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Northwood Vases - Part 2
NORTHWOOD Ribbed Vases

N. FINE RIB-White-6.25 in. tall.
Northwood FINE RIB in White - 6.25 in. tall
FINE RIB 5.75 in. tall x 3.5 in. base - Marigold
FINE RIB in Green - 7.5 in. tall.This is called Alaskan Finish.
FINE RIB 7.25 in tall x three and three-eighths in. base.
FINE RIB 5.75 in. tall x 3.5 in. base - Marigold
FINE RIB in Green - 7.5 in.  tall. -  Alaskan Finish
FINE RIB 7.25 in tall x
3 3/8 inch base.
7.5 in. White FINE RIB
FINE RIB in Ice Green 9 in.
FINE RIB 11.5 in. tall x 3.5 in. base. Lime Green.
FINE RIB 7.5 in.ches
FINE RIB 9 inches tall
 Ice Green
FINE RIB 11.5 in. tall
 Lime Green
FINE RIB in Amethyst - 10 in. tall
FINE RIB - Sapphire - 11 in. tall - Scarce
N. FINE RIB in Cobalt Blue.
FINE RIB in Amethyst -
10 inches tall
FINE RIB - Sapphire -
11 in. tall - Scarce
Cobalt Blue

FINE RIB:  Much ado about nothing may be the response to this segment dominated by the ten examples of this pattern which does not command the attention it should. However, the squat sizes, particularly in white are actually quite rare! We invite you to consider how many you have seen listed on auction brochures over the past year. HMMMM! Just as we thought.
Fine Rib was also a Fenton pattern for vases. They are not trademarked of course. The Northwood variety includes their trademark. Notice the vertical ribs on these Northwood vases. They extend all the way to the top edge, ending in a slight scallop. Fenton examples end in broadly scalloped arches about one-quarter inch from the top.
Sizes of the Northwood vases range from the 6” squat size to 18” in height. The majority are in the 8” to 12” size with a roughly 3 ½” base diameter. Many of the green examples are in the Alaskan iridescent finish, as seen in the photo provided.
Marigold, amethyst and green vases are fairly abundant. Cobalt blue, white, ice green, lime green are all scarce colors. Sapphire blue is the rarest known color.
The projections are different from the other SPIRAL Ribbed tornado vases, but certainly of the same family. White.
The projections are different from the
other SPIRAL Ribbed tornado vases,
but certainly of the same family. White.

SPIRAL RIB:  While the ribbing and the perpendicular twists are not exactly like those found on the ribbed variant Tornado vases, they undoubtedly are of the same “family”.
This white vase was included in one of the early auctions conducted by Seeck and Company for the San Diego/Southern CA Convention auctions early in the `90s. It caused quite a “stir” at the time, was purchased by a local collector and to our knowledge, no other example has ever turned up.
Small Ribbed TORNADO-Marigold.-6 in. high
Small Ribbed TORNADO -
Marigold. - 6 inches tall

TORNADO - Ribbed Variant:  A marigold example in this very desirable pattern was not shown when we posted the original segment surrounding these vases. (You may click on ~~T~~ in our Alphabet to view the other examples.) This is such a pretty example of marigold, we could not fail to place it on display for viewers. These are 6”- 6 ½”  high in the ribbed variant variety, all being scarce to collectors. In addition to the marigold, amethyst, cobalt blue, white and ice blue will create a search for ownership.

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