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 Eda Glasbruk - Sweden - Part 1
Eda Glasbruk- Sweden – Part 1

Some early History as related by Jim Nicholls, noted English Auctioneer.

Jim Nicholls, a member of the (Eda Glass Society) at the Eda Museum in Sweden; attends meetings there, has the availability to study the very detailed and well kept factory production records, pattern sheets, material purchase invoices and sales and dispatch records plus many other items which give an accurate account of the workings of the Eda Glasbruk.

He also meets on a regular basis with the known authorative Eda Experts, including one gentleman who actually worked at the Eda Glas Factory in the 1930s, along with a number of long-term Eda Glas collectors (iridized and not) who have extensive local knowledge passed down over the years through families who worked at the Eda Glasbruk which now stands vacant.

A number of emails inquiring into the availability of a green Kulor vase from Eda, led to some research, and discussions with known specialists. Considering the possibility that some variations could possibly be found as a result of insufficient cleaning of mixing pots, there are no indications that green was ever an intended color for Kulor vases.

They were made in the following colours:

Marigold -   (From pale to very deep rich shade)

Blue -   (Variations in Blue will be found depending upon amount of colour mix.)

Lila  -  (Variations from Amethyst to Purple, depending on colour mix.)

Peal  -  (A white opal Pearl base colour with a delicate iridescence.)

Some Kulor vases were iridised by hand, triple-doping to achieve a heavier and deeper color.

Kulor vases were made in the following sizes.

6”   (These can vary from 5 ½” to 6 ½” depending upon how the piece was handled as it was removed from the mould.)

8”  ( These also can vary from 7 1/2” to 8 ½”, for the same reason.)

12” ( Only 2 of these are known to exist, although we believe 6 were made for a Glass Exhibition.)

Although existing receipts show that Eda first purchased the materials to enable production of iridized glass in 1898, it was not until much later that they experimented with it, producing the Zero Vase in a number of sizes, in a manner to enable hand engraving. Again in 1918 they made a number of Glass Gravestone Orbital’s for the engraving of the deceased details.

Eda’s production period for Carnival Glass was relatively brief. Below are a few examples of Eda Glass.

GRANKVIST Rosebowl in Marigold is 6 in. x 3 in. deep, is 8-sided and has a star center. There is one in the Eda Museum in Sweden
GRANKVIST Rosebowl in Marigold is 6 in. x 3 in. deep, is 8-sided and has a star center. There is one in the Eda Museum in Sweden.

GRANKV in Marigold.

GRANKVIST Pattern-Eda Glassbruks, Sweden-7 in. w. x 3 in. high. 16 Pt. Star-Ground Base
GRANKVIST Pattern - Eda Glassbruks, Sweden - 7 in. w. x 3 in. high. 16 Pt. Star - Ground Base.

 GRANKVIST-Bowl in Blue
GRANKVIST Bowl in Blue.

NANNA by Eda, 10.5 in. wide x 4 in. high.-Purple
NANNA by Eda, 10.5 in. wide x 4 in. high. in Purple.

NANNA Creamer, White, Eda
NANNA Creamer in White carnival, Eda.

NANNA Pattern - C.1929 Eda Catalog.-6 in. tall.NANNA Vase, 8 in. tall-EdaNANNA-Eda-Blue, 6 in. high..
NANNA Pattern Vases - C.1929 Eda Catalog.

Blue LASSE Vase 9 in. Eda
LASSE Pattern Vase in Blue - 9 in tall.

Blue KULOR, 6 in. - EdaKULOR - 7 in. Eda
Kulor Vases in Blue and Marigold.

D/D Fry, 9-4-15

Turning Point:

Our trust must be in the sovereign will of God

as He works in the ordinary circumstances of our

daily lives for our good and His glory.

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