases?
We have a God given conscience, an uncanny ability to see around corners, and do not care to approach St. Peter carrying knowledge of this sort of sordid activity (all stemming from GREED), along with us! We pass it along for your consideration!

(Those calculating profit-takers have yet to figure out that they cannot take that green stuff with them into the next life, but they will take it from any gullible source in this life, and never blink an eye!)

Think it's time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and a longer look at what seems too good to be true.
Chances are: it is!

Why not SAVE YOUR MONEY for a great OLD piece, and not become an "Underling of these special interest providers?"

Perhaps what has been said here will give you enough courage to "read between the lines" for deeper truths? All which is being presented lately, is not what it "appears" to be, but of course, it's YOUR money!

D/D Fry-02/04

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