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Fenton - Part 32
FENTON - Part 32

Marigold PANELED DANDELION Tankard-seam-applied handleAlso a Green example with seam applied handle
Left - Marigold PANELED DANDELION Tankard-seam-applied handle.
Right - Also a Green example with seam applied handle.
Base of Mgld. PANELED DANDELION Tankard with seam-applied handle.
Base of Mgld. PANELED DANDELION Tankard with seam-applied handle.

QUESTION-(what IS it
QUESTION - (what IS it?)

PANELED DANDELION Tankard:  The first marigold example having handle attached on the seam appeared in 2003. We do not know whether this example is the same, or an additional tankard? There is a green tankard having the same handle attachment, as well. Dimensions of this marigold tankard: 3 5/8” diameter @ top. 4 1/8” collar base, and 12 5/8” tall.
Base glass for customary marigold overlay is CLEAR! Curiously, there is a marked resemblance to Boston Sandwich glass coloration, or that of Anchor Hocking Fire-king, as displayed in this 5 ¾” saucer. This brings about cause to wonder whether the original mould may have been “experimented with”?

PANELED DANDELION Lamp-Blue. A couple known.Two separate finds put together by Tom Mordini
PANELED DANDELION Lamp in Blue. A couple known.
Two separate finds put together by Tom Mordini.

PANELED DANDELION Lamp:  Only a couple of these lamps are known. They are not referred to in Fenton Glass -The First Twenty-five Years.

DOUBLE DAISIES Tankard & Tumbler. Courtesy Rick & Debbie Graham.
DOUBLE DAISIES Tankard & Tumbler.
Courtesy Rick & Debbie Graham.

DOUBLE DAISIES  Tankard/Tumbler:  Tumblers in this design occasionally appear. Bulbous shaped pitchers are not plentiful, but examples of the tankard shape would be considered quite scarce/rare! When Rick and Debbie sent these examples for sharing, reference was taken from a 2004 Reichel auction when a tankard sold for $675.

Unpainted CANNONBALL Pitcher-Ice Green-$45.Seeck.
Unpainted CANNONBALL Pitcher in Ice Green.
Sold for $45. - Seeck Auction.

CANNONBALL Pitcher:  The basic shape of this pitcher appeared in ads circa 1907-1910, having #821 applied to the shape. When found in blue base glass, it is familiar to collectors with the “Cherries & Blossoms” painted design, given the Fenton #1576. This example in ice green likely came during the late era of decorated carnival glass.

ENAMELED CHRYSANTHEMUMis known in blue as well.
ENAMELED CHRYSANTHEMUM is known in blue as well.

ENAMELED  CHRYSANTHEMUM  Pitcher:  A scarcely seen design, the enameling can be found on either blue or marigold pitchers in this Zig-Zag type pitcher or on the cannonball shape.

7.5 in. LIONS Bowl-Blue
Lions bowl in Blue - 7.5 inches.
Very SCARCE LIONS Bowl.-Marigold.
Very SCARCE LIONS Bowl in Marigold.

LIONS Bowl:  6”-7” round, ruffled, or ice cream shaped bowls having Berry & Leaf Circle exterior, along with a very rare 7”-8” marigold plate occasionally present themselves to collectors. Blue and marigold bowls are the only colors known. Fenton reproduced some bowls with Fenton Flowers exterior, but they are not plentiful.

Stream of Hearts compote.

STREAM of HEARTS Compote:  Marigold is the only available color. It offers Persian Medallion pattern on the exterior.


RIBBON TIE (Comet) Bowl:  Amethyst, blue, green and marigold are the colors found, with green being more scarce (especially with such fine iridescence as this one offers!) You will find several other examples in our pattern alphabet   -- R --, some having 3/1 edge.

Dean & Diane Fry-12-5

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