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Fenton - Part 47
FENTON – Part 47

8 in. Red GRAPE & CABLE Bowl
Red GRAPE and CABLE Bowl - 8 inch.
Interior-Red GRAPE & CABLE footed bowl
Interior - Red GRAPE and CABLE footed bowl.

GRAPE & CABLE ftd. Bowl:  These 8” footed bowls are very scarce in red! Those with spectacular color will realize a few thousand dollars at auction.  The Fenton version of Grape & Cable offer grapes arranged evenly, with 14 grapes in each grouping.

COIN DOT - Green
COIN DOT in Green.
COIN DOT in Red.

COIN DOT:  Three-in-One edge is unusual, but not rare. The dots are stippled. (If dots are smooth, it’s likely a Westmoreland Pearly Dot pattern!)
A 6” plate in amethyst is known in the pattern. 7”- 9” bowls are found in amethyst, blue, green, marigold, red and Vaseline.

1912 PORTLAND BELL (one known) $24,000 pd. in 2007-$11,000-5-14
1912 PORTLAND BELL (one known).
Sold for $24,000 pd. in 2007-$11,000-5-14

PORTLAND BELL:  “Rare as hen’s teeth”!  Designed and produced by Fenton Glass to celebrate the 1912 Elks Portland Convention. This extreme rarity sold for $11,000. in 2014.

IRIS Compote- White
Iris Compote in White.

IRIS Compote:  The compote shape is always ruffled. Nearly equal numbers are found in amethyst, blue, green and marigold. White is rare and will usually require several hundred dollars to attain!

BIRDS & CHERRIES Compote-Ameth
Birds and Cherries Compote in Amethyst.

BIRDS and CHERRIES Compote:  Amethyst is a scarce color in the compote shape, along with marigold!  Blue, green are additional colors. One chop plate in blue is known, along with an ice cream shaped bowl in blue. The bonbon or card tray shape can be found in amethyst, blue, green and marigold.


BLACKBERRY OPEN EDGE Basket:  This pattern can be found in 7 ¼” plates, vase whimsies, 7” bowl with 2-sides up and baskets: ruffled, 2-sides up or hat shape. Amberina, amethyst, aqua, blue, celeste blue, green, marigold, red and white are colors to look for. White examples are scarce.

HOLLY 9 in. Plate-Green- Courtesy Burns Auction
HOLLY Plate in Green - 9 inch.
Courtesy Burns Auction.

HOLLY Plate:  Plates in this pattern have always been favorites of collectors. While green is a relatively “common” color, we display this example as the perfect example of “Iridescence IS the Essence”!  Plates can be 9”-10” in diameter. Amethyst, black amethyst, aqua opal (one known), blue, celeste is rare, clambroth, green, marigold, red is rare, teal, and white (oddly enough is fairly common).

Persian Medallion in red - 9 inch.

PERSIAN MEDALLION Bowl:  Two sizes in compotes, a 10” bowl, and small sauce were produced in a variety of colors, but only the bonbon or card tray shape and this midsize bowl of 8-9” size are found in red. (Several shapes have been reproduced in Contemporary glass.)

LEAF CHAIN - P.O. 9 in
Leaf Chain bowl in Peach Opal - 9 inch.

LEAF CHAIN Bowl:  This is the same design found on Cherry Chain (lacking the cherries)! Small plates and bowls have the Berry and Leaf Circle exterior, the large bowls and plates have the Bearded Berry exterior. 9” bowls can be ruffled or ice cream shape. Amethyst, amberina, aqua opal, blue green ice green, marigold, white and red………..NOW we have Peach Opal!

PLAID IC Shape 9 in. - Green
PLAID IC Shape 9 inch - Green.

PLAID Bowl:  These 9” bowls are found in ruffled or ice cream shape. Amethyst, blue, green, marigold and red. Marigold, blue and amethyst 9” plates have also been found.

Vaseline Scale Band Bowl Courtesy of Emmett and Dorothy Morgan
Vaseline Scale Band Bowl Courtesy of Emmett and Dorothy Morgan.

Vaseline Scale Band Bowl Courtesy of Emmett and Dorothy Morgan
Vaseline Scale Band Bowl Courtesy of Emmett and Dorothy Morgan.

Vaseline Scale Band Bowl Courtesy of Emmett and Dorothy Morgan.

D.D. Fry…..6/2015


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.”  (Psalm 122:6)

The Jewish word for “peace” is shalom, which means welfare, good fortune, peace, and prosperity.
Israelis regularly greet one another with the word shalom—Peace.
Now look carefully at the word Jerusalem
In the days of Melchizedek, this city was called Salem, or Shalom.
It was the City of Peace. Later the prefix Jeru- (probably “foundation of” or “city of”) was added to the name.
As early as Joshua 10:1, we read about the city of Jerusalem---the City of Peace.
Modern research keeps affirming the truths of the Bible.
The Bible advocates a humble heart, saying, “Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.
The humble in spirit will retain honor”.
(Proverbs 16:19 and 29:23)
The apostle Paul wrote, “Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble”.
(Romans 12:16)
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