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Millersburg - Part 23
Ameth. BOUTONIERRE Compote
Amethyst BOUTONIERRE Compote.
Marigold BOUTONIERRE Compote.

BOUTONNIERE Compote:   A single flower having five petals comprises the interior design of this compote. It stands about 5” tall with a bowl 5” in diameter. The stemmed base is 3” in diameter. Some bowl shapes are ruffled, while others have edges which turn up. Some bowl edges are more tightly crimped. Amethyst examples tend to bring higher prices, but green and marigold examples are more difficult to locate! Most compotes are nicely iridized.

Marigold BLACKBERRY WREATH Sq. crimped bowl
Marigold BLACKBERRY WREATH Square crimped bowl.
10 in. BLACKBERRY WREATH -Blue Satin
Blue Satin BLACKBERRY WREATH - 10 inch.

BLACKBERRY WREATH:  The 8”-10” bowls are known in amethyst, blue, green, and marigold. Shapes include round, tri-cornered, and large ice cream shape. The square shape is unusual! Edges can be six-ruffled, candy ribbon crimp and the three-and-one type! Ice cream shaped bowls are quite desirable.
Grape Wreath Variant - 8 point star.

GRAPE WREATH VARIANT:  Four different center designs are known in this pattern. There is a four-pointed feathered leaf, a clover and feather, a four-pointed star and bars design, along with this eight-point star. Colors include amethyst, green and marigold Carnival. There seem to be more radium finish than satin finish examples.

9.5 in. ZIG ZAG - Green
Green  ZIG ZAG - 9.5 inch.
Mgld.  ZIG-ZAG
Marigold  ZIG-ZAG.

ZIG-ZAG:  A very plain pattern found on 9” bowls. The pattern looks well on deep round, square, tri-cornered or the ice cream shape. Edges can be six-ruffled, plain, three and one or have a candy ribbon edge. There is no exterior pattern, but a 24-point star is found within the collar base. There is a slightly feathered design between the points along the outer edge.


VINTAGE HOBNAIL:  9 ½” and 5 ½” bowls are known in this pattern. Three large bunches of grapes hanging from a wreath of leaves compose the design. The large bowls may be found in green and marigold. Only one three and one edge bowl is known in blue. One ruffled amethyst bowl is known. Ruffled edges, three and one, along with ice cream shapes are known. The small sauce dishes are rare with only one example known in amethyst, two each in blue and green, along with about eight in marigold.

Amethyst WILD FLOWER Compote-$5,000. Seeck Auctions, 2014.
Amethyst WILD FLOWER Compote.
Sold for - $5,000. Seeck Auctions, 2014.
WILD FLOWER Compote Interior-Vaseline
Vaseline WILD FLOWER Compote - Interior.
WILD FLOWER Compote-Vaseline. $20,000. Seeck-5-'14
WILD FLOWER Compote - Vaseline.
Sold for $20,000. Seeck-5-'14

WILD  FLOWER:  6” tall with a 4 ½” bowl opening. Iridescence is found only on the inside of the bowl. A combination of eight leaves having eight blossoms and a vine, create a lovely pattern on the inside of the bowl. Amethyst, green, marigold and a single example in Vaseline Carnival are known. A single purple jelly-type compote appeared in a 1985 auction.

(Left)-MAYAN-8.5 in. Second known in Mgld. Courtesy Remmen Auctions.(Right)-1st known Radium sold for $2500. in 2008
(Left) - MAYAN - 8.5 in. Second known in Marigold. Courtesy Remmen Auctions.
(Right) - 1st known Radium sold for $2500. in 2008.

MAYAN: A unique design in radium finish, ice cream shaped shallow bowl of about 2” deep. It has a beaded button center, surrounded by six plumes within a beaded circle outer border. Exterior pattern is Wide Panel with a starred base. Aqua or olive green; these bowls are rare.

D/D Fry, 10/14

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