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ALERT to ADVERSE Activities

It pains us to have to include this section.  Like much of everything else in life, there are a few who take advantage of others.  Their greed and lack of morals is something we need to be aware of.   
This section will include the known scams, corruption and adverse activities concerning carnival glass.  It might be wise to bookmark this section and check back often.  We will try to keep ahead of the "crooks" here and include new adverse activities as they arise.

If anyone knows of any carnival glass scams, please email us and we will include the information here.  By alerting each other, we can protect each other.  That is the only defense we really have.  
Knowledge is POWER.

Send your ALERT items to:

CHRIST Candlestick (Reproduction)
Peacock @ Urn-N-small bowl which became a small egg plate
Fake Blue Concord Plate
Lily vase-Gum Tips-16 panels.
Fake Blue Concord Plate
Reverse of the blue makeover which appeared for sale on Ebay, Dec. 9, '03. Note the darkened edge and the dull finish, as a result of directly applied heat to induce the flattening process.

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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