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Jeannette - Part 6
JEANETTE Glass – Part 6
LOMBARDI Console Bowl.10 in. long x 5.5 in. tall
LOMBARDI Console Bowl - 10 in. long x 5.5 in. tall.
LOMBARDI Console Bowl-6.5 in. wide
LOMBARDI Console Bowl - 6.5 in. wide.

LOMBARDI: Both Jeanette and McKee produced this bowl during the 1960s and 1970s. It has been reported in milk glass, marigold, red/orange and blue/green (two-tonal quality), along with some having no iridization.

IRIS & HERRINGBONEftd. bowl with handles. 3 in. tall x 7 in. wide.2-handled IRIS & HERRINGBONE  bowl
IRIS & HERRINGBONE footed bowl with handles. 3 in. tall x 7 in. wide.

IRIS & HERRINGBONE: was first manufactured in 1928-1932. It was produced again during the 1950s and into the 1970s. As with several other designs from this company, the market extended into modern times; well beyond the Depression era.

FLORAGOLD Water Tumblers made 1950-1954
FLORAGOLD Water Tumblers made 1950-1954.

FLORAGOLD Tumblers: This is another of the modern-day designs from the 1950s.

AZTEC ROSE in Original box.

AZTEC ROSE Bowl:  These originate from the ‘50s era of production. They are 2 ½” deep and were produced in 6 ½” and 8” diameter.

BAMBI Powder Jar-Six in. high x four in. wide
BAMBI Powder Jar - Six in. high x four in. wide.
POODLE Powder Jar - Six in. high x four in. wideSCOTTIE-Five and one fourth x four in. wide
Left - POODLE Powder Jar - Six in. high x four in. wide.
Right - SCOTTIE-Five and one fourth x four in. wide.

BAMBI - POODLE - SCOTTIE Powder Jars:  were produced by Jeannette Glass from 1930-1950s.

CUBIST Tray-8.25 in. diameter.
CUBIST Tray - 8.25 in. diameter.

CUBIST TRAY:  A pattern from the 1929 era. Many shapes are available on eBay in colors of clear glass, pink, green vaseline, amber, etc.

STRIPED Jeannette Pitcher-10 in. tall.
STRIPED Jeannette Pitcher - 10 in. tall.

STRIPED PITCHER:  Marketed well into the 1950s time period.

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