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Westmoreland - Part 15

CAROLINA DOGWOOD - Marigold over Milk Glass.
Courtesy J&C Curtis

CAROLINA DOGWOOD:  The collar base is 2 7/8”. Height: 2 ½”. It is 8 3/8” in diameter. If this were a Northwood piece, it “could” be considered a plate. (smile) Jerry was very happy to find this piece during an antique hunt in Muscogee, OK. He paid nearly twice the usual price simply for the exceptional quality of the iridescence!

MIN. INTAGLIO FLOWER Basket-Blue Opal.$600
MIN. INTAGLIO FLOWER Basket - Blue Opal.$600.
MINIATURE INTAGLIO FLOWER- Blue Opal, 2.5 in. high.
MINIATURE INTAGLIO FLOWER- Blue Opal, 2.5 in. high.
MIN. INTAGLIO FLOWER Almond Cup- P.O.$2,000.
Peach Opal - Sold for.$2,000.

MINIATURE INTAGLIO FLOWER Almond cups/Basket:  While this is believed to have been an element within the U.S. Glass production; (it accompanies a Palm Beach berry bowl in a Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Catalog ad, stating it to be available in gold decorated crystal glass.)  It has become apparent that with time, Westmoreland acquired the mould. Marigold examples “may” have come from early U.S. Glass production in carnival. It is found in Peach Opal and Blue Opal, which are certainly colors within the realm of Westmoreland production.
BASKETWEAVE Vase-8 1/4h in. tall
BASKETWEAVE Vase - 8 1/4 inches tall.
BASKETWEAVE  Creamer &  Sugar= 4 in. high x 3 & three-fourths diam.
BASKETWEAVE  Creamer and  Sugar - 4 in. high x 3 3/4 diameter.

BASKETWEAVE  Vase, Creamer, Sugar:    Mitchell Stewart notified us on 6/27/13 that this pattern is seen on page 160 in Charles West Wilson’s Westmoreland Book, calling it Basketweave - circa 1915 or before , so we forwarded to this segment from a former placement in U.S. Glass. This is a very good opportunity to convey the fact that moulds throughout the history of glassmaking have passed from one company to another. The pattern was called Basketweave and Cable when made by U.S. Glass in 1905. Further consideration of the fact that the breakfast set was produced until 1930 could indicate that the moulds changed hands more than once!
Rather a large opening on this 8 ¼” vase found in marigold.

9 in. P.O. SCALES Plate-Courtesy Remmen Auctions
SCALES Plate - 9 inch - Peach Opal.
Courtesy Remmen Auctions
SCALES Bowl and 6.5 in. Plate on Green and Amethyst.
SCALES Bowl and 6.5 in. Plate on Green and Amethyst.
SCALES 8.5 in. ruffled Bowls - Narigold and Blue Opal.
SCALES 8.5 in. ruffled Bowls - Marigold and Blue Opal.

SCALES:  Ruffled bowls as shown here in marigold & blue opal are found more often than dessert sets.  Peach opal plates are seen more frequently than in dessert sets (small bowl & under-plate.)  Amethyst is considered more scarce than other colors.

#750-Westmoreland-PLAIN JANE-Blue!\and IG Courtesy J & C Curtis.
#750 - Westmoreland - PLAIN JANE - Blue and Ice Green.
Courtesy J & C Curtis.

#750 PLAIN JANE Baskets:  This shape attributed to Westmoreland manufacture is also seen in clear glass from time to time.
9 in. LOUISA ftd. Plate-Green
LOUISA footed Plate - 9 inch - Green.

LOUISA Plate:  This is a familiar pattern in bowl shape, but to find a plate is rather unusual. Other plate colors: amethyst, marigold, peach opal, teal and amber.

CONCAVE FLUTE-Teal-8.75 in. tall x 3 in. base
CONCAVE FLUTE - Teal - 8.75 in. tall x 3 in. base.

CONCAVE  FLUTE Vase:  Straight vases such as this are found in amber, amethyst, marigold, marigold over moonstone, lavender and teal.

DAISY SQUARES Compote-Lime Green-Vaseline-Courtesy Rick & Roberta McInnis
DAISY SQUARES Compote - Lime Green - Vaseline.
Courtesy Rick & Roberta McInnis

DAISY SQUARES Compote:  You may view other shapes in this pattern by clicking into Westmoreland - Part 7 and Westmoreland – Part 14.
Not particularly a plentiful pattern, but the more familiar shape for lime green examples is a rosebowl shape having crimped top edge. The vaseline  content in lime green does offer a “glow”, as confirmed by the McInnis’. This compote is 4” high and 7 ¾” across ruffled top.

Dean & Diane Fry, 7-13

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