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Fenton - Part 43
FENTON – Part 43
9 in. Mgld. PERSIAN MEDALLION $1400. Courtesy Seeck Auctions
9 inch Marigold PERSIAN MEDALLION Sold for $1400.
Courtesy Seeck Auctions
PERSIAN MEDALLION 6 in. Plate-Green-$140. Seeck Auciton-11-12PERSIAN MEDALLION Compote in Blue
Left - PERSIAN MEDALLION 6 inch Plate - Green  sold for $140. by Seeck Auction-11-2012.
Right - PERSIAN MEDALLION Compote in Blue.
PERSIAN MEDALLION 7.5 in. plate-Green-Rare size this color.$190.-11-12  Seeck Auctions.
PERSIAN MEDALLION 7.5 in. plate - Green - Rare size this color.
Sold for $190.-11-2012  Seeck Auctions.
PERSIAN MEDALLION Rosebowl - Rare White.
PERSIAN MEDALLION Interior, GRAPE & CABLE Exterior-5.5 in. Sauce.Vaseline PERSIAN MEDALLION Bonbon
Left - PERSIAN MEDALLION Interior, GRAPE & CABLE Exterior - 5.5 in. Sauce.
Right - Vaseline PERSIAN MEDALLION Bonbon.

PERSIAN MEDALLION:  This pattern was a great seller from Mid-Spring 1911 to July 1922, based on the number of ads seen in Butler Bros. Catalogs!
The bonbon or card tray shape probably offers the widest array of colors. Amber, amberina, amethyst, aqua, blue, and a pastel blue, celeste, green, marigold, marigold on moonstone (rare), red and vaseline are available.
Small sauce dishes-6”-7”, including a 3-footed example with Grape & Cable exterior in marigold.
Midsize bowl about 8”-9” in diameter in amethyst, aqua, blue, green marigold and red.
Two sizes in a compote: one slightly larger than the other, with Persian Medallion pattern on the inside and out. The smaller compote displays Wide Panel pattern on the exterior. The smaller size is more  scarce. Colors known in each compote: amethyst, blue, green, marigold and white.
Some Wreath of Roses punch bowls offer the Persian Medallion interior.
Grape & Cable bowls in two sizes offer Persian Medallion interior. The 10” wide x 5 1/8” high bowl is most frequently found. The larger, more rare bowl measures 11” x 6 ¾” tall. Amethyst, blue, green, ice green and marigold are known colors.
Hair receiver has a square opening. Blue, marigold and white are known.
Rosebowl has a round opening, but is the same size/shape as the Hair Receiver. Amethyst, blue, marigold and white are known colors.
6”-7 1/2” plates: Amethyst, black amethyst, blue and blue with Orange Tree exterior, green, green, marigold and vaseline. A few plates with 4-sides up are known in blue and marigold.
9” plates: Amethyst, blue, green, marigold and white. Chop plates measuring about 10” occasionally present themselves in blue.
NOTE: Dating from the 1970s, Fenton reproduced 9” plates in blue, having the Persian Medallion interior. You should not have a problem deciphering from the old examples. The glass is somewhat thicker and the iridescence does not have the “old look”. It’s more “shiny”. Clear handled baskets have been produced, using the bowl shape in ruffled form as the basis.

PEACOCK & GRAPE 8 in. IC Shape & 9 in. 3-1 edge bowl  Lime Green (Vaseline Opal).
PEACOCK & GRAPE 8 in. IC Shape and 9 in. 3-1 edge bowl  Lime Green (Vaseline Opal).

PEACOCK and GRAPE: Collar-base, spatual footed bowls w/ruffled edge, and 3/1 edge, along with 9” plates in a wide range of color variations: Amber, amberina, blues, green, lime green, lime green opal, (vaseline opal), marigold, red, peach opal and ice green are documented colors. The pattern appeared in the Butler Bros. Wholesale catalogs from April 1913-Feb. 1924.

PEACOCK & DAHLIA 7.25 in. Blue Bowl
Peacock and Dahlia - 7.25 inch Blue Bowl.

PEACOCK and DAHLIA: These 6-7 inch bowls, along with the few plates known are among the more scarce items among Fenton patterns! Marigold, amethyst, blue, vaseline, aqua and green are basic colors found. None of the Butler Bros. Catalogs at our disposal for creating the Reprints in 1994 offered no clue as to production dates.

FOOTED ORANGE TREE Butter Dish & Covered Sugar-Mgld
FOOTED ORANGE TREE Butter Dish and Covered Sugar in Marigold.

ORANGE TREE:  From punch sets and fruit bowls to hatpin holders and loving cups, and beyond, this pattern was utilized from April 1912 to April 1929!  The footed table sets are difficult to find without damage. Dominant colors are marigold, blue and white.

TEN MUMS 10 in. Bowl in Marigold
TEN MUMS 10 in. Bowl in Marigold.

TEN MUMS Bowl: Pitcher and tumbler portray twelve mums, but the bowl offers ten chrysanthemums. They have a collar base, can be ruffled or have the 3/1 edge seen in this photo of a marigold example. Amethyst, blue, green and marigold are standard colors. There is a scarce footed version seen in marigold.
AUTUMN ACORN in Rare Mgld. - 9 in.Plate
AUTUMN ACORN in Rare Mgld. - 9 in.Plate.

AUTUMN ACORN Plate:  The pattern has a leaf in the center. The “other ACORN pattern” does not! The 9” size may be ruffled, have a 3/1 edge or be ice cream shape. In this case, we have a lovely plate shape!  Amethyst, blue, green and marigold are more prevalent colors. Persian Blue and Vaseline bowls are not easily located. Plate shape in any color is most difficult.

And we urge you, brethren, to recognize those who labor among you in the Lord and admonish you,
and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s  sake.
Be at peace among yourselves.
Now we exhort you, brethren, warn those who are unruly, comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all.
See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all.
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.
Abstain from every form of evil.   (1 Thessalonians 5:112-22)

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