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Fenton - Part 48
FENTON – Part 48
ENGRAVED GRAPE Tankard--ETCHED GRAPE Tumblers.Courtesy J& C Curtis
Courtesy J & C Curtis

ENGRAVED GRAPE Tankard: This is part of the Fenton #3600 pattern. It stands 10 ½” tall and has no markings on the base, which is typical of Fenton items.
ETCHED GRAPE Tumblers:  These are 5” tall. Each tumbler has a mark: “1409”. Directly underneath is a “Triangle”. Underneath the Triangle, each has a different number: 28, 8, 24, and 23. The tumblers have a starred base with the marks and designations centered within the rays. Since the tumblers did not come with the tankard and are obviously from a different manufacturer, we would appreciate hearing from anyone who can identify their origin! (Jerry and Carol Curtis)

Only known A.O. HOLLY bowl. Seeck Auction
Only known A.O. HOLLY bowl. Seeck Auction.

HOLLY Bowl:  The base color came toward the end of the iridized glassware era. Popular as it was, and still is, one would be inclined to ask: “Why is this the only one known?” The Holly pattern was certainly an acceptable one in all other colors! Perhaps the sample bowl was given to a salesman who had not had much luck in selling that color, hoping the pattern alone would create interest?

Mgld. over Moonstone HOLLY bowl. Seeck Auctions
Marigold over Moonstone HOLLY bowl. Seeck Auctions

HOLLY Bowl:  Whether ruffled, round, or ice cream shaped, Holly bowls in this color are quite rare! Considering the vast number of auctions, the opportunity to purchase one in this color combination does not occur often.

IG ORANGE TREE w. trunk 9 in. Seeck Auctions
IG ORANGE TREE with trunk - 9 inch - Seeck Auctions.

ORANGE TREE Plate: The tree trunk addition to the basic pattern is always more desirable to collectors. Not more than 3 or 4 are known in ice green. One sold for $16,000 in the mid-nineties.

Green BLACKBERRY BLOCK Tankard & Tumbler. Seeck Auctions.
Green BLACKBERRY BLOCK Tankard & Tumbler. Seeck Auctions.

BLACKBERRY BLOCK:  Blue is the “common color” in this pattern, with amethyst, marigold and green fairly scarce. There is a known white tumbler in the pattern.

10 in. HOBNAIL VARIANT Vase-Marigold
10 inch HOBNAIL VARIANT Vase - Marigold.

HEAVY HOBNAIL vase: If you click into our pattern alphabet and from the H, locate Heavy Hobnail, you will be taken to Fenton Vases Part 4 and can have a look at a lovely green example.
These are so scarce that auctioneers error in naming them. Our 10 ¼” amethyst example was purchased under the Rustic listing. These have a 4 ½”-4 ½” base and are known in amethyst, blue, green, marigold and white.
The marigold example shown here was listed by one of our leading carnival glass auctioneers as Rustic!
For further details surrounding this rare vase, click into our HOBNAIL VARIANT segment and read the details presented by the late Frank M. Fenton, regarding this vase.

 D/D Fry, 8/5/15

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(Matthew 24:3-14)
Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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