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Eda - Sweden - Part 2
Eda Glasbruk - Sweden - Part 2

Eda’s production period for Carnival Glass was relatively brief. Below are the SVEA and FORAL SUNBURST patterns:

Ameth. SVEA 6 in. Rose-bowSVEA (Eda)-8 in. w. x 4 in. high
Left - SVEA Rose Bowl in Amethyst - 6 inch.
Right - SVEA Bowl in Marigold - 8 inch.

SVEA Bonboniere - Eda, 3.5 in. tall x 4 in. wide. BlueSVEA Powder jar in Blue-2 inches tall
Left - SVEA Bonboniere in Blue - 3.5 inches tall.
Right - SVEA Powder jar in Blue - 2 inches tall.

SVEA Vase - 9.75 in. - Ed
SVEA Vase in Marigold -  9.75 inches tall.

FLORAL SUNBURST - EdaFLORAL SUNBURST 5 in. Blue bowl-Eda- $115. ICGA Seeck Auction-July 2005
FLORAL SUNBURST 5 inch Bowl in Marigold and Blue.

FLORAL SUNBURST - 7 inch oval.

FLORAL SUNBURST Oblong Jardiniere by Eda, 6.5 in. wide
FLORAL SUNBURST Oblong Jardiniere - 6.5 inches wide.

FLORAL SUNBURST, 6.5 in. tall. Courtesy Mickey Reichel
FLORAL SUNBURST Vases - 6.5 inches tall.
Courtesy Mickey Reichel.

FLORAL SUNBURST, 6.5 in. tall-3 in. base. RARE in  this ROSA color. Courtesy Dennis Sutton.FLORAL SUNBURST-Eda-Blue Spittoon shaped.
Left - FLORAL SUNBURST, 6.5 in. tall. RARE in  this ROSA color. Courtesy Dennis Sutton.
Right - FLORAL SUNBURST in Blue - Vase in the Spittoon shape.

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