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Millersburg - Part 11
Complete Berry Set in HANGING CHERRIES. $400..
Complete Berry Set in HANGING CHERRIES. Sold for $400.

HANGING CHERRIES Berry Set:  Actually it is quite unusual to see a complete berry set in any pattern! The likelihood of the set remaining intact since it was produced is inconceivable. The time and effort to locate 7 required examples to complete a set would extend into several years of intense effort. Therefore, the resultant $600. sale  price seems a mere pittance!

PEACOCKTAIL Vt. Compote, Mgld., 3.5 in. high x 7 in. across opening.
PEACOCKTAIL Vt. Compote, Marigold.
3.5 in. high x 7 in. across opening.

PEACOCKTAIL VARIANT Compote:  These cute little compotes are found in both satin and radium finish, so although they were apparently manufactured for most of the years Millersburg was in business, they are not seen as often as some other patterns. They are known in marigold, amethyst and green.

PEACOCK and URN 11 in.  Chop Plate in Amethyst-3 known. 1993, one sold $9,700..
PEACOCK and URN 11 in.  Chop Plate in Amethyst.
Only three known. In 1993, one sold for $9,700.

PEACOCK and URN Chop Plate:  Amethyst and marigold are known and there is a bee in front of the bird beak. Extremely rare, with at least three known amethyst examples and four in marigold. These are from the 10” ice cream bowl mold. Prices are in the $12,000 range.
One of the amethyst plates was in the late Don Moore collection for many years! He presented a large number of seminars and convention banquet programs and that plate was always included. He was quite proud of it!

9 in. PEACOCK IC shaped bowl
Green Peacock IC bowl - 9 inch.

PEACOCK: There is no bee and no beading on the Millersburg Peacock. The ice cream shaped master bowls are hard to find, usually having a radium finish. Amethyst seems to be more plentiful, with fewer marigold  than green. Some blue bowls are known.

Tri-Corner PEACOCK-Courtesy Don & Becky Hamlet.
Tri-Corner PEACOCK - Courtesy Don & Becky Hamlet.
PEACOCK-Amethyst Banana Boat.- $12,000-Sept. '07 Richards Auction.
PEACOCK-Amethyst Banana Boat.
Sold for $12,000-Sept. '07 Richards Auction.

PEACOCK: The tri-corner amethyst bowl may be the only one known. The banana shaped bowl in amethyst presents an enigma! How did that Peacock get turned around to face right?? Since we have not seen this bowl, we have a strong feeling that it was the picture which was turned around, and NOT the bird!

SEAWEED 10 in. 3 & 1 edge-Marigold
SEAWEED 10 inch -  3 & 1 edge - Marigold.
SEAWEED Sauce. 5.75 in. wide x 1.75 in. high. Only ice cream shape known in BLUE! $4,049.99-Reserve not met-9-08.Blue SEAWEED Sauce
SEAWEED Sauce. 5.75 in. wide x 1.75 in. high. Only ice cream shape known in BLUE!
$4,049.99 - Reserve not met - 9-08.
SEAWEED 5 in. Sauce in RARE Blue.
SEAWEED 5 in. Sauce in RARE Blue.
SEAWEED 3-1 Edge-5 in. in Green.- $625. 3-07 Wroda Auction.
SEAWEED 3-1 Edge - 5 in. in Green.
Sold for $625. 3-07 Wroda Auction.
SEAWEED Sauce in Green-6 in. diam.-1-2 known.
SEAWEED Sauce in Green - 6 in. diam.-1-2 known.

SEAWEED:  Most often seen in 10” ruffled bowls or those having three and one edge. The 8 ¼” size is extremely rare. This is the size which was flattened to make the 9” plate. Amethyst, green and marigold are the known colors. The large ice cream bowls are difficult to find, with only one known in blue. One unusual example is known in aqua-teal, a very unusual color for Millersburg glass.
5” sauces are rarest of all. One in amethyst, blue and marigold are known in ruffled sauces. One blue ice cream shaped sauce in known, along with one in green.

Dean & Diane Fry, 1-11

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till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God,to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.  (Ephesians 4:7-13)
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