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Sowerby Glass - Part 2
Sowerby Glass - Part 2

Some of the Carnival Glass Patterns made by Sowerby Glass:

CROSSHATCH - SowerbyCROSSHATCH  (Peacock mark applied) - Sowerby
Left - Crosshatch pitcher by Sowerby Glass.
Right - CROSSHATCH  (Peacock mark applied) - Sowerby.

SEA THISTLE-3.75 in. tall. Sowerby 1912 Catalog.
SEA THISTLE - 3.75 inches tall. Sowerby 1912 Catalog.

HEN with CHICKS  - 8 in. in width. 5.5 in. tallHEN with 6 CHICKS-opposite side
Left - HEN with CHICKS  - 8 in. in width. 5.5 in. tall.
Right - HEN with 6 CHICKS - opposite side.

SOWERBY SWAN-7.75 in. in length
SOWERBY SWAN - 7.75 inches in length.

Sowerby Scroll Embossed
Sowerby Scroll Embossed


THISTLE Vase-by Canning Town Glass Works, Ltd.-6 in. x 2 in. base. Also known in Smoke..
THISTLE Vase - by Canning Town Glass Works, Ltd.
6 in. x 2 in. base. Also known in Smoke.

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